Great case1/13/2021 1:18:51 PM

Pros: Design is excellent with loads of room and lots of openings and velcro loops for cable management. Included box with screws is labeled well in the directions. Included fans are very quiet and look great.

Cons: Once I got my PSU in the lower bay, I had a hard time reaching in to plug stuff in when I had to troubleshoot a little bit. RGB plugs could be explained a little better. These aren't very big cons as it was my first time going through some of this stuff myself. Someone experienced would probably have zero issues with these at all.

Overall Review: This was my first solo system build (built previous ones with a friend) so I knew I needed a good case. We used a Phanteks case for my son's system last year so I knew I was getting a solid case from a great company. I wasn't let down by the looks, quality or performance of this. Would totally recommend this case to others and would not hesitate to purchase another for myself for any more builds. This is my second Phanteks case purchase and have yet to be let down in any way.

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Nice monitor = Happy Camper!5/4/2020 4:53:23 PM

Pros: Have now bought 2 of these monitors. Bought one for myself a couple weeks ago and decided to get one for my son's birthday. He does a lot more gaming than I do and he's loving it so far. Great resolution, perfect size, excellent colors (once tweaked) and the price for performance is absolutely outstanding.

Cons: Stand is a teensy bit wobbly but I really don't bump my desk or touch it while I'm working so it's fine. OSD is meh, but the second one was a lot easier once I got the hang of it.

Overall Review: The shipping company beat the tar out of the box, but its tough enough and it's packed well enough that there hasn't been any issues yet. Would highly recommend this monitor

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Good deal3/16/2011 6:38:57 PM

Pros: Have bought 3 of these cables now (Monitor to computer, DVD player to TV and TV to cable box) and have no complaints. The price is right, they work like they should, and have had absolutely no problems with any of the 3.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Will continue to buy these as needed...great value.

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Very nice monitor1/3/2011 1:36:56 PM

Pros: This is a fairly large, bright, vibrant display, with crisp images and attractive looks. Fairly simple to set up once connected and arrived with (knocks on wood) no dead pixels so far. Looks very nice.

Cons: As others have stated, there's a quick start guide but not much other info as far as setting this up. However, it's fairly simple if you have even a small amount of computer knowledge.

Overall Review: So far very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately I ordered this 2 days before the Ipod shuffle was included. Literally hadn't even received it yet... =( Using Win 7 and an XFX ATI 5570 graphics card and others have stated having problems with the ATI Catalyst underscan leaving a black area around the screen and while I had the same problem at first, it took a couple seconds to adjust the settings, it seems to have and haven't had to adjust it since even after restarts. Those that complained about not being able to change the presets....just choose one and then tweak it wasn't too tough. Had no problems with the thermal touch buttons either...worked fine and I like the looks of no buttons. Coming from an old beast of a 21" CRT, this thing is heavenly in comparison. Games, internet, images all look great. Would buy another in a hearbeat.

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Great Value12/30/2010 9:40:03 AM

Pros: Look like they're solidly built, easy setup...plug them in and they work (installed driver automatically on Win 7 as soon as I plugged them in), great sound for headphones...they make my games like Enemy Territory come alive and listening to streaming music on Itunes sounded very nice, microphone works good on teamspeak...teammates said I sounded nice and clear and the controls on the cord work well. Fairly comfortable although after about 4-5 hours my ears needed a break. Went and got a drink and was good to go again.

Cons: Comfort after an extended gaming period 4-5 hours but only needed about a 2 minute break and I was good to go again. Probably shouldn't be gaming 4-5 hours without a break anyway... Controls on the cable got caught on the arm of my chair a couple times. Just needed to remember to put them on the outside of the arm. Minor complaints- not enough to remove an egg for.

Overall Review: I had a $20 gift card so these ended up costing me very little. Easily worth full price and most certainly worth my cost. Good value so far...we'll see how long they last.

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