APU Fail11/10/2015 5:25:45 PM

Pros: Great everything if it supported my APU fully.

Cons: I am using no discrete graphics card. I am using an APU, A8-7670k. Everything works fine unless the onboard graphics gets turned on in the bios and any AMD driver is. Currently to keep the computer usable and avoid endless crashing, I have the onboard graphics turned off. I can still use the computer, just nothing with 3-D requirements. The problem will likely go away when they update the bios. Asrock uses the same bios as their brother company, Asus. So it's just a matter of time. But in the meantime I can't use computer for much.

Overall Review: I have tried everything possible and spent a week working on this computer. I have been building computers for 20 years so I know what I am doing. This problem lies with the manufacturer not updating their bios with new hardware they are claiming is supported, namely this specific APU. Grounds for a lawsuit perhaps? The bios might get fixed tomorrow but it also might be 6 months out. I really don't want to buy a discrete graphics card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Joshua, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Regarding the BIOS update, please visit CPU support list and required BIOS version link below. However, according you CPU, it required 1.60 which had been released on 4/21/2015. Link: http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/FM2A88M%20Pro3+/?cat=CPU If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp
Budget Motherboard4/13/2013 11:00:32 AM

Pros: $65 for a 970 Northbridge around 4/2013. Bios settings are large, bios update was easy All six SATA III. Motherboard runs cool. CPU was super easy to install. The RAID boots really really fast. The whole bios boot loads very fast (this is the part of a computer bootup that precedes the OS bootup).

Cons: I got lucky and saw the bios reset pin and fallen out. I replaced it and didn't think anything of it. Apparently from the other reviews, this will prevent your motherboard from posting. It falls out very easily and is buried under the GPU and close to the SATA connections. Icky for over clockers in need of a reset. There are only 2 3.0 USB. They are NOT NOT NOT where they are advertised to be (next to the LAN), they are right next to it. They are the ones with the blue internals. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that the connections are only external on the back side of the motherboard. Oh, if you download the driver file for USB 3.0, rename it to .zip; then unzip it to extract the .exe file. That wasted 1/2 hour of my life figuring out. The SATA connections face each other so forget using elbows. This is problematic with my long GPU card.

Overall Review: The bios update is for all versions of motherboards, which doesn't seem to be an issue even though I think I have a slightly older version. To pair off your memory, remember to space them apart like the motherboard booklet says. Leave HPC off, that is for turning off half the cores so you can over clock the ones that are left for gaming. Up to you ultimately, if you feel you need it in 2015.

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OC'ed Ram4/13/2013 10:44:52 AM

Pros: Settings are 9-9-9-24-40. I could probably get 8-9-9-22-21-31 but I am not going to bother for now. Actual size: 16,384MBytes I am considering a 10G ramdisk but everything runs so fast already that I will put it off for now.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The MOTHERBOARD won't automatically put this at 1600, but that is because 1600 is considered overclocked per DDR3 standards. So to get the rated 1600, you have to go into the bios and manually over clock it. If this is too hard for you, go buy an Apple. BEWARE: Windows 7 will not let you go above 16G without upgrading to professional version.

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Cold CPU4/13/2013 10:38:37 AM

Pros: This is an upgrade to my old quad core 940BE. This is the best 95W CPU that AMD makes. This thing is cold. I turned the bios settings way down for the fan. Under normal operation this thing is barely above room temperature. Yes, it's a budget CPU and Intel makes better CPU's, but it will just be wasted computing power. This CPU + decent graphics card = running anything on high settings.

Cons: The heat sink. Why do they even sell it with it? Why not spend the extra money and give you a good heat sink? Or save you the money and skip the heat sink?

Overall Review: Windows likes to boot up with only 1 CPU and then bring the others online. As such, I forced Windows to boot with all 4 of my old CPU's at once. Unfortunately when I installed this one, Windows tried to keep it at 4 CPU's so I had to turn that feature off and then back on for the 6 cores. Even so, WEI doesn't think this CPU is an upgrade. From my experience multitasking, this is a great CPU. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT. Protip: when you apply thermal paste, use as little as possible. Thermal paste doesn't conduct heat as well as Cu, so the idea is to use thermal paste to fill in the micro-cracks you can't see even if you lap your CPU & heatsink. Wipe away the excess paste with a straight edge. What little is left will only fill the micro-cracks. Worst case scenario is that it will get too hot and not work (won't happen).

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Great11/20/2009 6:26:40 PM

Pros: Windows 7 rating of 7.1 before I used a jumper to turn on "reduced power spinup". After installing the jumper, it fell to 5.8 The hard drive is fast and works as intended. The old hard drive on the tablet was havinga SMART error. I did a small partition on this one and installed Vista x64 Ultimate and then upgraded Home Windows 7 x64 on the other partition. The other jumper location allows for spread spectrum, if you're into that sort of thing.

Cons: The jumpers pins are small and none of my jumpers worked. I had to use some pliers to remove the plastic coating on a regular jumper and then crush it to size. It works well but I fail to see why they can't give you a jumper in a neutral position and also label the jumper pins on the hard drive. I had to look up the jumper locations.

Overall Review: Upgrading and creating a dual boot for Vista and 7 was a breeze. This was my first time changing a laptop hard drive and it was as easy could be. I might put on Linux next. Anyone could swap out their hard drive provided they feel comfortable reinstalling an OS.

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Upgrade11/5/2009 5:21:55 PM

Pros: While the computer needed to be rebooted a few times, it did so without user input. This made installation a breeze. It has Directx11, which is actually the full version of Directx 10 before Nvidia/Intel asked for 10 to be downgraded for their hardware. Malicious attacks seem useless against this OS. I didn't have to delete any bloatware. Like Vista, most drivers were installed automatically. Sadly this doesn't include a way to watch BR/DVD movies, which seems really dumb. There are some nice smaller programs though. You can make a siple DVD movie with pictures and sounds, some simple games too. Mostly stuff you could get on Linux. The OS is quite robust to attacks even by the owner, which can be frustrating when adjusting HOST files via a batch program.

Cons: I upgraded from Windows 7 Beta, which was an Ultimate edition. Instead of this version simply downgrading me to premium (which is what my Vista was), it did a complete reinstall. While it put my old stuff in a directory, it retained none of my settings or drivers. My wife's laptop has Vista Ultimate. None of the Windows 7 upgrades address this concern. Upgrading from Vista basic or Vista Ultimate costs the same when going to any Windows 7. There should be a cheaper way to go from Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate. While I have the x64 version, a lot of the OS is still strongly based in x32. Even Microsofts own "Silverlight" is unavailable with the x64 IE browser. The x64 IE browser is beyond useless. Adjusting certain properties can be extremely difficult/impossible/frustrating. Directories, files and panes options are difficult to adjust. It seems they are trying to hard to emulate Apple at times instead of being their own OS. Doesn't automatically play BR/DVD either..

Overall Review: If you only have Windows 98 hardware, then use Windows 98. If you have Windows XP hardware, then use Windows XP. If you have a decent modern computer, then run Windows 7 because it's better. The best features of this OS are not openly apparent to the typical end user. It doesn't seem to rank RAID drives, though I could be wrong. The defrag is confusing to say the least. It created a 100M HD labeled "System Reserved". It supposed to be for the OS but there is no indication of anything anywhere. I updated my graphics card and then the Windows Update tried to update me with an older version. There are bugs to be sure, like all OS's have.

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To buy it.6/10/2009 10:08:39 PM

Pros: Short answer: card produces no heat, no noise, has lots of room to OC and is easy to install on any system with PCI-E 2.0 x16. The amount of heat generated by the GPU is going to be proportional to the frequency it is clocked at. Because this card has a very efficient cooling system, the heat generated is still the same as any other card at the same speed. The difference here is that the cooling system is so efficient that less heat is generated by the cooling system itself (ie the fan is slower and quieter). The autotune feature is great. I put it at 1000Hz to start and it autoclocked to 1040Hz, which is about 10-20 lower than the Atomic version OCed. Not all cards are the same, but that is amazing. Comes with a full version of 3D-Mark. The PowerDVD software is meh (see below). There are power adapters from 4-pin IDE to 6 & 8 pin power inputs. This means that as long as your PS is strong enough, you could put 3 of these in Xfire without issue to connectors on your PS.

Cons: The card has a casing around it of some sort of plastic. It extends unnecessarily long, covering 2 SATA connections on my Jetway HA07-Ultra. L-shaped connectors helped retain my connections, but the card could be made conservatively smaller without sacrifice to anything. You could probably modify part of it off yourself if you are industrious and concerned about length. Finding the absolute perfect drivers is a pain. Obviously the CD drivers are out of date, look up www.game.amd.com for the correct drivers. ATI/AMD site is hard to navigate, so just go to that page of theirs. Here is the worst part: all over there are proclamations that the card is BD (bluray disc) ready. Yet the 2 PowerDVD/Cyberlink OEM software CDs that come with it only offer DVD support. You have to pay for an upgrade to support BD. NOT COOL, as if I need help playing DVDs.

Overall Review: Has 3/4 little red LEDs on the top that turn on when booting up, dunno what they do, kinda neat though. Summer is coming so a cooler card is nice. It also isn't as power hungry like x2 GPU cards, that can start to drain your electricity bill. It downclocks to 240 on the GPU but the memory stays the same. Boot time went down because the card is skipped during boot up, also the boot screen now shows on both of the monitors I use. If you are reading this review and looking at the Atomic, get this card!

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Useless4/26/2009 12:05:48 AM

Pros: It's free! But you get what you pay for.

Cons: There is some copy-protection or something that preventsthe game from running. I get to a splash screen and then nothing.

Overall Review: My system is solid, I have tried updating the game. Nothing works. The game is non-US and there is no supporting documentation. The website is bleak at best.

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Da Big One12/25/2008 1:13:41 PM

Pros: They is a great case, you get what you pay for. My only complaint is the side fan grating. The specs spell it out, same as with the manufacturer's website. It has holes for the Thermaltake water cooling too. I imagine anything from this brand will go well with it. Everything about this case is cool. Just don't get the one with the side fan.

Cons: The case is huge, but you already know that. Some of the stock fans aren't super quiet. The side fan grating restricts airflow in a massive way. My recommendation is to NOT GET THIS CASE WITH THE SIDE OPENING VENT FAN.

Overall Review: I used a soldering gun to melt off the plastic grating in front of the fan for better airflow. It works very very well now, but the huge fan is completely exposed. Keep fingers clear! Cat too.

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meh12/25/2008 11:43:09 AM

Pros: This is an upgraded version of the first G15: -6 keys on the side with 3 function choices gives super fast access to 18 macros. You should not need more than this, so this smaller number makes them easier to use. -color is softer on the eyes at night -keys and LCD are more robust than first G15, no breaking or wearing here -LCD has higher resolution -keyboard is small enough to fit into just about any normal keyboard layout Macros are great. I like the Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C macro for typical editing. If you get good, you can program macros at the same speed as regular typing. This means that even if you write something twice, you can use this keyboard with proficiency to do it faster. Good for programming. The original G15 is not better. Don't be fooled.

Cons: This keyboard is better than the first G-15 with the exception of color imo. Typically while you are playing, even at night, the monitor is going to be putting out a lot of light. So it's not not like the muted color of orange is doing you a favor on your eyes. It's just uglier than blue. I play some MMOs. Pretty much NO GAMES ARE SUPPORTED. Go check out the updates on the Logitech website. They don't update anything. Get another keyboard from somewhere else, this one is over priced.

Overall Review: I have had the keyboard for a while. I think I am going to go buy a pack of LED's from e bay for $5 and swap them out. Should be very easily done.

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Meh12/25/2008 11:29:20 AM

Pros: It works slightly better than good air. Set up was easy enough. Draining isn't too difficult. Maybe more quiet? Not really though. I continue using it, but it isn't worth the price. Do yourself a favor: Buy new fans for your whole system that are more quiet than the ones you have. Buy a nice air cooler for the CPU. Avoid cheap water cooling.

Cons: The coolant, although in a closed system, needs topping off every couple of month. The whole system also needs cleaning once a year or so. The worst part is the cooling. You spend $100 more and a give a lot more trouble for water cooling. What you get in return is a radiator with poor heat dissipation. I keep the radiator external to the case for better cooling, but the radiator has to mount to something. Look at the pics and good luck finding something. I ended up using the case. If you have the exhaust leave the case, you are looking at using warm air from inside the case to cool the radiator.

Overall Review: If you wanted a really quiet desktop and you DON'T OC, then this might be more quiet. On the flip side, the headache of using water around your computer is probably not worth it to some who doesn't OC. If I had a better or second radiator, it might be worth it to water cool the GPU. As it is, I have a super sonic Palit that rocks cooling on its own.

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Tough Call12/25/2008 11:14:49 AM

Pros: The memory performs almost as told. OC very very well.

Cons: Yeah right.

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No TLB?12/25/2008 11:12:04 AM

Pros: Quad Core! OC is limiting. The Bus tends to stay low. Max bus is 217 but then your multiplier is really low. High bus can facilitate memory, but at the cost of CPU performance. I run mine with air or water at 203x12.5 super stable. A $40 air fan will do you well. 42 idle 45 high. I get concerned at around 49. This is a multitasking CPU. Yeah, I alt-tab in Crysis all the time. Monitor is huge too, 2500x1600. CPU handles it fine.

Cons: Sadly OS and games are not optimized for Quad core. This means you may not get much better performance from this vs a dual. Dual might be able to OC better since it has less cores to heat up. AMD offers OC utility but it isn't compatible with all MBs. If you ant to OC, make sure the MB is good. I have had this CPU in two different MBs (first caught on fire but all components are ok). Just use MB to OC.

Overall Review: Look up a utility called "Phenom TLB Disable Tool" ; this handy little tool has 2 flavors, on and off. It will verify TLB turning on or off when you want. TLB is not issue for me, I leave it off for extended periods of time with no issues.

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Yeargh12/23/2008 2:43:08 PM

Pros: It is what it is. I haven't used it much so I don't know if it crashes. Do note that ALL SD cards come formatted to FAT, which means the most number of files you can have in any folder is 512. Just make more folders to work around this problem or reformat. FAT is used as the LCD, lowest common denominator, for various products.

Cons: Like anyone else buying this card, it is for older products. Sadly I finally found that the max size of my camera was 1G after getting this card. Don't make the same mistake I did: MAKE SURE YOUR STUFF CAN USE 4G!

Overall Review: 4G is a lot of memory no matter how you look at it. Future products I get will likely be able to utilize this much memory. Maybe I can load it up with stuff and send it in the mail?

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Faster!12/23/2008 2:38:14 PM

Pros: Read the specs, your answers are there. You *MIGHT* be able to slap this 2.5" in your laptop. The only problem would be power consumption.

Cons: Size. The drive is a 2.5" encased in a 3.5" holder with little stickers telling you not to remove it or you void the warranty. So I am thinking, why not just make the discs inside larger and have the whole capacity of the drive be larger? My only answer to this is that 2.5" makes the speed up faster and energy consumption smaller. There also might be material limits to the inside parts at these speeds.

Overall Review: As fast as the drive is, I still put my pagefile on a typical 500G HD. In case you don't know, this drive is for the OS and programs. You MUST have another HD for data files. You should already know all this if you are reading this.

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Faster!12/23/2008 2:37:56 PM

Pros: Read the specs, your answers are there. You *MIGHT* be able to slap this 2.5" in your laptop. The only problem would be power consumption.

Cons: Size. The drive is a 2.5" encased in a 3.5" holder with little stickers telling you not to remove it or you void the warranty. So I am thinking, why not just make the discs inside larger and have the whole capacity of the drive be larger? My only answer to this is that 2.5" makes the speed up faster and energy consumption smaller. There also might be material limits to the inside parts at these speeds.

Overall Review: As fast as the drive is, I still put my pagefile on a typical 500G HD. In case you don't know, this drive is for the OS and programs. You MUST have another HD for data files. You should already know all this if you are reading this.

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Router12/23/2008 2:30:39 PM

Pros: My needs are small so I can't say much about what is can do. It was fairly simple to setup, 15 minutes of following the directions. Don't deviate from this to avoid waste time and headaches. WiFi incoming connections link up very very quickly.

Cons: People are trying upsale Wireless-N. N is a waste, stick with G. The internet backbone can't handle the amount of data transfer N offers. If you are using a local intranet or server system, then go N. If you are primarily going to internet with <4 computers, stick with G.

Overall Review: This was an upgrade from an Netgear that crashed infrequently doe to age or, more likely, partly fried from power outages.

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Good Memory6/21/2008 9:11:20 PM

Pros: Very cold memory, doesn't heat up at all. When I upgrade to 8Gb, I will use another pair of these for sure.

Cons: Are you kidding me?

Overall Review: Manufacture says 2.0-2.1V but bios will see these as 1.9V. At 2.1V these will perform very nicely as 5-5-5-15-24 on 200x5.33, so there is a lot of room for wiggle to adjust to your system. At 1.9V I have seen 5-4-4-12-20 on 215x400, but they could do better I am sure (didn't try).

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Newegg6/21/2008 4:30:11 PM

Pros: Rosewill is Newegg's brand. so they offered a pretty good combo package. Who doesn't pick up a nice 950W PS for the price of a 450W one when they are in the market for one? Aesthetically the unit is very nice. The fan is extremely quiet and runs at a low speed. The air coming out is still only a little warm so the PS isn't throwing away a lot of energy in heat.

Cons: Labelling could be better. The bundles are tight but they also strung together a bit too much. There are several strands of cables that come out of the PS box. Each strand will have several connectors attached to it. But typically speaking, you don't get to utilize most of those connectors off a strand. I would have preferred more strands that had less connectors because the connectors get difficult to manage. I would have to re-check the exact specs of each strand, but it would be very difficult to use all 950W no matter what type of system you have because of redundancy issues.

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Caught on Fire6/21/2008 2:04:55 PM

Pros: Worked great before the fire. Highly recommend it before that point. Easy to update Bios Driver. Cool side features like onboard DVI GPU, good software for OC (though I used AMD Overdrive exclusively)

Cons: Fire. So I finally tweaked my settings to the max that my components could handle. My sytem was cool too. I put a small heatsink with fan on the NB because that guy gets hot. With stress tests on GPU and CPU I would get the following temps (all air cooled): 40 CPU, 45 NB, 50 GPU. I have been running AoC stable for quite sometime. Fire occurred near from what looks like a failed transistor near the 4-Pin PS. ALL OF THOSE ONBOARD COMPONENTS RUN EXTREMELY HOT. This is true even on my other computer with the same MB running a non-OC 4600 that I am writing this review on. MB is past warranty and was operated within the said capacity of the manufacturer.

Overall Review: OC my 9600BE for: 1.2V NB Core 1.35 V Core ; CnQ Disabled 206 MHz Main Bus 13x CPU mulitplier 2.1V VCC Memory 5-5-5-15-24 Memory Timings 5.33x speed on GSkill 8000 Palit 8800GT 1Gb @ 740-950-1850

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WYSIWYG3/17/2008 12:41:53 PM

Pros: Motherboard parts are solidly installed. The foam thing on the bottom was not a problem as I am using a case with 2cm space on the bottom. With an onboard video controller, this motherboard can be made to last you a while.

Cons: Becareful to check your Bios settings. One of them is defaulted to turning off USB keyboards and mice. This can be annoying when setting up your computer. This motherboard is solid but seems to offer little in upgradability for a higher end computer. I do wish there were more memory slots, but this is a cheaper motherboard for only 4 slots.

Overall Review: I have not checked out how good the onboard video card is. I installed this heat sink http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835887002 and it works like a champ. The memory is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820146118 comes very very close to the heatsink but stays surprisinly cool (not hot at all).

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Works very well3/17/2008 12:30:12 PM

Pros: Easy to install, just make sure you practice installing it before applying thermal grease. The little manual that comes with it tells you that you might get motherboard errors because it runs so quiet and slowly due to efficiency. I found this to be true and was very pleased.

Cons: A little pricey, perhaps you get what you pay for though.

Overall Review: I put mine on a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128090 with an AMD 4600 and it keeps it cool just above ambient temperature. Others having trouble probably don't know how to apply thermal grease.

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Get What You Pay For3/17/2008 10:43:26 AM

Pros: You get what you pay for. If you have ever had a motherboard or a harddrive get fried, you probably blame wear and tear. You should have blamed an inconsistent power supply. The cords are wrapped tight so they take little room. Very clean design! There is plenty of cords to go to everything you might have.

Cons: Manual doesn't label the cords, but they are easy to use.

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