Excellent2/4/2015 9:56:15 AM

Pros: Thus far I've had no issues with everything I have connected to this Surge Protector. I've heard others mention their internet not working with the Coax portion of it, but I've had no issues in that department. Its design makes it very flexible for adding more space atop of working cords in the proper direction.

Cons: None

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Lovin it11/26/2011 8:20:43 PM

Pros: This card is perfect for a single monitor gamer like myself. Just as the other guy mentioned I have played "The Wither 2" and "Crysis 2" (dx11 and tesselation) both on max settings with no issues. I can count thus far only 2 moments on Crysis 2 where I experienced any lag, and they were both only the moments where the water was splashing over my visor, and even then it was only a split moment. I cant say how this card will play on multiple monitors, but for me I've been running all my games on max at 1920 x 1200.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For others that have issues with the vram as I see in many posts. This 1gb vram everyone has an problem with is more for those who dont use AA and game on a single monitor with max settings. For that 1gb is all you need...at least for now. When the age comes where 1gb will just not be enough, I'm pretty sure they'll stop making them and keep them at 2gb+; until then, just get a card that fits your needs. I've seen more then enough people knocking off cards but not having a very clear outlook of them. If your a top of the line gamer needing multiple screens that dish out at all settings, you have to get a card with decent vram and power to pull it off.

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Responding on Twofeathers statement11/11/2011 9:58:20 AM

Pros: I know alot of people have been upset about this card not having sli, but I mean come on; thats hardly anything to give it one star over or to dumb it out completely, especially since its "already" in sli. Even if you still have it as one card you still need to turn on sli to run it at its full potential. Another thing to think about is that this card could be more of a solution to those who have motherboards with only one card slot. It gives them the ability to have the same power of sli without the need of two cards such as myself. Another thing people have been getting on is that each gpu on this card only has 1gb each. Now everyone knows when they say 2gb its only really 1gb because each card in sli is only going to use half, but I mean think about it. If you have a Gtx 460 1gb vs a gtx 560 1gb, the 560 naturally gives more performance, yet...oh wait... they both have 1gb of vram; obviously there is some other factor there more important then the vram at this point.

Cons: Personally, yes it would be nice if it was able to be sli'd like many people wish to, but that doesn't make it so big a negative to thrash the card itself. Though I think keeping the pcb for sli when its not going to be used is retarted, now if they plan to make it useful with an patch or something then ok, its all good. If not...its just cruel teasing to the sli fanatics and those wanting even more of an edge. Though there aren't enough games to push the 1gb vram over, its still good. Everyone makes it seem like 1gb makes the game completely unplayable. The vram is like the ram in on your motherboard, doesnt matter how good it is if the cpu isn't up to par and thats what mostly everyone is dealing with. Now there will come a time where 1gb just wont be enough, but when that time comes then I'm sure they will only make 2gb - 3gb cards only. Until then, everyone should really get their info straight. I had to go through alot of bull articles and comments to get the right info.

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