Saddest piece of trash I've ever seen from rosewill1/8/2019 8:39:20 PM

Pros: -hot -has a remote

Cons: -Loud -poor build quality -extremely cheap for it's price point -pathetic control and user interface When I ordered Rosewill, I expected the same quality I got from my computer case and the cables I used for various builds, not this garbage. Immediately out of the box, it felt hollow and cheap. The switch is something off the shelf of home depot and I had very little faith that I would get much use out of this. Looking through the grill, you can see that this unit is using the same fans you would see in a home computer. I didn't pry my unit apart, but I'm assuming they're made by rosewill for use in a desktop. They Look to be 120mm Within the first two hours of heating my room, I noticed the temperature had dropped 5 degrees and the heater had still not turned on and that it was oscillating while not blowing air. I turned the temp up, stopped the oscillation and heard it whrrr to life and let it run for a while. When I came back and turned the oscillation back on, it didn't move. Feeling under the base of the unit, there's heat coming from a component not near any heating coils; I'm assuming the oscillation motor is jammed and is burning itself out when I turn it on. The controls are extremely clunky and it displays an expanding bar of light when it's turned on. The feature to change between fan, 900 and 1500 watts is nice but all of the options require clicking the button again and again to switch options on and off.

Overall Review: I'll buy almost any other floor heater but this. Rosewill was once confidence inspiring with their build quality at one time, but maybe not anymore.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Troy, I am so sorry to hear that and do understand your feeling. Please rest assured that the RHTH-18001 is covered by its 1-year manufacturer warranty, you could contact us to claim the warranty with your order invoice. We can assist you with a replacement or a refund. We look forward to your reply. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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kind of cheap4/1/2017 10:53:36 AM

Pros: Works well plug 'n play It's a gigabit unmanaged layer 2 switch. Not much to expect with these.

Cons: Seems to have failed after a solid 8 months. I've lost a lot of respect for Dlink's managed switches recently, so this was the last Dlink product I'm going to waste time with.

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Made of trash and performs as such3/19/2017 10:24:46 AM

Pros: cheap cheap cheap cheap

Cons: unstable voltages on 5v and 3.3v rail causing issues throughout the computer. (as of 3/19/2017) Under close to capacity load, this PSU's voltage will drop across the board. I use this as a PSU for Li-Po charging and it honestly horrifies me that this is recommended for use with sensitive equipment.

Overall Review: If you're only willing to spend $25 on a power supply, don't build a computer or replace parts in one with this. Spend the extra cash and buy a power supply from ANY reputable brand and know that it will surpass any cheap no brand part.

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Original problem solved8/7/2016 9:37:23 PM

Pros: Looks great cost effective fits an atx motherboard along with almost any graphics card comes with 3 fans 2 of which were LED includes plenty of mounting options for fans and has a removable slot for a 5.25 drive Has a USB 3 and a USB 2 header

Cons: Case wasn't well designed: Mounting holes for 200mm fan in front of the case, but the motherboard tray takes that option away without modification. The cable management placement requires that you route a cable through the HDD cage to get to the SATA ports on most motherboards efficiently.

Overall Review: I like the look of this case and for a good gaming build, it worked well. Beware the fact that any graphics card over 12.5 inches will NOT fit without stress and/or modification to the case.

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Love/hate relationship9/26/2014 1:53:37 PM

Pros: • I have had this laptop for a while now and it has served me well so far. • 1080p screens • tablet ability without any kind of weird hinge or disconnecting base • sleek, aluminum build • specialized support • back-lit keys • chicklet keyboard with a quality feel to it • proprietary button for screen switch without the requirement to close lid • has a single headset jack, which is great for use with skype when only cellphone style earbuds are available • dual cameras(I use the tablet cam to record video of my teachers lectures) • pretty good battery life • reasonable speakers for a laptop. pretty good sound in my opinion • has an external power switch, volume rocker and a switch to disable the tablet/touch screen

Cons: It took days to get this laptop working semi-perfectly on 8.1 and even right now I am still having to restart once or twice per day. I shut down my computer out of habit each night, but it still has its problems. When switching screens, I occasionally, the tablet screen flips sides and then disables the rotation lock. Even in the windows charms menu, it will only display the ability to change the brightness and the rotation lock will be missing. WiDi compatibility: I have spoken to support and set this feature up, but when I switch to the widi receiver, it disables the screen, rendering the connection disabled. I have installed all software to asus support spec. I can connect, but it immediately disables the screen. display compatibility glitch When hooking up a display through the included Display port to VGA adapter, it will occasionally switch through by itself and on other occasions, require manual setup of the screen through 'screen resolution' in windows C-c-c-combo maker! As a combination of the WiDi and VGA adapter problems, if I attempt to set the connected screen as a standalone, disabling the laptop screens, it will quickly revert to using the laptop screens. I suspect this to be a VGA driver issue and with all the correct drivers installed, nothing changes. Asus hasn't fixed much HDMI and bluetooth when attempting to use a bluetooth speaker while using the onboard HDMI adapter into a TV with built in sound, windows will glitch between the bluetooth sound option and the sound through HDMI option. The fan runs constantly I can be doing anything from streaming to having 4 basic webpage tabs open and the fan will spin up like it's ready to take off for a 10 minute flight. I sit behind people in lecture hall and I will get looks from them when the paratroopers start jumping out the the USB ports. The enter key It's like one of those miniature skate-boards you used to get as a kid. If I lightly push down on the right side of it, I can pop a mini wheelie. I got used to pushing down on the left half of the key only after a while, but it is annoying for the first month of use. Again with the second/tablet screen glitches, but sometime after switching into laptop mode, the touch screen will still be active, but not show an image. I can use it in laptop mode like normal, but if I go to adjust the angle of the screen, I get a slew of random touches on that part of the screen. Fixed by a restart, but happens occasionally. Wish I had the i7/256gb version of the Taichi 31. The price, I guess? I mean, you get your money’s worth.

Overall Review: Like I said, I love and hate this device. I would buy it again for its convertibility, but at the same time, I would sell this for something better. People complain about the touchpad location, but I raise my wrists when I type, and there is enough space to the left and right to rest my wrists, so I am quite pleased with the touchpad and its durability. The battery is good enough to do web surfing/typing or even movies for hours on end. I just finished up a movie steams from online and I'm only at 60%! Honestly after having problems trying to raid on my crossfire V in my desktop and having all the issues with this laptop, I will NEVER buy ASUS again. Okay, maybe that was too harsh. I might buy USB adapters and SATA disk drives from you guys. I wouldn't recommend ASUS to a friend unless I had a direct line to their developers and a refund button that dropped the money into my account and replaced it with a sorry note. Software issues, BSOD popups, Bios issues, driver incompatibility, slow to fix problems. When I called their "VIP support" I got a guy who had NO clue what to do about anything at all. Spoke to management and instantly made a connection with the guy and was able to use tech jargon without a "what do you mean" after each sentence. I give it two stars because I can use it, but there are to many problems for it to be practical.

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Two and a half years old6/13/2014 11:00:18 PM

Pros: No problems at all, reasonable performance, good price, has lasted over two years

Cons: wasn't free

Overall Review: was able to recover my lost data when I accidently deleted a partition.

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Title3/15/2014 9:04:00 AM

Pros: It's a mouse pad Supports my mouse Compatible with my mouse Makes my mouse look more like a mouse black I don't know, it's a mouse pad

Cons: Gets dirty eventually, but being a soft mouse pad, it isn't worth cleaning

Overall Review: Has an okay feel to the pad itself and the label could have been placed elsewhere

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Title3/15/2014 9:02:01 AM

Pros: It's a gaming mouse Has a DPI toggle button on the top Has a reasonable feel Back and forward buttons Rubberized scroll wheel Nice glow to it Plug n' Play

Cons: Directions written in Chinese, but aren't needed Can't really say much negative about this mouse

Overall Review: This only happens on my tower, but whenever my PC is off, it still sends power to it, leaving a nice glow to my work space for anybody that walks by. Wish it had more buttons, but you get what you pay for.

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It's sinking!1/21/2014 6:13:02 PM

Pros: Works well, lasted a while, 8 GBs

Cons: After about a year and a half, it is beginning to fail and at about $35 a stick, I'm not quite pleased.

Overall Review: I'm not buying corsair ram again, but their other products last well and seem to be nice. (I have an H60)

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Epicness in a box11/20/2013 4:18:55 PM

Pros: Amazing card, giving over 80 FPS in battlefield 3(not 4)

Cons: Registered the card at XFX and then entered the promotional activation code and

Overall Review: I will update when I either get Battlefield 4 from XFX, or return the card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Ron, you should ahve received the game immediately after registerring and entering your PAC in the promtion section. If you are still without BF4, contact me at Thank you
I'm angree7/8/2013 11:37:01 PM

Pros: Works when I don't want anybody else to hear what I am doing. It makes mediocre quality sound?

Cons: Poor design Made for the type of animal that has holes instead of ears Cost Other people that I game with cannot hear anyhting with this microphone, I have to use a webcam for a microphone instead See other thoughts

Overall Review: After about an hour of gaming, these cause my ears to hurt. Not from the sound, but from being squashed against my head like a rock and a hard place. Not buying rosewell anymore.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. If you are not fully satisfied with out product please contact us to better assist you in resolving your problem. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Works well, me gusta7/5/2013 9:49:33 PM

Pros: Backlit single USB 3 different programmable modes with 18 total programmable keys (6 per mode) I like the lighting. I can play in the dark and not have a shining sun below my hands. Also, the space bar is HUGE. Windows button works with windows 8, and i use the dedicated calculator button here and there. My now most used hotkeys on the board are the volume buttons. I take calls and when I'm gaming, I don't have to fumble around for the mute button on my speakers.

Cons: The buttons are a little bit to get used to with pressing harder, but with my habit of basically button smashing, it was easy to get used to.(even my friend, who barely uses a computer, much less games, had a fun time getting used to typing on it. The programmable keys are software based and you have to instal the software for them to work.

Overall Review: To clean the keyboard, use either a isopropyl alcohol pad or towel and a microfiber cloth. Its got a nice shine to it. My last keyboard was having issues with the painting on the keys coming off, so this was a reasonable replacement. Also, the sound it makes when you press the recording button... It's funny

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Ugh, this thing is...2/8/2013 11:11:32 PM

Pros: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. ~Full keyboard with shortcut keys ~2 USB 3.0 ports ~memory and HDD easily accessible from a from panel. ~Has quality ram pre installed and has a slot for more ~Runs just about everything that I would like on the go ~skydrive works great with my windows phone ~Solid laptop, good cooling innovation with air being sucked in through the top left of the keyboard(or at least it feels that way) ~Numpad was a must since I do alot of subnetting ~ Third generation i5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~1600 speed ram, so its compatible with my other DDR3 SODIMMs that I have. ~Sleek design around the front and sides. ~Makes the mobility part of my computers.

Cons: ~Had to buy it from a *cough cough* yellow tag thing for a price + sales tax. ~3-4 hour battery life depending on what you are doing ~Going to have to get the CD/DVD drive replaced due to the buzzing sound created from inserting Disks... ~I had to read the manual to find out some of the commands that I had accidently used. ~Speakers are on bottom, so flat surfaces amplify it compared to sitting it on the couch or laying it on sheets ~webcam isn't that great, but I have an extra laying around that I can use if I really want a quality picture.

Overall Review: ~Came with windows 8, but I'm adapting with the commands that ASUS created in the device such as app switching function by swiping on the left side of the track pad, 3 finger scrolling, and 2 finger right click. The track pad is just fine in my case.(but I lift my wrists off the table when I type because of my gaming habits) I'd have to say ASUS did a great job and at a good budget. Intel HD 4000 graphics are great and paired with 4-8 gbs of ram, can make a buyer happy. I've built, bought, and used ASUS components, and they are doing pretty well for a company that builds everything from motherboards to laptops. I built my 1400 gaming rig from ASUS mobo to DVD drives and I have stiller performance with it. I was originally going to get a some other brand(sorry, newegg policy) with an i3 in it for about the same price, but this was available at local retail on sale. This was the best option for my budget and I'm glad I went with it.

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great1/9/2013 8:51:16 AM

Pros: •Great for gaming •amazing dpi settings •weights are great for adjustments •the side buttons can e set to different buttons(teamspeak hotkey)

Cons: Not on sale?

Overall Review: Be sure you have the right drivers.

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Ummm, they still have these?12/23/2012 11:22:25 PM

Pros: Its a typewriter

Cons: For $550 you could get a decent computer with a printer.

Overall Review: Not worth the effort of looking at it

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Got tired of it messing up.7/11/2012 3:12:05 PM

Pros: Lasted for quite a while

Cons: The sensors went after about 3-4 months

Overall Review: I smashed it to pieces, in a complete rage of annoyance because I couldn't fly because of it

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Wrong Version6/29/2012 11:15:25 AM

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Its for PS3(which I don't have) Can't seem to exchange it through Newegg for the PC version even though I still have it in the manufacturers plastic rap.

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I like it6/22/2012 11:42:51 AM

Pros: • the amazing cable management • power supply has it's own source of cool-ish air • love the black and white • keeps my internal temps around 80 when my room is 77

Cons: •Had to stretch the CPU power cable a little, and was a pain to get in, but that's my PSU's fault •wish the fan controllers were on an external bay, instead of on the front panel.

Overall Review: •The rubber grommets come off like everybody said if you go fast If the filters come off the front, take a pair of pliers and just bent the tabs down on them again. Or just put a dot of hot glue in each corner.

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Its old and its still running!5/24/2012 7:08:34 PM

Pros: Its been about 6 years since I built this computer, and its still running strong.

Cons: Its beginning to become outclassed by the newer Processors...

Overall Review: I can play games from GTA4 to World of Tanks on this chip, and its still able to do it well. Either way, I'm going to be replacing this rig hopfully within the next week or so, I've done a great amount of homework on what is what and what is the best. Its worth it when it lasts this long.(I never once overclocked it)

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don't know...5/13/2012 11:49:41 AM

Pros: It looks nice and has some seemingly good options on it...

Cons: Don't know if I should buy this headset, or go with something cheaper.

Overall Review: I don't really own it, but I'm hoping someone who does own one will comment

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bad execution of idea.4/23/2012 6:40:50 PM

Pros: It's free on the official world of tanks site.

Cons: Your wasting your money when you could download it for free...

Overall Review: This is just sad...

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Great card for the penny pincher4/22/2012 7:02:27 AM

Pros: I looked through each 1gb graphics card and found this to be the best so far. Although skyrim is to graphically demanding for this to run it on higher settings, it still makes the amazing scenery that I was expecting. Very little fan noise, with a good, constant temperature. It runs almost all games before 2012. With no lag.

Cons: Should have had the option for a four pin, or a six pin power plug for over clockers.

Overall Review: None

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super speed with super size4/22/2012 6:41:39 AM

Pros: Super speed with a superior size, it was great for 8 months.

Cons: It began to fail after the 8 month period. Data began to load slower and the drive started to lose my files somehow.

Overall Review: I had my data recovered, but remember to back up it up every week-month or so. (what I like to call the 'just in case' factor)

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