Good value for price/quality1/17/2018 6:14:59 AM

Pros: Pretty solid, good construction for the price. A few sharp edges but nothing dangerous. I purchased this for a mining rig, and bought a drop-in GPU rack from Spotswood Computer Cases, over buying the now scalping-prices of the Rosewill offering. Will not be purchasing THAT case any more since it comes with less hardware and process than this one, but costs over 2x as much.

Cons: No real cons that I have found yet. Others have complained about the drive mounting, but before I removed the cage they didn't seem that bad for a <$120 case.

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Passable construction, not worth the money IMO12/14/2017 7:18:22 AM

Pros: Plenty of room in the case. Has front 120mm grilles.

Cons: No space for a second PSU In order to run 8 cards, you need some serious CFM fans in the front, with the front bezel removed, (restricts airflow significantly) Somewhat flimsy construction. Fan wall needs to be removed to maximize airflow.

Overall Review: With all of the modifications required to make this case usable in it's intended role, it should be under $100, but it's double that. Most of Rosewill's products are in that range, and I don't see what makes this so special other than the company is trying to gouge miners. Unfortunately there's a big lack of quality 4u bitcoin cases on the market. I'll buy another one, only because there isn't good alternatives.

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Bad luck11/16/2011 3:52:06 PM

Pros: Was nice and fast, saw all of my drives, and was very quick under Raid 0 for the disk controllers

Cons: Components on the board literally exploded and caught fire while I ran Prime95 on a 1090T, which is documented to support it

Overall Review: Suppose this is the last MSI product I own, I had a similar issue with one of their video cards a few months ago, just junky components. Pity, I used to buy their stuff for OEM builds pretty frequently and never had any major issues.

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Great for the price2/4/2011 8:21:33 AM

Pros: Nice and fast. Great price for 8gb! Who cant afford to max out their laptop's ram at this price point?

Cons: My laptop does not detect the correct timings, (may be a BIOS/chipset issue) Still stable though. Had a strange film on one of the sticks. A wet-wipe cleaned it off no problem, and it works just fine, but thought it was kind of strange.

Overall Review: Packaging was a bit lacking, but that seems par for the course with most manufacturers these days. I will be picking up two more kits, one for my netbook and another for the wife's Envy.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your laptop. Luckily DDR3 prices have decreased so people can afford 4GB modules. To have 8GB in a laptop, it will allow multitasking without any lag. This is great as memory is typically the first to be insufficient with laptops. Now laptops can have the same processing power as a desktop. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Oh seagate, how I love thee2/4/2011 8:17:38 AM

Pros: Good price, fast drive.

Cons: None yet. OEM packaging but isnt really a con..

Overall Review: Using this as a storage/secondary drive in my Alienware M17R1 with a OCZ240gb SSD. When copying from the SSD to the drive it averages write speeds of 95-100mbyte/sec which is darn good. I cannot hear it operating when I put my ear up to the laptop, (although it has a somewhat noisy CPU fan)

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Meh2/4/2011 8:14:50 AM

Pros: Cheap. Holds a 2.5" hard drive. Did I mention cheap?

Cons: You have to angle it just right to get the dock to actually take the drive. Cheaply made. Screws threaded with little to no effort.

Overall Review: At this price point I got what I expected. Probably will pay a bit more and get something a little better next time.

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EEeexcellent2/4/2011 8:12:57 AM

Pros: Fits my Alienware M11x, M17R1, and my Samsung Q1 Ultra with all of their power plugs, goodies, and cables to boot. Comfortable on my back, and the carry handle at the top is good quality. Overall very happy. Protects my toys very well, and still fits in the carry-on size that I was looking for.

Cons: None yet. I would have liked a few more zippered pockets inside but I think my expectations are a bit more than the average user. RF-inhibiting cell phone pouch seems kind of silly. If you remember to put it in the pouch wouldnt you just put it on vibrate?

Overall Review: Newegg's great shipping as usual. Free shipping and got it within two days.

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Good drive..2/1/2011 10:51:02 AM

Pros: No problems fitting or showing up in my Alienware M17 R1. Doesnt seem to bench as fast as advertised speeds but that may be due to the older controller in my system, (only getting about 219-221mb/sec read. Hopefully this one doesnt die on me like it does on everyone else. Running Win7 x64 Ult Excellent price too.

Cons: None yet. Casing is a bit bland but it's not like this thing is in full view.

Overall Review: Good price, and since I'm using this as a boot/app drive in my gaming/workstation laptop it's not holding any super-valuable information. I'm not sure if I fully trust SSD's yet based on the reviews I've seen.

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Good cheap drive11/6/2010 10:11:02 AM

Pros: Fast

Cons: Button has a bit of a light touch, occasionally opens when my case bezel brushes against it.

Overall Review: Using this in an Atom firewall box pretty much to install the operating system. Worked for that, and that's all i've ever used it for..

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Great card11/6/2010 10:08:26 AM

Pros: Fit into my little mini-barebones Foxconn atom box

Cons: None

Overall Review: Using this in a pfSense based atom firewall box. Works fantastic, so much better than the onboard card. L-plate fit too, unsure why people are saying it's backwards.

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Budget11/6/2010 9:46:02 AM

Pros: Cheap.

Cons: Ordered 2, Came with the same box, with two completely different PCBs and chips. Would not boot my Atom system with both installed, turned out one does not play nice with the other.

Overall Review: I understand this is a budget product but the RAM doesnt even come close to being the same product. Not the Egg's fault that Crucial is rebadging cheap stuff and selling it as theirs.

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Awesome price, great product.11/6/2010 9:40:11 AM

Pros: Great range, PoE, includes injector, external antenna port.

Cons: Not really a knock on the product itself, but they advertise this as capable of running DD-WRT, which it is, however the DD-WRT guys are now charging for "enterprise" equipment, which this now falls under. I'm still unsure how they can charge for software they dont own...but that's beside the point. Only con I could find was the antenna connector is easy to twist loose if you tighten the antenna down too much.

Overall Review: I use 5 of these to run a small Wifi/Satellite ISP for US servicemembers in Afghanistan. The 220v support, as well as their semi-sealed design and ease of mounting make these PERFECT. With 5 of these devices, I am able to support almost 80 soldiers with large overlaps in wifi coverage.

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