Fantastic Card for OCing8/20/2015 4:01:36 AM

Pros: Overclocks well over 20% off base. I've got it in a mATX case running @ 1300mhz core. Temperatures stress testing hit ~75-78 degrees max. Idle, the card sits 5 degrees above room temperature. Needs at least a 500w PSU if you plan on pairing it with an i5, moreso if you want to use an AMD processor.

Cons: Coil whine when running low end games without AA or limiting FPS turns the games into Valley benchmarks. Download EVGA's Precision X software and limiting the FPS to monitors refresh rate eliminates coil whine. No reason to have 1,000+ FPS in a game.

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Maximum Cooling - Computer Sounds Like It's Ready for Takeoff8/19/2015 6:20:28 PM

Pros: At 88cfm +/- 10% (80-97) this pushed a ridiculous amount of air. Upgrading from the case fan reduced temperatures in my OC'd i5-4690k from 75 average down to 65-70 average. Core 1 (Hottest) high 80's running prime 95 down to the low/mid 70's. Using this as an exhaust actually removes enough air from four of my 120mm intakes.

Cons: Sounds like a jet @ 100%. Well, realistically about the same noise as a bathroom faucet at half which is to be expected @ ~4,000 rpm. I definitely wouldn't recommend placing more than 2 of these in a case. If you use speedfan or another program and set it to ramp up based on temperature it's manageable. Measurements 1 inch from top of fan in case (nothing else running) 25% - 24 dba 50% - 30 dba 75% - 35 dba 100% - 38dba Above is for one fan. Add ~2.8dba to each with second fan @ 100% Barely audible at 25/50% Manufacturer noise rating: 39 dba

Overall Review: Great fan, great price, slightly loud.

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Great Item5/9/2014 3:47:01 AM

Pros: Cheap, doesn't slide. Not so big that it takes up the entire desk, but not so small your mouse goes sliding off.

Cons: Mousepad smells terribly for the first few days. Packaging it came in was a huge unnecessary box with 95% of the space as empty/taken up by air packs.

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