Impressive Card for the Price7/1/2013 12:45:44 AM

Pros: Very happy with this purchase, it runs every game I've tried so far on max settings with great frame-rates. If you're looking for something that can keep up with modern games (provided the rest of your system can) but don't have a huge budget than look no further. It keeps very cool, and while I usually wear headphones I don't find that the card is particularly loud. Power usage is incredibly low, even two of these in SLI use less than a lot of single cards. One six pin power connector is all it requires as well. I find the card pretty sleek as well, I've always had boring boxy cards and with the fans and heat pipes it adds a little bit of style to it.

Cons: The fans are a bit delicate, but if you handle the card as any piece of computer equipment should be handled, this is not a problem at all, but it's not much of a con as they keep the card very cool.

Overall Review: If 200 dollars is your budget, I don't think you can get a better deal right now. And based on a lot of tests I've found online regarding temperatures and FPS, this version is definitely one of the better if not the best 660 card to get. I'll be picking up a second soon for SLI. Concerning SLI, it's important to note that you can only run two of them instead of three like the 660ti cards.

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Awesome and Useful1/6/2007 9:26:18 PM

Pros: Well, at first I was hesitant about purchasing this keyboard as it wasnt cheap and the basic one I had was decent. However, I quickly realized after i bought it I shouldn't have waited this long. This is mainly meant for gamers, but it can be useful for other things as well. For starters, my favorite feature was turning the windows key button off by putting it in game mode (which I keep it in so I never forget) so I will never minimize my Counters-Strike Source again. Another cool feature are the macro keys on the left side, which can be used for certain games. You can also listen to music on itunes, then play a game and pause, play, skip tracks, or whatever while playing and it will display the song name on the screen. The screen also shows a clock and cpu usage and RAM usage stats. It can also be used for certain game applications if you know what you are doing.

Cons: The games it supports are very very limited, though applications can be found for certain games (google g15 <game name>), but you need to know what you are doing in order to apply them. The USB ports are not very powerful and essentially useless, but I was unaware that it even came with them, so that wasn't much of a letdown for me. It is also quite big, not really a con for me, but make sure that you have room for it (larger than a standard keyboard because of the macro keys at left).

Overall Review: This keyboard looks really professional, especially when lit up at night. There are really only two different brightness settings, with the first of the three being off. I keep mine on the brightest setting, and it is easy for me to read the letters during the day as well on this setting. The macro keys are very useful, I feel, for many things. For example, if you want to save your Newegg password, you can program a macro with your password and with a click of whatever key you assigned, (you DO have to remember which key does what) your password will show up. Just one of the many things you can put in (I have also made some of them server IPs). If you don't want to bother with the screen, the G11 is essentially the same keyboard at a cheaper price, only without the screen. If you like your simple keyboard and want to stay with it, chances are you will change your mind when you use this awesome product.

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Nice Mouse for the Money1/4/2007 8:58:55 PM

Pros: Well this is the first gaming mouse I've ever owned, and it is quite different from a standard optical mouse. For starters, its lights up really nice, just like it does in the pictures. The scroll slides smoothly and silently. It also takes some time getting used to the feel of it, and if fps the mouse is alot more sensitive, so be warned that you may be surprised at the difference it makes, and it will take some time to change your settings and get used to the feel of it, so don't get discoruaged at first. It's also a pretty decent price considering.

Cons: Some people may not like the feel (shape) of the mouse in their hand.

Overall Review: This is an awesome mouse overall. It looks cool, is not too expensive, and it handles well. You may want to test the feel of the mouse first because you may not like how it feels in your hand. If you are happy with the mouse you have or you really don't care, then this probably won't make much of a difference for you.

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Nice Pad1/4/2007 8:29:24 PM

Pros: This mousepad is very sturdy, sticks well to the surface, and has a cool design on it. It tracks well with my Razer Diamondback mouse and there is plenty of room to move the mouse around. This mousepad is also huge, so you don't have to worry about running out of space. It is so huge I could cut it in half and still have two separate mousepads larger than a standard sized pad.

Cons: Pretty expensive, almost costs as much as my mouse did.

Overall Review: Its pricy for a mousepad, but its worth the investment if you are a hardcore gamer. It seems like a quality-made product and I'm glad I purchased it.

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