Pretty good hard drive6/9/2011 10:56:00 PM

Pros: Stable, quiet, plenty of space and fast. A solid product that's served me well for almost a year. Runs hot in my external enclosure due to the passive cooling, but will soon move it to my upcoming rig where I can enjoy it in all its glory.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: It's amazing how hard drives get bigger and cheaper. For the price and value, this is worth the money even among the terabyte drives. As for the hard drive capacity not being 640GB, but being around 590GB, that's because the manufacturer calculates sizes differently. There's a formula for it if you google search it, so it's not really a con. But anyway, don't let it discourage your purchasing decision. Cheers!

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6/9/2011 10:22:55 PM

Pros: About twenty days short of owning this for an entire year, it hasn't failed me yet. The case is nice and sturdy, recognized by XP, Vista, and 7. I don't mind the blue LED light.

Cons: As some others have noted, it may run hot, so your mileage may vary. Not really a con, since it does state there is no active cooling fan. Speed is sacrificed by the USB 2.0 interface, so you may as well get a "green" hard drive. I'm using a WD Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB and it runs hot. Luckily, I don't leave it on except when I need to dump large files into it or copy something out.

Overall Review: As others have pointed out, they've found ways to deal with the heat. Just exercise common sense. It's still a solid buy.

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Not bad6/9/2011 10:00:52 PM

Pros: I placed this on my parent's computer running XP. It ran stable and fast and did what it was supposed to do. Can't ask for anything more.

Cons: Within a year there were intermittent connection drops. I narrowed down the problem to this device. Tested it on other computers and indeed this was the culprit. It will find the wireless access point, establish the connection, then work for only a few minutes.

Overall Review: It had a great and meaningful life :) I was pleased when it was working. I probably got a bad apple from the bunch. Got another one that's in my wife's rig and it's working great so far. For the price, not a big loss. However, to be fair I own an older model of this that's still working. It's currently in my spare parts box saved just in case.

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