Fast and efficient5/29/2012 5:51:32 PM

Pros: -VERY fast; equal to my two GTX470s in SLI -Quiet and cool -Small

Cons: -Less intuitive overclocking than previous nVidia cards

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Excellent 3D value5/29/2012 5:49:00 PM

Pros: -The monitor came with no dead pixels, which judging by the reviews, seemed to be a possibility. -The 2D picture is very, very good, especially in 120hz mode. MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR THIS SETTING MANUALLY! -The setup of the entire system was very, very easy using the new 300 series nVidia drivers.

Cons: -The 3D picture is dark, and there is noticeable ghosting in some scenarios. These are negatives inherent to the 3D Vision 1 technology, and they are mitigated somewhat by manually tweaking settings on a game-by-game basis. -The monitor controls are horrificly counter-intuitive and take far longer to operate than they should. However, one eventually gets the hang of it.

Overall Review: This is a very cost-effective option for those wishing to delve into the nVidia 3D Vision experience. While there are some issues inherent to the 3D Vision 1 technology, they do not negate the value advantage over the 3D Vision 2 technology.

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