This is the only model I buy, this and the 860.11/30/2018 11:22:59 AM

Pros: Samsung drives are fantastic. Using them for years without issue. Very fast for the price.

Cons: None that I know of.

Overall Review: I use these in my laptops, side PC's and main PC. Obviously opt for the 860 or the 970 NVME drives rather than the 850. But if you do it for the cost. The 850 is still a great thing.

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Not the best quality, but you get what you pay for.11/30/2018 11:20:45 AM

Pros: It works as it needs to.

Cons: I was worried the sockets were burning out. Weird electrical noises. But it hasn't burned down the house yet. So far so good.

Overall Review: It doesn't have a ground socket (you can figure this out from the photo). So it limits what you can plug in. Obviously get a very good ACTIVE UPS if you need something for an expensive computer or home entertainment system. You get what you pay for.

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Works as advertised! GL553V Laptop screen replaced. Asus Strix Laptop11/30/2018 11:18:01 AM

Pros: I saw a video with LinusTechTips and Discovered this was a suitable replacement for my 60Hz Screen.

Cons: A few dead pixels (expected). You lose the ability to use the keyboard shortcut for screen brightness (expected).

Overall Review: Be careful removing the original screen. It can be a bit confusing when you do this for the first time and I broke my original screen removing it. However this screen is fantastic and better in every way.

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Great for gsync2/24/2017 5:15:36 AM

Pros: Will change your outlook on 4k for the better

Cons: Only 60 hz

Overall Review: I will be purchasing the successor to this monitor. The 4k 144Hz ROG as soon as it releases Q3.

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Great for homework, not so much for gaming9/24/2016 1:52:42 PM

Pros: I had bought this for my wife, it comes pre-loaded with the usual HP bloatware and took a little while to boot. Clean install of WIN 10 Pro and had this thing up and running, had to find a wireless driver to get WIFI working. Does pretty good for what it is intended for. Also has a TPM chip which makes bitlocker possible and that makes me happy.

Cons: I was thinking the AMD graphics would possibly make this decent for gaming, even with Diablo 3 at minimal settings this laptop couldn't really do much. So I wouldn't buy this if you think it is good for gaming. I bought this thinking I might use it for light gaming, but it doesn't bother me since it wasn't the focus.

Overall Review: This makes a great little travel laptop, it is a probook which means it could last many years should you take care of it. Lightweight and pretty good looking also.

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Bought it on a whim9/24/2016 1:46:03 PM

Pros: The material itself is pretty good.

Cons: It has a really floppy bend which doesn't offer any support when you are trying to use it in the tripod position (Phone would rock back and forth as you tried to find the sweet spot, the point of which your phone would actually stand up). Ultimately I used this for about 3 days before I gave up on it and tossed it into the garbage. Probably not the best thing you could buy for 10 dollars.

Overall Review: I really wouldn't recommend it unless you bought it in person and came to the conclusion that you liked it. It's alright overall. Just not really something I found to be useful.

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Good for the money9/21/2014 6:57:23 AM

Pros: I bought this when it was on sale for less than $10. I do believe that was well worth it just for Farcry 3.

Cons: However, Farcry 3 for PC is very buggy. I often found myself having to redo a mission because I couldn't equip standard arrows, or have to replay the ending because it didn't show the options on screen.

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Downright beautiful6/5/2014 3:23:32 PM

Pros: It looks nice, plays nice and it does what it is supposed to.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good for CG work using programs like Zbrush, Modo, Maya and so on.

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Awesome4/28/2014 8:00:18 AM

Pros: It looks great and I can't even hear it. Mostly because my CPU fan is so much louder compared to it.

Cons: Where can I buy more cables for the GPU for this thing? Looking for hours!

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Sexy case4/12/2014 7:47:10 AM

Pros: I really like the overall setup of the case, I love the carrying handle and I love the little holder box at the bottom filled with screws and necessary parts. I love how big this is, and how I feel I can run quad SLI without spacing issues.

Cons: The paint job seems a little overdone in the screw holes and involves threading through paint. Not really a terrible thing, just a little inconvenient.

Overall Review: Overall I really like the case, in the future if I need another, I will most likely come back to the product lineage.

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Excellent Card4/12/2014 7:34:26 AM

Pros: I can play Battlefield 4 on Ultra with consistent 60 fps, as well as Crysis 3. I can run Modo, Maya, Zbrush and several other supporting programs flawlessly. High resource scenes in Maya are much easier to handle now.

Cons: I wish the onboard RAM was higher, but there are other cards that have this so it's not really a bad thing. Perhaps I just need to run Dual or Quad SLI, :)

Overall Review: In the future I have my eye on the Titan Z, 12 GB DDR5. But for now since I am just starting out freelance digital artist, this will do just fine until then.

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