works in xps M133010/25/2009 4:25:17 PM

Pros: -Space and speed all in one package.

Cons: -Still a rotating drive. -Makes a bit of noise but not so much that you can't work.

Overall Review: -put this guy in my xps m1330 to get more speed and space out of it. I guess I can live with this guy for until 7 SP1 comes out.

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Works in dell M133010/25/2009 4:22:06 PM

Pros: -Price is at somwhat low

Cons: -Price is rising!

Overall Review: Works in a xps M1330 with vista x64 sp2

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Tight PSU Fit, Silent Case9/9/2009 12:24:07 PM

Pros: -Mostly toolless install -I like the simple look overall -Price is good for construction quality -Super quiet -Will fit a TRUE 120 -Nice looking

Cons: -Not much airflow -Tight fit for PSU (but it DOES fit) -I don't like the feel of the power and reset buttons

Overall Review: Because of the placement of the foam, the PSU is a really tight fit. I really thought I was going to push the PSU right out the top of the case! I am going to buy this again not for gaming but for lighter tasks. I don't think a heat breathing video card could survive in here.

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Stream to PS34/1/2009 12:15:36 AM

Pros: -Nice basic drive -Sometimes I get 40Mb/sec while transferring 13GB files back and forth -Does not need a power supply -No heat

Cons: -USB is short but I think it is because of the voltages needed to run this thing without a powersupply -Does not have the features of the elite series -Software is not good

Overall Review: I use this to stream HD moves from my computer to my PS3. It produces almost no heat and is so fast!

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Better than my gef#n4/1/2009 12:10:01 AM

Pros: -Hotkeys options are very nice -Switching is ultra fast compared to other KVM's I have -Compact -Comes with external remote (wired) -Supports my D#ll 24" LCD -Makes wire management easy -Affordable

Cons: -Wires are not modular, you are stuck with the ones on the KVM. Plan on buying extension cords/adapters for all cables on the KVM if your computers or computer/monitor are really far away from each other. -The wires that go to your two computers are different lengths. Odd design choice. -Hotkeys only work with PS/2 keyboards! -only one USB, you will need to get a USB hub

Overall Review: I have to go shopping for a PS/2 keyboard to use the hotkeys. Tried the PS/2 -> USB converter and it does not work with my D#ll keyboard. I really like this KVM despite it's cons. If you can overlook the few flaws that it has it is a solid KVM for work and play.

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2nd one3/31/2009 11:58:51 PM

Pros: -All seven ports work -Small foot print on desk -Solid construction -Stand does not feel cheap -Sexy!

Cons: -USB cable is not very long. -Sort of a mess if you use all seven ports and is on your desk.

Overall Review: Depending on what you have plugged in you don't even need the power supply. I have the red one also.

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Loud Fan3/31/2009 11:53:49 PM

Pros: -Great power supply for the price -Easly powers all my stuff (old 939 system) -Long wires are good for my P180 -Nicely done sleeves

Cons: I think I'm going to have to return this guy. The fan is so loud! Maybe it is defective.

Overall Review: My antec that died on me was super quiet. I have to say that the sleeved cables are really nice, not why I bought it but certainly a welcome feature.

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Versatile not Mobile11/19/2008 2:40:00 AM

Pros: This works with my ps3 YD6.0. Drive will stop if not being used to save power. Great for dumping ISO’s from ps3 then dumping on to a windows machine.

Cons: Not very mobile, exposed hard drive, limited cooling capability.

Overall Review: As long as you know what you are doing and are aware of what this enclosure was made for then it is a fantastic product. Do not get this if you plan on bringing it with you everywhere or are in a space where it might get bumped into. It is a Godsend for those who really need this. Thank you so much.

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Very nice!4/28/2008 7:45:11 AM

Pros: You can use the AHCI features if your BIOS supports it. Thing is every bit as fast as my Rapt0r 150 with almost no noise or vibration. Capacity/price/performance is unmatched right now! This is THE drive to get! Also you have the option of using the secure connect from western digital as well.

Cons: Also the packaging is horrendous! What the heck is going on? I'm suprised my drive works at all. Also up$ shipping is ultra slow. Negative 5 eggs for new3gg and up$.Vel0ciRaptor is on the way... going to have to buy that too.

Overall Review: I've had a few SATA connectors snap on me and the secure connect cables are about 500% stronger physical connection. I've had nothing but raptors in all my PC builds and this is the first 7200 spindle speed hard drive that I have been impressed with.

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Works on 680i3/27/2008 11:10:04 AM

Pros: I replaced a 2gb kit with these guys and and all I had to do was pop them in without changing any settings. This ram is quality but I don't know about its overclocking ability.

Cons: The fan thing that comes with it is quiet but I don't think it is very secure. The fans use a clamping mechanism that probably won't work if your video card comes close to the bottom of your ram slots. I hear bad things about its overclocking ability. Perhaps a little overpriced but not outrageously so.

Overall Review: I'm using a 64 bit OS and I can use all 4gb. If you have a 32 bit OS (if you don't know then it is probably a 32bit OS) then hold of on buying anying over ~3gb untill you can get a 64bit OS.

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I like but not necessary3/27/2008 10:54:06 AM

Pros: Thin pad, sturdy, stationary while gaming. Looks cool, comes in cool case. The mouse slides smoothly even though the surface is gritty. Quality mouse pad that should last you a lifetime of gaming.

Cons: Price. I don't know if it is entirely necessary if you don't have any problems with the mouse surface you have now. Surface has a little gritty feeling to it.

Overall Review: This is my first 'gaming' mouse pad and I do like it. I only bought it because my DA was having problems tracking on my desk. I have another desk that is darker and less reflective and the performance is the same. I think you need this only if you have problems with your mousing surface.

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Works with EVG@ 680i2/8/2008 11:59:40 PM

Pros: -Works with 680i chipset! -SLI ready -Smoke Chrome is cool -Excellent customer support -Timings work as advertised as long as you use 2.1 voltage -Price is good for 4gb -Auto-detected settings in bios

Cons: -Only DDR2 800 -Need a 64bit OS to see all 4gb

Overall Review: Was running 2gb DDR2 1066 but I wanted 4gb so I went with this. I guess there is no real difference between 800 and 1066 for the stuff I do (play games) but I just wanted to plug it in without having to mess with my bios settings. Turns out all I did was plug it in and everyting was auto detected except for the voltage which was already set to 2.1 volts anyway.

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Got rid of my 36010/20/2007 10:22:40 PM

Pros: Works well in vista. And has a pretty long range. I can stand about 15 feet away and it works great. Works great with all my games. No need to manually set buttons in most games that I play.

Cons: I wish they had an internal version. Takes up a USB slot. Looks kinda funny with my black case.

Overall Review: Keep this one behind my 24" monitor so my kid can't get to it. Now that gears is coming to PC I'll be turning my xbox into a Dora the explorer server as well as a HD DVD player. I don't like the graphics of the 360 and would rather play everyting on my PC (better graphics). This was the missing piece - to link a wireless 360 controller to my pc is like playing on a much powerful xbox. If you like the graphics of your computer but hate the keyboard and mouse controls - This little gem is for you!

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Great job Sytrin!10/17/2007 11:58:10 PM

Pros: Looks Cool with my Lian Li case. Keeps raptor 150 cool and quiet. Fans are not that loud when controlled by a fan controller. Now my case is completely silent!

Cons: Wires for the fans could be a bit longer. There is a little gap in the front when you install it. There is about 1/8" gap. Fans are loud to me when at full speed

Overall Review: Answer to my aluminum hum prayers! This thing takes the vibration from the hard drive and keeps it from going into the case! I love this thing! Going to order some more!

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Looks Cool Roller Coaster Ride8/20/2007 10:38:56 PM

Pros: I like the NB/SB cooling solution. Will fit a Thermalr^ght 120 eXtreme. Supports 1333 bus and 1066 ram.

Cons: Dual boot issue still not fixed with most recent BIOS. Had one dead pci slot.

Overall Review: I like the new chipset from Intel but this implementation is... not bad, just annoying. I have an 8800 GTX and a socket 939 Motherboard from MSI and they are flawless. So, when this motherboard had problems I was dissapointed.

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Warning! You are taking a risk!7/27/2007 6:03:02 PM

Pros: Newegg is the best place to buy this board. They have sent me three of them and I am waiting for a fourth one. I think the specs for this product are good. The mechanism for retaining the video card is excellent. A great product that kicks some serious... well you know. *IF IT WORKS MORE POWER TO YOU!*

Cons: I've had three of these with three different sets of dominator ram and all have booted up when only using one stick. Then when I insert the second stick. The system would work for a little while and then it would BSOD and never boot again. Error code 1D says it's a memory problem. Make no mistake. You are taking a risk when you purchase this. Check out other forums if you don't believe me.

Overall Review: I still consider myself the be of average knowledge and I've built systems on motherboards by ECS, DFI, ABIT, and MSI using Corsair Memory. Not one problem from any of them. All are running just fine. I get this board and the first one goes up in smoke, the second one the same, and the third more of the same. It could be that I'm the most unlucky guy in the EVGA lottery or this is a product with bad quality control.

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2/12/2007 11:23:26 PM

Pros: Good Quality. Nice feel and nice looking cable. Feels expensive.

Cons: Price! Sorta expensive for this length

Overall Review: Has a nice exterior and works great! However the gold and chrome look cheap. Who cares? you cant see them anyway. Have these hooked up to a half baked 5.1 HI and it works great!

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I like2/12/2007 11:20:27 PM

Pros: price! Cheap for this length

Cons: price! Still more than I wanted to pay

Overall Review: has cover thingies that stay with the cable so you won't loose them. Has a nice feel to them like they wont get tangled easily.

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Eh... Ok I guess12/16/2006 5:27:53 PM

Pros: -More stable than my 4400 when OCing. -Does not take much to get it to 2.6

Cons: -Beyond 2.65 no matter what I do it's hard to squeeze more out of it

Overall Review: I like it because for the price I think it is still a good deal. However I have high expectations and I still feel that I'm computing in the stone age. But I guess that's just me. Overall it's a great processor and I would recommend it to anyone that already has premium 939 parts and does not want to buy a completly new platform yet.

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Expensive but very good12/3/2006 5:44:27 AM

Pros: Looks good with the blue led. Keeps the cpu on ice! Cheaper than buying water cooling. Fins are solid they do not bend easily. Fan is silent in my setup.

Cons: Fins are so big they force me to get rid of my side panel fan. Cost about 1/3 the price of the opty 185 that it is cooling.

Overall Review: Not a big over-clocker but I have a clear side panel and I wanted somthing that would look good. I guess it's sorta overkill since the fan hardly ever comes on to cool my CPU.

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2.6 right out of the box11/16/2006 2:32:18 PM

Pros: Cheap. Got it to 2.6 without really doing anything much. I would go further but all I have is cheap parts. Great for gaming, especially all the old games.

Cons: Single core in a multi-core world. I have a dual core 4400 in my primary box and I guess I’m spoiled but even though this cpu is clocked higher, it feels twice as slow when booting up and when trying to do a lot of tasks.

Overall Review: In retrospect, I should have gone with a cheap dual core instead. My logic was that this processor will only be used in a secondary/back-up/LAN-party gaming box; I thought that this would be sufficient. But every time I do something non-gaming I feel like this processor is having a hard time. Anyhow, its good for the money, but I would go dual-core instead.

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Great for playing CSS10/18/2006 4:04:49 PM

Pros: -I play all my games at 1200x1600 and I turn up all the eye candy that I can turn up and this preforms like a champ.

Cons: -runs hot with stock psu. I got this thing up to 85C! Loud fan too! -put a cooler like zalma^ and I got 44C under load. -DX1O cards are right around the corner for V!sta

Overall Review: I guess you could get better preformace from a more expensive card if you play more intense games like 0blivion or someting like that. But for me and my FPS it is more than enough. CSS, Hal0, HL2, GRAW. I'm going to wait for the DX1O cards to come out before I spend more than 12O bucks on something

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Great PSU runs my 9700GT10/18/2006 3:57:29 PM

Pros: -Quiet Operation -Long wires to reach components easily -Actually comes close to mnfr specs

Cons: Not Modular - if have space to hide the wires you are using then it's ok.

Overall Review: Contrary to popular belief you do not need a gigantic PSU to run your average gaming rig. Even with an SLI setup with a high powered processor will only draw about 200 watts. So read your specs carefully. I'm running 2 raptors 36GB, a 7900gt, 4400+ CPU, x-fi sound card, 320GB HD, 2 zalman fans, 3 80 mm led fans, and a dvd drive all on this one psu. And guess what? I've never had a problem! Couldn't love this cpu more. Buy it you'll like it!

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New Bee SN Jennifer10/18/2006 3:47:09 PM

Pros: It is so realistic... for a computer game. It's

Cons: It is so realistic... for a computer game... that I threw up from getting so dizzy... does this happen for every FPS? Any how there is no single player mode so i can practice or follow a story. You can play the computer by yourself tho.

Overall Review: It's an old game but it is still good. The real fun of the game is that you get to play other real people. Although the graphics good, they take some getting use to.

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Good -- very good5/19/2006 8:34:40 PM

Pros: Looks cool, matches all my other stuff -- black and silver with blue led's all over. It's as fast as an internal drive! I love eSATA! Customer service is top notch (both Newegg and Azio)!

Cons: No active cooling. So don't go too hard on this. Just back up stuff, steal your friends MP3's while he is not looking and don't move too much data or you will have a really hot hard drive really fast. Not suitable in heavy 24/7, high traffic environments.

Overall Review: The first one I got was DOA but the second one I got works great. Formatted a 300GB hard drive and the hard drive got really hot so I put it next to the window. I recommend this product to anybody using this only as personal storage. Professionals look elsewhere -- by professionals I mean using it as network attached storage in small businesses and up. For you SOHO users you should be fine.

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