Not what it's cracked up to be.1/14/2007 8:55:08 PM

Pros: It overclocks very well (though not half as well as the hype seems to indicate). With LGA775, you don't have to worry about bent pins. The stock cooler is extremely quiet, which was very unexpected. It's fast (though apparently not nearly as fast as some benchmarks imply), and it's dual core, which should improve multitasking performance (though I have not noticed much of anything as yet). NewEgg was fast as always with shipping.

Cons: It's extremely hot on stock cooling. At 3GHz it was pushing up to 80C, and in a cool winter room! I backed it off to 2.9GHz (1.3375v), and even then it gets up to 75C sometimes. At 2.3GHz it was about 65C@load. It's completely unstable if you overclock it more than 10% at stock vcore. At 2.9GHz, it outperforms a Sempron 64 2800+ (s754) @ 2.32 GHz by 62.4% (TMPGEnc), 56.9% (FLAC-8) & 24.0% (WinRAR). That is NOT the performance I was expecting. This chip is in no way worth five times my old 2800+.

Overall Review: Now, I've only had this a few days, but I wanted to get this review up ASAP so that more unsuspecting souls don't waste their money. I know this sounds strange, but despite the hype about dual core, I don't think the performance justifies the price. Get a Sempron or A64 and overclock it. Unless you have lots of cash to blow, stay away from C2D. Watch for an increasing number of negative reviews. They are sure to pop up very quickly.

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Good choice for light-duty home use11/8/2006 9:06:59 AM

Pros: This is a solid, resilient and reliable printer for the price. The ink cartridges are pretty cheap, too, making it low-cost to maintain. The paper sits in a tray (unlike some other brands who have the paper stand up in back). Both hardware and software are easy to install; I especially like the ink guage which warns you to get new cartridges before the old ones actually dry out.

Cons: No black ink cartridge or USB cable are included. There's only a small paper tray capacity and a short duty cycle. Although it is not a regular occurrence, the printer is slightly more prone to jamming than some other models.

Overall Review: It should be noted that even though I've only owned the 3740 for a day or so, I've been using a 3745 (which is almost exactly the same) for over a year, and have had great success with it (until I ruined it by spilling various liquids over it). That said, the biggest problem with this printer is that it doesn't include a black ink cartridge, which may cause some irritation for those who don't realize it right away. Also remember the ink will add significantly to the price. If you can't find a good deal on refilled cartridges you may be better off with the Deskjet D4160, which is only $64 shipped (at the moment) yet includes both black and color cartridges and has some better features to boot. However, this is definitely a competetive option if you have access to a refilled cartridge shop. Whatever you do, though, don't kid yourself into believing you can get away with just using a color cartridge. That's just not realistic; black ink is an absolute must.

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A nice deal for a decent light-use printer11/8/2006 5:37:32 AM

Pros: The unit is light and compact, easy to setup and use, and resilient to wear and tear. Print quality is fairly nice, and the price is very low. The software includes an ink meter to warn you when you get low.

Cons: The package does not include a black ink cartridge or USB cable. The duty cycle isn't impressive, but that shouldn't be a concern for most home users. The tray doesn't hold an awful lot of paper, but again that's not too big of deal for many. It does like to jam now and then, but never so badly that you can't fix it quickly.

Overall Review: Although it is possible to print with only a color cartridge, it's not realistic to do so. Make sure, therefore, you buy a black ink cartridge along with the printer. It is an absolute must! Also, most printers nowadays don't seem to include a USB cable, and this unit is no exception. If you don't already have a USB cable, you *will* need one. Although I've only had this printer for a day, I owned a 3745 (which is exactly the same internally as the 3740) for over a year, and it served me marvelously. I highly recommend this printer to anyone looking for light-duty basic use. Sure, there are better printers out there, but this will get the job done at a remarkably low cost.

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Works great, nice price9/28/2006 5:26:05 AM

Pros: It works. Just plug 'er in and click on the connect icon, and she's up and rolling. It's small and blue, and the light is pretty cute. It's got a little protective plastic cover for whenever it's not connected to a PC.

Cons: Although the software is easy to use after a while, it is not particularly intuitive at first.

Overall Review: I use this to connect to a Sony Ericsson cell phone, so I haven't tested its ability to perform other tasks. Also, the software and drivers come on a miniature CD. I've never seen a CD-ROM drive that can't handle such media, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. Do slot-loading drives accept mini CDs? In any case, the thing always works perfectly for me.

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