Great RAM and looks amazing when using RGB header4/11/2017 3:31:05 PM

Pros: - RGB is great if you wire it properly - Great tech support when I had a question, they emailed me back with high quality picture explanations - Fast RAM. Still working on getting it up to speed but I'm waiting on Gigabyte to iron out their BIOS for Ryzen.

Cons: - Instruction manual is a little bare but their email tech support was great. - difficult to make cables coming from the RAM look good with your system, but definitely doable. See Other.

Overall Review: For those of you who buy two kits for a total of 32GB and want to wire it all up for RGB lighting... maybe this will be obvious to you but it wasn't immediately apparent for me: You still only need one header on the mobo to wire up the RGB cables that this RAM comes with. Each wire splitter harness has 3 ends on it. If you're using 4 sticks, simply plug one splitter into the other, making sure the wire colors line up, and then tape off 1 of the 3 ends from the second splitter. With one taped off, you'll have two pairs of wires; one for each stick. You will need to get creative to make it aesthetically pleasing. I ended up disassembling the pins, sleeving the wires, replacing the 4-pin plastic holder, and securing them with heatshrink. Lots of extra work but worth it in the end.

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Excellent product, very high quality with great instructions for beginners3/22/2017 5:49:05 AM

Pros: Comes with everything you need to set up a custom loop - and it's highly expandable. I added a graphics card to the mix, and I opted for hard-line tubing and added Primochill fittings and everything worked out fantastic. Just finished hooking it up and it's currently leak-testing and bleeding the system, and it's running flawlessly. Each piece in the kit comes with it's own instructions, and there's also a separate manual covering all of the kit. Very easy to follow for a beginner.

Cons: Nothing for me to complain about. Make sure you case can accommodate the larger components.

Overall Review: I changed my mind a lot when building my system, and this was my first ever attempt at water cooling so I thought a kit like this would be perfect - and it was, but I probably could have saved some money buying things myself because of the fact that I didn't use the tubing or fittings this came with. I priced it out though, and with the promotion Newegg was running at the time, costs were pretty similar vs. buying individual components. If you're using the kit as-is and not adding anything, it's definitely a solid deal.

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Solid laptop with one flaw - the trackpad1/9/2017 3:17:15 PM

Pros: First thing I did was reinstall Windows 10 so I could have a fresh image. From starting the install to loading the last drivers, I was done in like 25 minutes. Very fast laptop. Using it mostly for video editing, not gaming, and Sony Vegas runs great with 4k GoPro footage.

Cons: Trackpad is frustrating to use. Trying to press-click is clunky - the pad "snaps" more than it "clicks," like it's stuck. It works better if you just do a light double-tap, but you're better off just plugging in a mouse. If it had a better trackpad, it would get 5 eggs.

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