poor performance wonky speed tests9/15/2018 10:10:36 AM

Pros: better than old ssd

Cons: Poor performance wonky speed tests performed many speed tests in two different computers every test came out with different speed results most with poor Max Sequential Write results. Also crashed my computer performing the tests two times I reformatted it and had the best speed tests but with the second test preformed minutes later I received very poor speed numbers again

Overall Review: I do not recommend this ssd my SAMSUNG 970 EVO drive is a solid very fast ssd the intel .....NO I dont trust it.

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Low grade SSD5/24/2015 1:35:14 PM

Pros: It works for now ATTO speeds show good but 2 other tests show poor results

Cons: Slow for what they show and the biggest problem may be down the road as it tends to run hot that's unusual for an SSD so I decided to take it apart and what do you know it has a weird heat sink material that's rather thick between the case and the sandforce chip acting like a heat sink a very poor one at that so I'm guessing this thing has a short life

Overall Review: Kind of feel like we have been tricked by Mushkin and Newegg at the same time shame on both companies’

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Jeff! My name is Sue and I’m with Mushkin customer support. I apologize for the issue that you’re having with our 120GB ECO SSD. Our customer and technical support are here to assist you with troubleshooting your issue. Please don’t hesitate to email us at support@mushkin.com or call us at 1.800.569.1868. Our support hours are Monday through Friday 8am-6pm (CST). Thank you for choosing Mushkin Enhanced!
External antenna WIFI12/21/2014 12:30:07 AM

Pros: Works great very sturdy and strong magnets improved my bars from 3 to 5 great that's what I wanted. I purchased two of them this works great better than a two port one that I had tried from another adapter. You can space them as needed to get better reception.

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: These are for 2.4 GHZ band not 5 GHZ so beware of that

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USB cable 3.012/21/2014 12:23:37 AM

Pros: Nothing low quality garbage I was looking for a shorter cable just incase my external drive had any problems with other computers with low voltage USB ports.

Cons: Drops signal constantly my original cable that's 3 feet doesn't drop signals and this is shorter??

Overall Review: This is the third such low quality cable from newegg that I have received I'm not buying another cable from them. Not worth the hassle of returning or RMA

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams for further investigations. In the event that you are having troubles please do not hesitate to contact our support team at the number below. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Sorry VANTEC12/13/2014 7:55:41 AM

Pros: Works great now On my first review I lambasted this product as very poor quality. Now I say this thing works as it should why the change I tried it on my second computer and I had no problems so I started thinking what could cause this problem well I will make it short turns out the problem was on my NEW motherboard it’s an ASUS sabertooth mark 2 the on board USB 3.0 header it has 2 of them one has problems I guess I switched to the second port for my ad on USB 3.0 Hub and NO more problems. Sorry VANTEC

Cons: I will say I think the construction of this thing is not the best I have owned a number of VANTEC products and this one is not as good as the others I have owned.

Overall Review: Disregard my first review Please

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ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK2—UPDATE sort of9/9/2014 7:43:11 AM

Pros: Nothing yes nothing well a better SATA controller and more USB 3.0

Cons: This board and the new i7-4790 Haswell Quad-Core 3.6GHz LGA 1150 W/8GiG of ram has been a bust for me very lacking in guts/power. I own an older ASUS P7P55D-E LGA1156 board that has an i7 680 2.80GHz and 12 GiG of ram that as far as I see still kicks my newer SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK2 and CPU’s behind. My older board even has the older SATA controller so it can’t take full advantage of my SSD’s max speed.

Overall Review: NOT an UPGRADE at all from my old computer very sad 5 years and this is the best they offer

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USB 3.0 hub/ panel 2 ports7/10/2014 7:25:31 AM

Pros: Very surprised all metal construction not plastic very good quality. Runs at USB 3.0 speeds got a 200 meg speed out of a USB 3 stick

Cons: Non shipping was a bit slow direct from China packed well clean

Overall Review: Thought it was a bad unit as it locked up my comp at first boot but after reboot all is good I think my BIOS glitched on first boot is all trying to install it.

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Celeron CPU6/14/2014 3:09:30 AM

Pros: For $50 it rocks New MOBO and Mem with an SSD drive this thing is fast as a startup CUP its a winner as my i7 will come as the $$ shows up in a few months.

Cons: its a Celeron you get what you pay for

Overall Review: If you want a newer MOBO but cant afford a good CPU this is a good way to start. Win score is a 6.9

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NST-400MX-S3R... DEAD8/23/2013 3:29:08 AM

Pros: Lets first start off by saying I do like the product it works. But if it dies on you after only 9 months THAT sucks and it Died on me.

Cons: But if it dies on you after only 9 months THAT sucks and it Died on me.

Overall Review: Not sure what happened I turned on my comp and it shows as non readable and windows wants to format the drive. The unit will not shut down also had to unplug it to get it to shut down. Not good 9 months and dead very unhappy

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Slow Why??1/19/2012 10:36:59 PM

Pros: 00000 non 00000

Cons: Very Very Very small easy to loose and slow very slow this is a gimic USB drive not much good to say about it. Cheap price poor performance 15 meg at best and glitchy jumpy This is a Kingston?

Overall Review: Dont buy this bad news guys

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Manufacturer Response:
We at Kingston Technology are very sorry for your experience with this drive. The DT109 is an entry level or commodity drive with read/write speeds of 1.5MB/sec and 5MB/sec. If you are looking for a faster DataTraveler please give Kingston a call directly at 800-835-6575 so we may assist in choosing the correct drive for the features and functions that are desired. Thank you.
Storm Scout case 20118/31/2011 11:02:51 AM

Pros: Great case easy to work with like it

Cons: Great case with some bad flaws that you can easily fix 1 wire harness is pinched from factory fix carefully inspect all the wires for pinching and fix. 2 top assembly start button USB so on can ground out and fry the mobo fix remove the top check all wires it looks like the assembly is very close to touching the case and grounding out I used some insulating tape on the case to protect it from grounding you could tape up wires if you want as insurance. 3 wire harness is too tight with all wires going through back Fix I separated the Mobo start button reset wires all those I pulled these wires from back and had them come straight down from top to the plug in spot.

Overall Review: Just check the wires before you use this case and save a mobo from frying

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
USB 3.0 Corsair5/12/2011 2:46:07 PM

Pros: Not sure it works poor USB performance How can you offer such a poor performing USB 3.0 devise.

Cons: Not as fast as expected for USB 3.0 kind of slow and clunky it takes a few minutes calculating the move before it does anything that negates the extra speed of USB 3.0

Overall Review: Runs hotter than USB 2.0 and larger in size than USB 2.0 kind of big Don’t waste your Money here very poor performance.

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Intel 622 N 300Mbps Ad.1/8/2011 3:24:29 PM

Pros: This is just to help (I love this thing great product) Link to new drivers 1-8-2011 http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Wireless+Networking&ProductLine=Intel%c2%ae+WiFi+Products&ProductProduct=Intel%c2%ae+Centrino%c2%ae+Ultimate-N+6300+and+Intel%c2%ae+Centrino%c2%ae+Advanced-N+6200+products You can now broadcast from this thing an access point to others How nice.... Don’t know if it works but should

Cons: No cons as of yet 4 months usage good strong fast connections at 300 speeds

Overall Review: ................................

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Great upgrade Toshiba Laptop11/26/2010 7:19:02 AM

Pros: This is an update to my first review Fantastic upgrade I get full 300 Meg speed at all times and distances Using the new Belkin N + N 300 model F7D4302 Dual band router with this Intel 622AN adapter with great results I’m using the 5GHz band only and get a constant 300 Meg speed with good range so far. Extremely happy with this upgrade I do believe that it is better suited to the new 5GHz band that’s the stronger signal. As others have said check the settings and change to get the best signal and speed you desire. Using with WIN 7 64 bit

Cons: Nothing 0

Overall Review: Easy upgrade no problems make sure your Laptop uses two antenna not three this one needs two.

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Upgrade my Wi-Fi11/11/2010 8:16:09 AM

Pros: Easy install on my Laptop a 2009 Toshiba satellite model no problems at all just at first boot computer acted kind of strange adjusting to the new devise then everything was fine. Check all setting on the devise to get what you want out of it and go go go good speed getting 270 meg to 240 meg on average it has a habit of dropping speed down to 60 meg when not in use to save power I guess but jumps to max speed on opening up a web page. Web surfing is now fast and dependable I have not tried the dual band yet my router has only single N band not the 5Ghrz.

Cons: Only that I have not gotten 300 meg yet but 270 meg is fine.

Overall Review: Check your Laptop before you buy this make sure it has two antenna not three this one has two. I wanted the other Intel model capable of up to 450 meg speed but is needs three my laptop has two so a no go there.

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BYTECC USB 3.0 Ext. Enc.4/2/2010 3:22:37 PM

Pros: Rated speed is good in tests but when moving files from the computer to the USB 3.0 drive it was slow very slow like a USB 2.0 devise.

Cons: This thing will not work unless you use the extra USB power cord I tried three different hard drives they all needed the power cord to work this is junk unless you like using two cords to get it to work. The USB 3.0 cord is very thick and stiff

Overall Review: I have used many external USB 2.0 devices over the years this is one of the worse I have used it will not work unless you use the USB power cord my advice is don’t waste your hard earned money on this junk. My computer is very fast an i7 2.8 quad core with RAID 0 with a NEC USB 3.0 port onboard this is a quality ASUS board. One last thing anything just out like USB 3.0 will have glitches and not run its best till the bugs are worked out, most will be better off waiting one more year till it’s perfected and prices drop.

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BYTECC USB 3.0 ext. enclosure4/2/2010 2:47:52 PM

Pros: Works at rated USB 3.0 speeds so far.

Cons: Will not work unless you use the extra USB power cord supplied this sucks I believe I speak for all computer users in that what we love about USB is the single cord usage just plug and go with this you need two cords to get it to work this is not acceptable WE WANT EASE OF USE this is not it.

Overall Review: Unfortunately I think we need to wait one more year before quality USB 3.0 devices come on the market till then USB 2.0 is it, To wait this long and get this poor quality junk now is unacceptable and a waste of money.

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