They Will Rip Your Jaw Open3/20/2012 6:29:32 AM

Pros: Very pretty Decently low profile Reasonable timings and frequency Overclockable

Cons: I can't put more of them in my rig

Overall Review: I paid $89.99, and in exchange received 16GB of world-class RAM. That works for me. I also liked how they weren't overly difficult to install.

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The Best PSU Is One You Don't Notice3/20/2012 6:26:08 AM

Pros: Fanless, but puts out 400W (at least) Tons of power on the 12V rail Comes in a velvet bag

Cons: Comes in a velvet bag :P

Overall Review: Like the title of my review says, I put it in there, and it does its job. No complaints. There are several good reviews available online for this thing, check them out.

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Dandy3/20/2012 6:22:28 AM

Pros: Way more features than it should have for this price point (PCIe 3.0, overclocking, onboard graphics, USB 3.0, Ivy Bridge compatibility, Virtu GPU virtualization, 5.1 HD audio...) Remote control works well (see Other Thoughts)

Cons: Lacking in USB ports

Overall Review: First off, if you want more USB ports, spend a couple bucks and get an expansion card. Boom, problem solved. Yes, they should have put more in, but the sheer amount of features you get on this mobo for the price is astonishing. Disclaimer: I'm on Linux Mint 13. The remote works well for what I use it for, which is namely powering the computer on from my couch (worth the cash right there imo) and pausing/playing video (required a remap of the media key to replicate the spacebar). There are a TON of good reviews out there for this mobo, I encourage you to go read them (search "Biostar TZ68A+ review")

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Awesome3/20/2012 6:12:08 AM

Pros: 100% aluminum - light as you'll find anywhere Highly modifiable Comes with standoffs pre-installed Very, very pretty (have received compliments)

Cons: No IR port Some thought required at times during construction (see Other Thoughts) Power button LED didn't work, but I also didn't try to fix it. Probably a loose connection on my part. I like dark anyway.

Overall Review: Will probably outlast every single other component in my current build. No matter what you're building, you can put it in here. You might just need to think it out. I'm currently running without any of the HDD bays or the centre brace. Maybe I did it wrong, but it seems like the SATA cables for an SSD mounted on top of the ODD bay are guaranteed to always conflict with the centre brace. That said, the aluminum is so light that since I don't have anything but the SSD resting on it, I can get away with not having the centre brace. There's a miniscule clearance between two plates at the back where the lid goes on that I was able to run my IR cable through, so that works. With my mobo (Biostar TZ68A+) the power cable juuust clears the ODD bay (less than an inch). But hey, if it fits, it fits. I'm obsessive, so I also ordered some port covers for the eSATA, USB, and audio ports on the front.

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Good For The Price3/20/2012 5:57:54 AM

Pros: Rock bottom price Wireless Only uses one USB port Works on Linux Mint 13

Cons: Occasionally drops signal

Overall Review: It's a great price for what you get. Occasionally I have to lift the keyboard off my leg to unfreeze it, but that might be due to my receiver placement, not sure.

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Flash Gordon3/20/2012 5:54:56 AM

Pros: Christian deity, this thing is snappy. Linux Mint benchmarks show it as having an average read rate of 379.9 MB/s (meaning it would bottleneck on SATA2) and an average access time of 0.2ms. I boot in a few seconds more than it takes to power on my monitor. Apps load almost as soon as I release my mouse button. Blargh. Crazy good.

Cons: Do not use the SATA cable it comes with unless you have to. It's kind of flimsy. But on the other hand, most drives don't come with a SATA cable at all...

Overall Review: There are definitely drives out there that perform better in benchmarks (SandForce, etc.) but I bought this for rock-solid reliability. We shall see how it performs in the coming years. I also found out that Newegg won't let you put certain words in reviews, haha.

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Good mat3/20/2012 5:45:27 AM

Pros: Provides a nice clean surface to lay out your components. Clip this to your case as well as an anti-static bracelet, lay your components on the mat before you touch them directly, and you have a three-part system (you, your case, and anything touching the mat) that is internally electrically neutral.

Cons: Came rolled up REALLY tightly, had to flatten it out with some heavy books on the corners overnight. Not worth deducting an egg, though.

Overall Review: My computer posted first try, and is still working a few weeks later with no noticeable problems. If you're spending $200-300 on a CPU or video card, why not pick this up?

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