You get what you pay for5/22/2021 7:10:07 PM

Pros: -Unique, custom, small form factor chassis -Very grippy rubber on the bottom allows you to plug in the most stubborn usbs etc without fearing that you're going to push the whole unit off your desk -Component/performance-wise, this leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. The only people who should go elsewhere are those in the enthusiast camp. If you just want to play every game at max graphics and never have computer problems again, this is for you!

Cons: -There's a blinking red light in the front that I haven't determined the purpose of yet. I need to read through the manual to figure out how to disable it or what is causing it, but deserves a con mention due to the strange placement, regardless of the purpose. -The small form factor means it will be difficult and/or more expensive to upgrade in the future because you will need to use limited space and buy the small version of the components most likely. As mentioned previously, there is literally no reason to ever need to open this thing up, let alone swap in new parts.

Overall Review: Due to the increase in prices on all GPUs, the only option to find a RTX 3700 or comprable card without spending 4x it's original amount was to buy a prebuilt computer. There were many models by other manufacturers for $1800-$2000 but there were numerous red flags in the review section. Then I stumbled across this MSI beatuty. There were only 2 reviews when I bought it, both 5 stars, but I took a chance. I also researched this computer from other sellers and saw almost all 5 stars. When I say you get what you pay for, I mean it here. This thing runs flawlessly and no issues from unboxing to downloading my games and playing them within hours of receiving the PC. The custom, small form factor chassis is one of the cooler designs I've ever seen, and completely unique. If you plan on upgrading with much larger components in the future, you may want to go for a standard case prebuilt, but I honestly don't see myself ever needing to upgrade for close to a decade. This runs some of the most demanding games on ultra settings with well over 60 fps.

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