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Best 5.1 Headset EVER10/4/2011 10:15:52 PM

Pros: "WARNING" these 5.1 headsets are so good you'll make people rage and get you banned from severs thinking your wallhacking. I play lots of FPS games also RTS, driving, RPG, but mainly FPS. The Kave sounds amazing if you have a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 sound card. Sound from this headset are crisp and clear for hearing your enemy foot steps from any direction. Left, right, front/center and rear are clearly directional. Never got confused where and when objects were coming from. Build and quality is top notch on the Kave. If your a sound wh0re like me playing FPS buy these headset. You well not be disappointed.

Cons: Had a slight presser pointed head pain right in the top middle pad area of the headset. I have read some feedback where people also had the same situation as me. Over time pain went away. I guess my head made a callus from wearing these too much. Movies and music they sound nice. It gets the job done but if you an hard core audio file for movies and music i would look elsewhere.

Overall Review: Didn't buy the Kave off of newegg. Had to import this from the UK from a diff site. Took about newegg close to 2 years to finally notice Roccat products. Watch out razer

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bad case for new 4 way SLI Classified9/11/2009 7:15:37 AM

Pros: Dont get me wrong this would be a +5 eggs on my list. By looking at reviews and videos this is one of the best cases built. PLZ read con...

Cons: On the new 4 way SLI Classified board that is coming out this case would be worthless. You need 9 or more pci slots for the MB. this case has only has 7 pci slots. Think about it 4 285gtx just 1 card takes 2 pci slots so thats 8 pci slots used up total. Evga says that u need 10 pci slots if your going 4 way SLI.

Overall Review: best case i ever by far. Its just not made for Evga 4 way SLI Classified MB.

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