the sweet spot3/26/2021 11:19:02 AM

Pros: - comfortably in the mid performance category not budget category- fast burst speed - priced almost in the budget category- endurance on par with the top brands running TLC (1300 TBW for 2TB, or about 650 drive writes)

Cons: These drives run hot under sustained loads and since the chips are on both sides of the PCB cooling can be a challenge. Factor a heatsink into the price of the drive if you plan to hammer it right out of the gate.

Overall Review: I'm running these as a "performance" tier in Microsoft Storage Spaces on Win Server 2019 Standard . Attached image is that storage space benchmarked with 16GB and after about 5TB has been passed through the tier.

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Pretty good but some flaws3/26/2021 10:51:16 AM

Pros: - Respectable sustained speed for 2TB version about 500 read/ 350 write- Super cheap- Above average endurance of 1600TBW for 2TB version, that's 800 drive writes- 1300 MBs read with 4x in parity when setting are tweaked correctly

Cons: - No uniqueIDs showing up in windows (see additional comments)- Not quite at the write limit of SATAIII, would be nice to hit that 500 mark- No SMART temp monitoring even in the TG software

Overall Review: Something is going on with the UniqueIDs with these on Windows Server 2019 Standard. They all have the same UniqueIDs so they can't be pooled from the Storage Spaces GUI and can't be diagnosed using the drive lights because windows is confused about which drive light to light. In fact, activity lights don't work at all for these, probably because of that. I've emailed TG and hope they can help out. These would really make great home lab server drives if all the features were dialed in. Maybe it's just a firmware thing. They have been pretty responsive so maybe something will come of it.

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The best on the market in early 20213/22/2021 8:23:32 PM

Pros: - It's pretty much exactly what you could want in this price bracket and more

Overall Review: - A slightly more expensive mini-sas connector version of this would be cool- The quality is top notch, I have a few enclosures that cost twice what this one costs, and those all feel cheap and have quality issues.- All 8 bays running SSDs in a server, no issues, identical performance to them being plugged in direct.

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officially been scammed11/4/2013 4:44:31 PM

Pros: nothing

Cons: the is one of the only boards with these features in an atx size

Overall Review: I finally gave up on dealing with ASUS. I got my first RMA back from ASUS giving me qcode-00 and no pre-post, no different than the way I sent it to them. After ASUS wasted weeks of my time back in fourth blaming all the other components in the system I bit the bullet and bought a second Z9PA-D8 from Newegg. It pre-posted just fine running down the q-codes like it should. Really ASUS? Way to take care of your customers. Why wouldn't you just send me a new board in the first place? I am really disappointed I don't have any other options for this build or else I would not be using any ASUS products on it. I have already started turning clients and customers away from ASUS and will no longer buy ASUS after this incident. I run a production facility and every moment that has passed where I didn't have a working system that I planned on having, money is being lost. Also there are a few E5 V2 processors out there probably going in the trash because ASUS convinced me that they where bad and to return them. What a waste. Until I get a refund for the not working board, I'd say this board costs double what it is listed because two are needed for one working system. I'd stay away from ASUS. most of the other big name companies I have dealt with have been great. I originally posted ASUS had good customer support, that's when they tricked me into thinking they where going to fix the original board, I couldn't imagine whey anyone would pay shipping both ways just for nothing but they did. They had absolutely no problem doing it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for posting your review. First and foremost, I apologize for the issues you are having with the motherboard. It is bad enough the motherboard was defective, but beyond that, it took a lot of your time just to troubleshoot the problem; when after all, it was the motherboard that was the problem. What's worse is that we missed this when you sent the motherboard in the first time. So I completely understand any frustrations you might have had. With that said, if a motherboard is not able to POST, there can be several factors involved in the cause, such as faulty parts, incompatible hardware, circuit short, improper installation, and many more. And I believe in this case our customer support tried to determine cause by process of elimination. Unfortunately, by doing this, it took much longer than needed. And again, I apologize. Moreover, please contact me through email where we can discuss this case further. Please note that the warranty for this model only covers the motherboard for repair and not replacement. Your reference number for this case is 3129902. For more information regarding your warranty, please visit:!Motherboard%20Warranty/c1c20 Kind regards, Mark ASUS Customer Loyalty
small design issues10/11/2013 1:25:28 PM

Pros: 2RU, short depth, atx PSU, good drive options, includes fans, looks good, cheap

Cons: 5.25" bays are setup kinda strange, wouldn't stop me from buying though

Overall Review: running a small home server. Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green is a great PSU option for this case.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
died10/11/2013 1:19:01 PM

Pros: none

Cons: not really that feature rich when it worked. Temp sensors all over the place. Completely died after 6 days of constant up time. Cant give it zero stars

Overall Review: I don't want another one so I am not even going to try to have it replaced. Be nice to get my money back but that will never happen. Just more trash.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
nice10/11/2013 1:11:25 PM

Pros: silent, moves air, PWM, tech-flex on the wires

Cons: maybe a little expensive

Overall Review: GELID seems to make great stuff. I have bought their fans for lots of builds that need to be silent, not 1 failure, not 1 DOA.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
works10/11/2013 1:07:16 PM

Pros: gives me 12v and 5v

Cons: got zapped from the not completely insulated terminals on the power switch

Overall Review: I am using this to power a few fans and a small monitoring system for a water cooling system

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can be finicky10/11/2013 1:03:35 PM

Pros: works 98% of the time un-noticed, good feature set, runs cool, fits in 1RU

Cons: using it for a small home business network we have had a few small issues. Big file downloads give us trouble sometimes and the range was in all modes other than g. N has a very short range, maybe two stories 100sq/ft

Overall Review: I use g and N only.

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Awesome6/28/2013 11:31:59 AM

Pros: Everything fits well. The build quality is top notch. The design is great. Built to last, even the paint is high quality. It looks pretty. The price is very reasonable for the quality and features.

Cons: The front usb ports broke in about 6 months because of the frequent use. I don't even have them plugged into the header on the motherboard anymore. Not a big deal for me, didn't even take a star off for it.

Overall Review: Right now in this case I have... AMD Phenom II x6 system ATX motherboard (MSI then went to ASrock) EVGA GTX 680 Classified (tight fit) AC Freezer Pro 7 ATX powersupply (Inwin 800w) Bunch of other little stuff like hotswap bays I have the support brace installed. Use the computer for audio recording, video editing. With the proper fans it is plenty quiet but I have it in a remote location anyways so that doesn't make a difference to me

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died after two years6/14/2013 8:19:37 AM

Pros: It was quiet, it gave me plenty of power for a small system. Didn't even know it was there. Paid $120 for it two years ago.

Cons: It didn't last forever.

Overall Review: the system this was in looked like... MSI 870A-G54 AMD Phenom II x6 1090t no overclock 3ssds 3 hds (one 10krpm) 1 optical drive Radion HD4670 4 case fans, I ended up upgrading graphics to GTX680 and then the power supply died about 2 weeks later. Not going to blame the GTX though.

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works so far7/13/2012 11:37:05 AM

Pros: It was very cost effective and setup was simple enough

Cons: I hope i know if one of the drives fail.

Overall Review: I got this knowing that it may not go above 4gb/s becuase of the pci limit but I have it in an 8x slot and it seems to be working just fine. I have two 2tb 6gb/s drives in RAID 1 using the cards Virtual Drive manager. Windows doesn't seem to even know there are two drives. Hopefully it will also be future proof and can go into my next system for more SATA options.

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Not DOA7/13/2012 11:30:37 AM

Pros: The drive is working now. Seems fast enough. Big space.

Cons: Seems a little $$$

Overall Review: I'm using it in my studio for mainly audio recording. (100+tracks at 96khz,24bit), also some HD video editing. My other 500gb WD caviar black worked fine but we needed more space and decided to take it to the next level. Haven't tested the true tracking performance of the drive yet but basted on it's speed copying files it seems to be up for the task. I hope it doesn't go on me. The files on the drive are worth more than the drive. Would have liked to RAID two of them but at such a high cost per drive, just going to make backups frequently.

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DIDN'T work with PreSonus FirePOD6/16/2011 6:41:16 PM

Pros: None other than it seemed like it might work

Cons: I don't know what it is but I can't get any of the PreSonus hardware to work with this card. FirePOD or FireBOX... I tried switching to the 400 driver and everything. Don't get this card if you are using PreSonus hardware.

Overall Review: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T MSI 870A-G54 AM3 MOBO 6gigs 1333/1600 CORSAIR RAM CORSAIR 650watt PSU Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit

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Awesome but...6/8/2011 6:03:11 PM

Pros: Fits description. It is the best tool-less, tray-less drive bay I have ever seen.. the activity lights are great. hardware and mechanisms are solid. the fan moves air. It locks. Great overall product. Looks sooo mean too (in a good way).... wish I could give it 4.5 eggs...

Cons: The fan is loud on the "high" setting. When I say loud I mean I can hear it if I put me head near the case. For server or field work this would be no problem. I do audio production so any noise other than the intended source is bad. I just switched the fan to "low" and it still moves plenty of air and I can't hear it at all. I wish 60mm fans where easier to come by so I could change it over to a quieter one. Also the SATA connectors are really flimsy but SATA connectors by design are pretty flimsy and only meant to be plugged and unplugged once or twice.

Overall Review: I want anther. So far all iStarUSA products I have bought have been right on.. Keep it up... New Egg is also great...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Newegg Customer: Thank you for choosing the iStarUSA brand to be part of your total computing system. We proudly stand behind our products and hope that you will find your next purchase an iStarUSA brand. The design issue that you have mentioned in your review is duly noted. This is why we value so much your reviews for us to incorporate better design originations for better products in the near future. Warm Regards, iStarUSAcare Service 2011 DYK: iStarUSA have ISO9001:2008, meaning that our products consistently meet the statutory and regulator requirements of customers and applications. We are also RoHS compliant, meaning that the material
Not as solid as I would like6/8/2011 5:50:03 PM

Pros: The enclosure works exactly as advertised and looks cool.

Cons: The ejection/door mechanism fells like junk.. I feel like I am going to break it off when I take the drive out but it hasn't happened yet. The stupid little pin hole to eject the drive is a pain, but idiot proof, I guess..

Overall Review: I got two of these. Only decent looking product that fits the requirements of... 2.5" SATA, tool less drive change, USB ESATA External power option

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works as expected6/8/2011 5:44:10 PM

Pros: It worked out of the box.. 500gb, 7200rpm, quiet, low power consumption, low heat.

Cons: as long as it lasts a long time... None..

Overall Review: I got it for hot swap drive bays so I can switch the drive between my rackmount desktop and the potable enclosure for my laptop. I got this drive for audio work. Track live with my laptop and then do the post production on my desktop so this make the change over a piece o cake.

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Not good6/8/2011 4:49:40 PM

Pros: Cheep, maybe... not really...

Cons: I didn't work with the Presonus FirePod that I originally got the card for. Will be getting a different one.

Overall Review: If you need a firewire pci-e card don't chance it with this one.

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ordered the wrong thing but kept it12/13/2010 12:55:01 AM

Pros: I wanted a SATA enclosure but accedently ordered this. I had a PATA IDE drive around so I kept it and just used it with that. It looks sweet!!! I wish it came in SATA form. The mesh and blue access light is real slick. Came with some extra screws, assembled easy... Good design, seems like it will last. Only time will tell. Not much to it. So cheep it wasn't even worth sending back.

Cons: None, well maybe that it wasn't SATA

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both worked12/13/2010 12:49:11 AM

Pros: Got two, and they both worked out the packaging. Can't complain there... They are a good upgrade for any laptop or to use in an external enclosure. Noticable speed upgrade over original 5400RPM WD Scorpio drive. I am on the road a lot. My gear sees some abuse so we will see how it does but so far so good. Price is right.

Cons: Maybe not a con, but both the drives sound different. One has a louder R/W than the other. Now that being said, I have got hard drives that tick a bit off the bat (like the one that came in my laptop) that just take a lickin and just keep tickin. I know tolerances on the mechanics inside the drive cant be so tight they all sound the exact same, just thought it might be worth mentioning.

Overall Review: I gave it only four because I have only had it about two weeks, and a hard drive's true test of engineering and quality is the life you can get out of it. I just hate it when these things fail. My next upgrade will be to a SSD, too expensive still but makes so much more sense to me than moving mechanical parts that are guaranteed to wear over time.

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works12/13/2010 12:28:33 AM

Pros: It came with two screws and a little screwdriver for assembly... can't be any easier. Seems durable, using it as a data drive for my music collection, it will be on the road and take some abuse so i will report back if it breaks anytime soon. Cheep...

Cons: UGLY!!!! why not just make it black or polished aluminum. I almost didn't buy it because of the stupid looking copper color but it was all i could find that looked portable and durable. It stays on when I put my laptop on standby, whereas my other drives power down shortly after my laptop is in standby. Not a big deal for me, I can just unplug it or shutdown my computer. Would also be nice if it had some more padding on the inside to snug the drive up with the top and bottom of the case, just for some peace of mind. All its got is a strip of foam along the edge opposite the usb connection. It doesn't feel like it's flopping around though. I will just trust the designers of the product on that one.

Overall Review: just buy it, it is dirt cheep. Used it with Western Digital Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200RPM drive.

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Not to good for recording3/27/2009 6:49:58 AM

Pros: see thoughts

Cons: see thoughts

Overall Review: I said I would write back if this thing failed on me and it hasn't yet. I did however, have some problems recently when I tried to multi track onto this drive. I didn't list this as a "con" because I knew I wasn't going to get massive track recording/playback capability out of it. As long as you know what your buying the drive for, you are in good shape. For multi track work I have an external 7200rpm drive. It works great, but this drive just wan't designed for that kind of use. I maxed out at 4 tracks recording at 24bit/96k, after that it got unstable and I started having problems, for all the recording junkies who are wondering. Read my last review if you want to know my "Pros" and "Cons" on the drive.

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It works3/4/2009 11:53:14 PM

Pros: Nice drive all around. It looks sleek, it feels sturdy, it's bus-powered, it was cheap, it's silent, it has a large capacity, and it doesn't consume to much power from my laptop. The cord is short, as other people say, but it works great for me. The software has some good features like having the ability to change the sleep intervals and turn the light off. I got a free dock from NewEgg with the drive. That was pretty sweet.

Cons: I wish the USB cord was black. I got a black drive and they gave me this ugly white cord. No big deal, I guess. The software can be useful, like I said above, but it's backup, sync, and encrypt features are useless to me.

Overall Review: Like every hard drive, I hope it doesn't crash on me. I take care of my stuff but I run a sound company and I am going to be taking this thing on the road so it will see a few bumps in its upcoming life. Only time will tell. I will be writing another review on it if it dies on me. Shipping was free and fast, as expected. Thanks NewEgg!

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