puts most (if not all) AIB air coolers to shame9/22/2020 9:31:59 PM

Pros: - it's an air cooler with liquid cooling levels of performance

Cons: - not an easy install, requires time and patience - quite long, drive cages may get in the way - large backplate fins might hit system memory heatsinks, some "alterations" to the fins might be necessary to fit around memory heatsinks.

Overall Review: This must be the 5th or 6th Accelero cooler I've bought in more than a decade; there's no other air cooler out there that performs this well. Most AIB air coolers keep the GPU just below the thermal throttling temperature, and do so with fans ramped up and audible even while wearing good headphones. Not with this cooler. This time I've installed the accelero on my EVGA 2080 XC that I bought two years ago. It's always been a loud card under load, with temperatures easily breaking past 80C without any overclock. Now temps after hours under full load will peak at 60C, and as soon as I exit a game the temps drop to 30C instantly. I cannot hear the fans either. This kind of cooling is usually only obtained with water, I don't know what kind of sorcery Arctic employs here, but it's still jaw dropping for me after all these years. My first Accelero cooled an 8800 GTX many many years ago, but I'm glad version IV exists with the large backplate, it takes the worry out of cooling the memory chips and power delivery components of modern power-hungry cards. That being said I'm not sure this cooler will be adequate for the raging hot GDDR6X memory chips on Nvidia's 3080/3090 cards. My advice to anyone installing this for the first (or 20th) time is to take your time and methodically follow the instructions. It took me a couple hours to install this time and I've done it before. Just don't rush it and you'll be fine.

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Died after 2 months9/1/2017 6:03:16 AM

Pros: - cheap - gold 80 plus certified - modular

Cons: - you get what you pay for

Overall Review: Died after 2 months, probably never pushed even past 400 watts load (I buy PSU's to hit the 50-60% efficiency sweet spot at peak load). A capacitor must have blown inside at some point, not sure when as the computer was always on. When I flip the switch and try to power on, even with a 24pin self power on tester, there's a short and barely audible buzz/fizzle noise from inside the Power Supply, and then nothing. flip power back off and then back on, and same short noise again. My guess is cheap caps being used.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Frederick, Thank you for your purchase and feedback. We are so sorry you received a defective item and we do understand your frustration since it is died after 2 months. Based on your description, we are unable to determine the source of the defect. However, we are willing to help you with this. Please contact us with an electronic copy of order invoice and more information like your operating system and we will further check that for you. We will forward to your reply. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Solid board3/13/2017 1:30:15 PM

Pros: - Intuitive Bios that doesn't waste your time - Metal support on PCI-E slot for those heavy Graphic cards - Nice red glow to compliment my Red LED build - Decent VRM cooling for moderate overclocking - Good on board sound with good software

Cons: - new platform, still some kinks for MSI to work out with memory support and stability - no CMOS jumper, but not an issue really - just bridge the two pins next to the cmos battery with something metal (house key, paper clip, gold tooth or whatever - 4 sata ports

Overall Review: This is a solid board for the money. There are only 4 sata ports, but raid cards or external raid enclosures are better for headache reduction anyway. As someone else pointed out here, there is no jumper to reset the bios, but the two pins are there and you just need to short them out with something metal/conductive like a key, or paperclip for about 10 seconds. I got the board with the 1.0 bios, but if you search reddit or other forums you can find links to beta versions of the bios until official updates are released. As of March 12, 2017 the latest unofficial release is bios 1.15. make sure you are using a usb stick formatted in FAT32 if you are flashing the bios from the bios. I paired this board with an R7 1700 and a Corsair H60 liquid cooler and 2x8GB of 3200Mhz Gskill Ram. The board with 115 bios is still having trouble hitting 3200, but is stable with 2933Mhz. It beeps incessantly at every startup, probably because I bought Ripjaws instead of Trident. I'm able to do 3.9Ghz on all CPU cores at 1.3125 volts, and 3.95Ghz at 1.36 Volts, so the board is definitely able to hold its own, but the VRMs heat up quick, need a fan blowing on them or replace heatsinks with copper ones. Sometimes the wrong core voltage is relayed to programs like cpu-z and HWiNFO64, that also needs addressing. All in all though, with all the problems I'm hearing from other people online with various different boards, the Tomahawk seems to be mostly problem free. With some updates to the bios, I expect this to be a go-to B350 board for lots of builders.

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Kingston SSD's are solid3/6/2017 11:55:21 PM

Pros: - Reliable - affordable

Cons: - It's not vertical Nand

Overall Review: The only SSD's I've never had a problem with have been Kingston. Even though reviewers snub at Kingston SSDs at times, I have bought quite a number of Kingston SSDs and never a problem with compatibility or performance. I've bought several other brands and have had one issue or another over the years, whether it was firmware or something faulty. I don't have any partiality to Kingston, but their SSD's have proven themselves.

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Just Wow.6/25/2016 2:10:47 PM

Pros: - Quietest reference card I've ever owned (even at high speeds you just hear the air rushing, no vibrations or whirring of fan) - Runs relatively cool - Overclocks like a crazy - Looks amazing in person - 980ti performance for near half the price, more memory, better VR support, better driver support, async shaders, plus its EVGA so the best customer support

Cons: - more expensive than a cheaper AIB card - availability at launch

Overall Review: Bought this card on June 10th as soon as they came in stock, absolutely no regrets. Able to max this thing out stable at 2126Mhz on the core (and hold it there under load with precision XOC KBoost), and 9400Mhz on the memory. For regular use I just do +225/+500 for maximum stability (runs under load 2050/9000 ish), but definitely pleased with this card. I'm really glad leaks of the 480 came out early so I knew I was making the right choice. The cooler is actually really quiet as I wear hyperX cloud headphones and I can only hear my case fans (which are quiet to begin with), even up to 70% fan speed on the 1070 FE. Couldn't be happier. what a beast!

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Superb Product3/25/2016 8:20:51 AM

Pros: - Runs very quiet - Runs very cool - Overclocks like a champ

Cons: - Heavy brute

Overall Review: Quite an amazing card. The overclocking headroom is very good for a Hawaii chip, while the 100mm fans are incredibly silent under load. I have pretty decent airflow in my case, so the fans never even start spinning until I'm gaming. 8GB of memory might seem nuts, but I'm breaking 5GB of vram usage in the Division at 1440p, so that large frame buffer is definitely getting used. My experience with this card has been quite different than a number of R9 290's I've dealt with. For starters, I can overclock this card further than any 290 I have put under water, at much lower voltage, and with much higher memory clocks to boot. Not only that, but even with my own fan curve, the fans at 75% are still relatively quiet, barely audible over my AF120 case fans. The weight of the card is jaw dropping, although I have an XB Evo case with the card seated horizontally, so I can't comment on sag.

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Tighter than a misers purse7/17/2015 7:58:52 AM

Pros: - Looks high end - Very light weight - Well thought out design - feature to price ratio very good

Cons: - some corners were cut - extremely cramped space in back - Almost need 90 degree Sata power connectors for hard drives

Overall Review: I bought this case because it matched exactly what I was looking for. 4 hard drive bays (SSD's can be tossed anywhere so no big deal), very light weight construction, lots of flat surfaces to apply sound dampening foam, and about as compact as you are going to get for a capable ATX mid-tower. I used to love larger cases with lots of Room and air flow, but these days Liquid cooling removes that need. This case is slightly bigger than your average Micro ATX tower, Ultra light weight, and capable of housing some beefy hardware. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on CPU air cooler clearance, so that might be an issue for someone.

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Solid Performer7/5/2015 7:40:11 PM

Pros: - Cutting edge technology - Massive Memory Bandwidth - Quiet - Small - Runs extremely cool - Incredibly efficient

Cons: - Radiator Fan makes noise at certain RPM's - Pump has a very faint high pitch noise

Overall Review: This is a solid graphic card. The feel of it in your hands screams "Quality." My only complaint is the Radiator Fan, which I replaced with 2 SP120 Fans; the Gentle Typhoon fan had a horrible wobble/whine when it reached certain RPM's. At it's default speed of 15% the fan was silent, but at 16% and higher the fan had a wub-wub noise (for lack of a better description). As for pump whine, I took the cover off of my FuryX and confirmed that I have the blue cooler master sticker on the pump (first batch), but it's honestly not loud at all. Luckily, I have a silent case so I don't hear anything, but I can understand a reviewer with sensitive ears finding the sound irritating in an open test bench. Power draw is insanely low. My watt meter is either broken, or the Fury x only uses half the power of my old 290, despite the FuryX getting at least 50% better performance at stock clocks.

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Top Notch6/27/2015 6:31:52 AM

Pros: - Light-weight - Solid build quality - Can wear all day (comfortable) - Detachable Microphone - Real leather ear cups with memory foam - comes with additional felt ear cups - Box contains cable extender and other adapter goodies

Cons: Nothing comes to mind

Overall Review: Great Headset. I love the leather memory foam material, and the fact that the back of the ear cups are aluminum, which seems to draw heat away from the inside and prevent ear sweat. The sound quality is pretty good, better than any other headset/headphones I've used that weren't also infinitely more expensive. If you are looking to buy in this price range, these are the best you can get in my opinion. One caveat: you need a decent AMP to power the large drivers in this headset. I'm using a cheap Asus dgx 5.1 sound card that has a decent headphone amp and the sound is great, but if I plug this headset into a cellphone or laptop then the sound quality seems to suffer a bit.

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Solid6/20/2015 2:09:58 PM

Pros: - Great viewing angle for a TN panel, at least from my own experience. - Solid contrast between whites and Black - Color accuracy is above average for TN - Price is very competitive

Cons: - Ghosting (I've only detected it in the freesync windmill demo) - Stand is barebones - No Vesa mounts

Overall Review: The price is the most competitive for a 144hz 1440p display that I'm aware of. You are really getting Freesync for... well, for "Free." The monitor itself is a very high quality TN panel with pretty solid color accuracy and response times, although a light image moving against a dark background will have some ghosting, which seems to be an issue with freesync and not the panel quality itself, as this only occurs with freesync on. The orange bezel and stand accent is not actually orange in normal or dim light, but a metallic copper color. I find its actually quite aesthetically pleasing compared to how it looks in the over-bright photos in reviews and also here on newegg. Otherwise, a very solid display that I would recommend whole-heartedly. This monitor replaced a Samsung IPS/VA display, so that says something.

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Good Fan3/31/2015 7:55:13 AM

Pros: - Not super bright - Lots of screw holes for mounting compatibility - Good air flow

Cons: - Loud at full speed - 'clicks' for a couple minutes when computer is turned on

Overall Review: Good fan, better than most 200mm fans I've used. It's acrylic so at full speed its going to make some noise, but also push a lot of air. I have the fan mounted in a HAF XB Evo Case blowing air down onto the components because the front 120mm fans are pulling hot air out through radiators, and reversing the air flow would be bad. This fan as it's mounted will make clicking noises for a couple minutes when first turned on, probably just due to the type of bearing used. Otherwise its a great fan. LED color is bang on, and with a 7v adapter the fan is quiet but still pushing good airflow.

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Great keyboard3/31/2015 6:44:59 AM

Pros: - compact - most silent keyboard I've ever used - fast key response - decent colors

Cons: - light bar on the front is blinding - colors vary in intensity and brightness - caplock, numlock and winkey lock lights are always orange. - No Red lighting, but I knew this before buying (the default orange is sort of red through the key caps)

Overall Review: Overall, this is an excellent keyboard. I find I can type almost twice as fast with fewer mistakes compared to regular keyboards. For gaming it takes some getting used to because your hand will travel away from WASD at first until you get used to the keyboard. I would recommend this keyboard, even with the issues I had with it because its great quality for the price, looks good and works great Minor issues: light bar on the front is blinding, I had to cover it up completely with a strip of gorilla tape. I'm sure some people would like it, but its not practical at night. the different colors vary in brightness. the default orange doesn't illuminate through the keycaps enough and the letters look dim with the brightness on full, while Blue is super intense at full brightness and makes the keyboard seem blurry. the rest of the colors are good, with Green being the best overall in terms of brightness and readability of the keys in the dark and during the day. The caplock, numlock and windows key lock indicator LED's always stay orange, which can either be seen as a good or bad thing.

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Good for tight spaces3/17/2015 7:43:49 AM

Pros: - Thin design - Dead Silent

Cons: - Screw holes only exist on exhaust side - Low pressure, Low airflow

Overall Review: Decent fan considering how thin it is, great if you need a subtle breeze over a component and space is tight. Works great as a non-mounted fan that just sits to the side somewhere, or suspended at an angle to help cool something. The screw holes only exist on the exhaust side, meaning if you want to use this fan as an intake, you will need to zip-tie the fan down, or use long screws.

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Great in a pinch3/16/2015 9:40:20 AM

Pros: It works

Cons: The Price

Overall Review: A person can just as easily create a 7v adapter with a spare Molex pass-through and daisy-chaining a bunch of molex to 3-pin fan adapters together, but these splitters are so much more convenient. Like others have said, these are pricey but get the job done.

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Beast Case3/12/2015 7:53:52 AM

Pros: - Lots of room to manage and route cables - Great case for AIO water cooling - Smaller than I expected - Can completely disassemble just about every part of the case - Portable - Light-weight for its size - Room for 4 full size HDD's, plus lots of room to toss SSD's in

Cons: - Building in this case may require lots of planning - X-dock is a neat idea, but the Sata ports are facing up, should be sideways for easy access. - Not all 200mm fans will line up with top fan spot. I had to use the included zipties to install my 200mm fan, so not work docking any eggs in my opinion.

Overall Review: A few things: 1 - This case does have an insane amount of space for cable management. However, Depending on what components you are installing, you will want to plan your installation out first. In my build I moved everything over from a full tower case, with two R9 290's cooled with Kraken G10 and Corsair AIO coolers, 4 hard drives, an SSD, another Corsair AIO cooler on the CPU, sound card, Optical drive and a Modular Power supply. I've built in a Mini ITX case before, and the experience here with the XB EVO was similar. You have to start from the bottom up. Once you have the system completely finished, you may have to remove a number of components in order to access drives and cables below. If you have a modular power supply like me and need an additional power cable plugged in, that means taking out graphic cards and unscrewing radiators, pulling up the motherboard tray while performing a balancing act with cables etc - just to plug a cable into the power supply, or to access anything in the compartment below. I was able to somehow wedge my fingers in and plug in a Peripheral cable into my PSU, but it took a great deal of effort. 2 - the front hard drive x-docks are an interesting idea, but I feel they are flawed. I removed the little xdock circuit board, for the reason that if I need to access or switch sata cables, I would have to take take half the computer apart just to access the sata ports, because they are facing up. Because of the location of the Xdock bay, it makes more sense to just take the side panel off the case and plug your sata power/data cables directly into the drives. If anything, the other hard drive bay on the left side of the case is much more awkward, and it's much harder to access cables once you have a system fully built. 3 - Great case for AIO water coolers. I have three 120mm AIO coolers, 2 for graphic cards and 1 for cpu, and this case is perfect. I have all three radiator fans blowing air out, with a 200mm fan on top blowing air down into the case and onto the components. Also, because AIO coolers work best if the radiator and pump are at the same height, this case is probably one of the few that compliments multiple AIO's properly. Aside from the XDock, and the fan mounting holes for the top fan not being universal for 200mm, this case is pretty much flawless and one of a kind.

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Great CPU3/5/2015 4:30:16 PM

Pros: - Price - Multi-threading performance - Compatibility - Power consumption

Cons: - Fully Locked Multiplier - No iGPU (not really a con)

Overall Review: Replaced my 3570k that Ran 4.7Ghz with this Xeon because I needed the Hyper-threading. So far the Xeon outperforms the unlocked i5 in just about everything, with the exception of any software that doesn't take advantage of more than 4 threads, but even then the experience is smoother if multi-tasking lots of programs. I would highly recommend this CPU for just about any task, as long as it stays significantly cheaper than the i7's.

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Great Headset1/20/2015 8:10:27 AM

Pros: - good build quality - nice looking - comfortable - surprisingly light weight - microphone is acceptable for voip use - cable is super long

Cons: - braided cable may get chewed by a pet. it looks and feels like a round boot lace. it will probably last longer than a regular cable otherwise.

Overall Review: I saw these go on sale and figured why not. I think I made a good call. Its been a while since I had computer headphones that could drive really low bass without rattling or crackling, but not be overpowering at the same time. The sound quality is very good and crisp, but not sharp either. the highs and lows are well balanced for music and gaming. I can't say how long these will last, but for sub $100 dollar headphones these sound great, without all the extra bells and whistles that make the higher end Logitech Gaming headsets cost more, and without the wallet destroying "audiophile approved" sticker that some brands have.

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Great Speakers in a small package11/26/2014 7:38:04 AM

Pros: - Small - Sound is fairly high quality for the size. crisp but clean quality. - They don't pick up cell phone RF interference (no crackling or buzzing when cell phone is nearby) - good amount of weight to them, they feel solid - decent amount of wire length between the two speakers

Cons: Orange Power LED on the front is very bright. you could light up a dark room with it.

Overall Review: Great Speakers for the price. they are not necessarily going to provide robust gaming or movie quality sound, but they are the best stereo computer speakers I have used that were/are in the sub-15-dollar price range.

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Does the Job.10/22/2014 7:54:07 AM

Pros: - high quality - comes with good thermal tape, with extra in case you need to remount a few

Cons: non really. product does what its meant to do.

Overall Review: I am actually not using these to cool components directly, but rather I have 2 packs of these spread out onto the backplate of my graphic card. the backplate is brushed aluminum. I did this as an experiment to see whether adding heatsinks on a backplate would accomplish anything. Although my VRM's already have a good heat spreader, adding a couple packs of these onto the backplate has dropped VRM temperatures even more, much more than I was expecting. at 1100Mhz on the core, my R9 290 under full continuous load reads 54/57 Celsius on VRM's. That's insane. anyway, great product. I wonder what else I can keep cool with these :)

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Solid PSU10/22/2014 7:40:05 AM

Pros: - Lots of connectors - feels and looks solid - quiet - affordable - manufactured by Superflower

Cons: - long, will take up a bit more space length-wise.

Overall Review: Its a good psu, nothing really to elaborate on except that if you're looking for a decently priced 850 watt psu, this is the one to get.

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I'm a Fan9/30/2014 11:50:39 AM

Pros: - LED's aren't bright - Good solid LED colour - Performs like a regular non-LED SP120

Cons: - not as Quiet as a normal SP120

Overall Review: The regular non-LED SP120 fans with the red/blue/white rings are more expensive, but much quieter. These LED fans are obviously made a bit cheaper, but they work just as good for static pressure, and look good as well. just don't expect to run them at full speed without hearing them hum.

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Awesome9/30/2014 11:39:34 AM

Pros: - affordable - installing is straight forward - works with a number of Asetek AIO's - Installed without a problem on my Asus DCU2 R9 290 - drops temperatures by an unbelievable amount

Cons: - Not designed for novice users - Need 3 hands to assemble onto graphic card - only air cools the VRM's (voltage regulator modules). preferable if there is some kind of heat sink on them. - can be overtightened and damage pcb if installer is careless - not really a con, but you also need to have a compatible AIO liquid cooler - AMD mounting screw holes might need to be reemed out with something, the painters are somewhat overzealous and sometimes get paint into the AMD screw holes which dries and makes the hole too small. I had to scrape paint out of one of the holes for mine so the mounting screw would go through.

Overall Review: The Kraken G10 lets you water cool your graphic card for a low price compared to a custom water loop and plate, and compatibility is pretty good. My DCU2 R9 290 was a furnace, so I said to heck with it and bought the G10 and a Corsair H50, and sure enough it fit onto my 290 without having to remove the backplate, and my card already had a VRM heat sink so no problemo. This is probably one of the most ghetto products I've ever used in a computer, and it looks and performs awesome. it even lowered the power consumption of my 290 by a good chunk, and under full load temps are between 50-60C, which is insane. definitely worth the extra money to replace an underwhelming air cooler. I used my own non-conductive thermal paste instead of the pre-applied stuff on the AIO, which I would recommend. Anywho, its a great product. would highly recommend.

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Good quality9/30/2014 11:04:31 AM

Pros: - Cable is thicker and feels more durable than other long VGA cables I have used - good quality connectors - great for overhead projector

Cons: - its a vga cable, they don't last forever

Overall Review: like any kind of data cable, be careful not to kink them or pierce them, or sit something heavy on top. vga cables are sensitive. even stepping on the cable can damage them.

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Does the job9/30/2014 10:54:40 AM

Pros: - 4 volume settings - easy install - no wires to deal with

Cons: - lots of different chimes, but only 2 or 3 are really usable for most use cases.

Overall Review: Decent doorbell, although many of the chimes are full of someone speaking engrish or silly jingles. would recommend for someone that just needs a doorbell that works.

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Wow9/19/2014 11:01:12 AM

Pros: Best thermal paste I've ever used.

Cons: can be slightly pricey.

Overall Review: Have applied it to a couple graphic cards and a CPU, and there's probably still 5-10 applications left in the tube. This stuff is pure magic, and worth every penny. go look at reviews if you don't believe me.

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