Excellent card6/12/2021 9:58:19 AM

Pros: Handles 1440p easily at ultra graphics on games I play Cooler does a great job at keeping temps low The Taichi series cards always look good

Cons: Not really a con, but it takes 3 8-pin power connectors and is rather large. Check spacing in your case and have an adequate power supply.

Overall Review: I upgraded from a 5700xt and the difference was noticeable right away. I haven't had any frame issues playing at max graphics @1440p on any game that I play, including Doom Eternal. The control panel is the same as before and I also have no complaints there.

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Simple and effective technology6/5/2021 7:31:59 AM

Pros: For controlling fans, the tech is simple and right to the point. Plenty of room for plenty of fans

Cons: Not the best choice for RBG setups and control, but that's not really its selling point to begin with

Overall Review: I had a fan controller burn out in my son's pc and purchased this as a replacement. Tech is simple and easy to install. I dont have a bunch of LEDs in his PC so this was a great option. Price was good and the output is fantastic.

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Some glow, but good clarity and color6/5/2021 7:26:55 AM

Pros: Got it on sale for a great price No dead pixels on arrival, still working great. Refresh rate and color quality worth 5 stars

Cons: Not really a con per se, but there is a bit of noticeable glow, though that doesn't really bother me so much as it seems to bother other people.

Overall Review: Worth 5 stars. Controls are easy to navigate, quality and clarity of picture are on point. This is the second MSI monitor I have owned and both were great. I went from a 27" MSI 1080p to this monitor and even with the monitor being 5 inches larger the clarity and pixel quality was quite noticeable right away.

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Great airflow and looks great6/15/2020 6:05:27 PM

Pros: Airflow is good and works well with Icue

Cons: Commander pro from Corsair has issues, not necessarily a con to the fan but it's something worth knowing prior.

Overall Review: They are a bit pricey but worth it for a really good looking pc build. Each are 4 pin fans and work well with the hubs and commander pro once you get the commander to stop disconnecting.

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