Looks amazing temps r better than stock cooler7/27/2019 8:59:17 AM

Pros: Rgb , temps r lower than my stealth wraith cooler ,rgb, fans r quite even at max speeds , rgb. Used stock paste n idling at 32-34c at 75-80f room temp oh did I mention the rgb

Cons: Instructions r bad , almost gave up on the plastic bracket , picstures r worth zero words . You’ll end up figuring it out pretty straight forward **

Overall Review: If u have 4 sticks of rgb ram be careful it was a tight almost perfect fitment but if ur worried about clearance u can always slide the fan up sacrifice a little heat sink coverage and you’ll be fine . My fan didn’t sit all the way down due to my ram and it was touching ever so slightly but my temps r solid no problems here

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5 months old still working but was not impressed. my sceptre 27" led NON ips had better color/brightness12/23/2018 12:03:11 AM

Pros: cheap works solid stand slim border

Cons: the worst part of this screen is the brightness bleeding through the edges of the frame when looking at black/darker pictures . horrible at night during dark scenes but you get used to it over time. blue light filter doesnt do much pretty much useless. speakers bad but who cares no displayport

Overall Review: not a bad monitor if you get it on sale but would not recommend to anyone due to the light bleeding thru the edges . i read other reviews with the same issue. ive never had a monitor bleed this bad , even a cheap 10$ salvation army special from years ago still looks better

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