Amazing Value! Buy One YESTERDAY!12/9/2014 9:20:35 AM

Pros: Great little camera, super lightweight, built in memory 32GB at a HUGE discount! Came looking "like new" even though it is a refurbished product and the seller shipped it super fast and in a beautiful new camera bag with all original accessories! (Thank You.) So the sensor is tiny and you're not going to get the best low light performance out of this one however if you are looking for a great family cam that is easy to take along, has built in storage (32GB), and is easy to use, this is it! Has a built in projector that is fun to use and a built-in usb cable for charging and data transfer. Recently took this to the museum and was able to take digital stills while recording video! An absolutely amazing deal so grab one before they are gone! Great as an extra camcorder for all kinds of things! Did I mention the "slide show" mode that will automatically put in transitions and music and cut all your videos on the internal storage for you automatically? Very neat! The Sony Handycam brand has been around forever and what I had as a kid was way more expensive on small 8mm tapes with video and audio quality that would be laughable compared to today's cameras! I'm blown away as to what you can get for the money these days. We are truly spoiled today.

Cons: The picture won't be as good as more expensive cameras with larger sensors but it is good enough for most uses like family videos, blogging, an adventure cam, etc.

Overall Review: What a great deal! Buy One or Even Two Now! What are you waiting for? Thank You for this great Camcorder deal!

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Yes, works with 1150 and latest i7 49705/14/2014 12:30:26 PM

Pros: NewEgg has old info. This works with 1150 chips and I just put it on a 4790 chip. On the box, it even states 1150 compatibility. The new EVO cooler has a better fan but less metal and technically is cheaper IMO. Goes on great. Fan clips on easily. Doesn't block ram but super tall ramsink nearest proc might be problematic however then you can just move the fan further up the heatsink or put the fan on the other side and have it pull. Very Nice Design by cooler master. I have an old Xigmatek with a similar design but terrible method of putting fan on sink, and blocks ram. All kinds of problems compared to this beauty. Get This.

Cons: Only has 1 fan. If you want push/pull config, you'll need to put another fan on the back.

Overall Review: Really great esp. with $10 rebate it's a no brainer.

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Nice Processor. AMD fanboy but Intel wins.5/14/2014 12:24:28 PM

Pros: So, I was going to hold off till June 2nd for the "K" version or even next year for the more energy efficient 14nm die shrink aka "Broadwell" but then I thought to myself, life is too short and hey, this is already a bit faster than a stock 4770K and I'm not going to over clock anyways. Not to mention this is $25 cheaper than the 4770k and has the new TIM from what I read and using an inexpensive Hyper 212 EVO and some Arctic Silver 5, I'm getting 40C/104F idle with 25.6C/78F ambient and prior to break in which I'm sure is not stellar by any means but decent. This uses a lot less energy than my previous AMD 1100T and even though I still feel that AMD will have a major comeback in the future, for now, they are sadly not competing well and have essentially jumped ship with the enthusiast desktop market and have thrown in the towel. This is understandable since Intel is kicking everyone's behind on the process technology front. I mean to already be ready to launch 14nm tri-gate is amazing. Next year is another historic milestone. Hopefully they'll hit the Silicon wall soon and then finally realize that Graphene is the way to go. Or maybe Quantum Computing on the desktop will overtake Intel at that point? :) just kidding...

Cons: It's not 14nm Broadwell and its not unlocked

Overall Review: Get this now and sell it when Broadwell arrives. If you have a Z97 board, you'll hopefully be ready to just drop that nice 14nm chip in at that point next year. Life is too short and computers are still too slow compared to what they will be in the future.

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Nice board but a few issues.5/14/2014 12:04:20 PM

Pros: 1) Supports Haswell Refresh Procs and most likely Broadwell next year... 2) Decent Layout and Can Do x8 and x8 for SLI/XFIRE which is more than enough bandwidth for the present time. 3) Board is actually not as wide as regular ATX which is nice. 4) Has M.2 and SATA Express available. 5) Lots of USB 3.0 ports. 6) Decent Audio with ALC1150 with a noise reduction design. 7) Has a really nice BIOS.

Cons: 1) Found a major issue (at least for me) where if you are using a graphics card with DisplayPort Outputs like I am (MSI 760 ITX), the computer will wake up immediately after shutting down unless you turn off the monitors beforehand. This is a real annoyance because I like to keep my monitors on and they go to sleep mode and I hate having to push on/off buttons all the time. I have tried a bunch of BIOS settings and nothing has resolved the issue. I believe Gigabyte needs to update their BIOS to fix this. 2) There is no LED on the board to indicate power (unless I don't see it or mine is defective). I always like to know when my power supply is on and there is standby power so that I don't accidentally start pulling cards when power is still active. 3) If you use a 2 slot card in the x8 express port, you cover up your only PCI slot on this board. 4) Limited SATA ports on this board (only 6) so be aware of this fact (probably not an issue for most but I could have used 2 more) 5) No eSata ports at all so I cannot connect my eSATA external backup drive however if you have a case that has an external SATA port on the front you can just hook it up to one SATA port if you have any left over.

Overall Review: Overall, a decent board but you may want to give the UD5H a look instead if you really need to use a PCI expansion card on an SLI type config and hopefully the UD5H has an onboard Standby LED? Also, the display port issue is annoying but I'm sure it will be fixed by a BIOS update either via Gigabyte or MSI? I made a mistake and should have got the UD5H instead to be honest. If you need more expansion, get that instead. That has 8 SATA and 2 PCI slots although still lacking that eSATA port on the back which would be nice.

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Don't miss out on this one!4/24/2014 9:42:01 PM

Pros: High res - 2560x1440 H-IPS or S-IPS LCD PANEL LED BackLit Professional, Rugged Stand with Tilt, Swivel, and Rotate (unlike most Korean builds) Built in Cable Management in Stand No PWM dimming!!! (rare on LCDs and eliminates headaches and eye fatigue - look this up if you don't know what I'm saying) You can use this all day long. 1 Year Warranty Great viewing angles 10 bit capable (although truly an 8 bit panel) Rugged Design and looks great Ordered 6 for business use and 4 were perfect pixel (2 with 1 or 2 dead ones in corners) Minimal light bleed on some, latest one has no light bleed and has very dark blacks and is perfect pixel (just saying the latest batch may be the best thus far!) High Quality Cables including DisplayPort Great color accuracy once calibrated (You can find a review online with ICC profiles already done using professional calibration tools on this monitor for FREE!)

Cons: No OSD (just basic source switching, brightness, contrast, and power) Internal power supply (if this goes bad, you have to fix it unlike the Korean external supplies which can be swapped out pretty easily). I'm assuming there was a defective component in the PSU causing these to be refurbed in mass. Only 1 year warranty vs. a new monitor but this is the risk you take buying refurb

Overall Review: We purchased six (6) of these and would buy 6 more if needed in a heartbeat. Best deal we've seen in over 10 years as Newegg clients on Pro grade LCD's and Newegg shipped them lightning fast. Don't waste your time with lower res TN panels, terrible Korean builds with iffy return policies and horrible stands, and even cheap 4k displays like Seiki with terrible input lag. Even the latest Samsung (TN PANEL) 4k @ 60hz has problems. This is a truly pro grade panel and monitor build. This is where your research stops. This is the perfect res, build, etc. This is the time and the one to buy now before they are all gone. These are perfect for video editing, photoshop use, programming, stock trading, etc. (even gaming yes - input lag is actually less than advertised in use) Can be used in Eyefinity setup with AMD card since these are native displayport meaning no need for expensive active adapters (just MST hubs if doing more than 4 on the latest cards)... Thank You very much HP & Newegg.

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Beautiful Design12/9/2013 5:53:16 AM

Pros: One of the most beautiful cases I've had the honor to build a computer in. This is perfect for that ITX build and that mini office server or home NAS, HTPC, Hackintosh, etc... Tooless, Dust filters everywhere, 1 large intake and 1 large outtake fan, LOVE the hdd slot design (no screws needed!), tons of breathing holes, handles to carry, etc, etc. Amazing case and when on sale, an amazing value.

Cons: Needs a wee bit more space (like an inch or two?) behind the power supply because if you are using a modular supply, the only way to get to those connections is by removing it. Literally you can barely put your hand back there, but I guess this is a limitation due to the size of this case (although since it is already bigger than most ITX cases already, an inch or two longer wouldn't be a big deal).

Overall Review: Nice design!

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Nice, energy efficient chip12/9/2013 5:44:43 AM

Pros: 55W, 22nm, dual core, Intel HD Graphics built in, and affordable. Great for ITX HTPC/NAS builds. Yes, not really for gaming use. Some people say Ivy Bridge is a better chip design than Sandy Bridge and even Haswell. Sometimes newer designs are not always necessarily better... Of course next year's chips from Intel might be a different story since 14nm is coming which is crazy...I'm assuming the TDP on those will be like half or less than this even at 22nm and quad core or more...

Cons: That is isn't 1W with 100 cores yet? I'm sure it will be soon enough...

Overall Review: Keep up the great work Intel...I'd love to see the inside of your $5 Billion Dollar Fab... That's some amazing tech to make these chips.... Boy has Tick/Tock spoiled us! (Thanks to AMD and Dirk Meyer of course for giving Intel that needed kick in their behind!)

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Beautiful Board.12/9/2013 5:32:32 AM

Pros: First time building an ITX and I must say, I'm just in awe that we can stick so much amazing tech in such a small space! Well worth the price! This board is just beautiful in so many ways as is the other Gigabyte board I still love (the 890fxa-ud5). What's great about this is you can stick a nice, energy efficient and affordable Ivy Bridge chip on here along with an ITX case and use this as an HTPC, a NAS, a Hackintosh, a nice mobile LAN party machine or business presentation computer, your study computer in your dorm room, etc. So many uses! Dual (teaming) LAN port on here is a plus for NAS not to mention the wireless display tech (WIDI) which I haven't tried yet but could really come in handy esp. for powerpoint presentations.

Cons: I love the dual teaming LAN on this board but it would also be nice to see a Thunderbolt/DisplayPort on this board. Asus puts eSata and regular Displayport on their competing ITX board and I see Gigabyte has decided to put more USB 3.0 vs. any eSata which is fine since USB 3.0 is technically faster anyways, but Thunderbolt is still considerably faster than both of these and brings more MAC compatibility in the mix. If Intel and Apple really are serious about Thunderbolt, then subsidize it short term and lower the peripheral prices so it gets widely adopted otherwise it will die out as I can tell USB is being favored here despite USB being only half as good. I hope Gigabyte continues to make more ITX boards like this in the future and please do continue to have multiple LAN connections for aggregation. This is useful for speeding up NAS use! To be honest, I'd like to see 4 gigabit LAN ports even! Either that or we need to start seeing one 10Gig LAN port soon instead as single gigabit isn't fast enough anymore esp. for NAS. I see Gigabyte dropped teaming LAN support (because the Lan chips are different?) on their new Z87 ITX board which is disappointing because what's the point of 2 LAN ports if you cannot aggregate them? I guess for fault tolerance only? Teaming is important these days until we see 10G ports become standard across the board...

Overall Review: Japanese capacitors and overall build on the Gigabyte boards screams quality! Gigabyte you are spoiling us with your beautiful motherboards! Keep up the great work and thank you!

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Good drive.9/3/2013 12:20:58 PM

Pros: Good, reliable 7200RPM drive with 3 year warranty but stingy 32MB cache.

Cons: 128MB of cache would be nice and would speed the drive up considerably. Why is HGST still stingy with the memory? All drives should have at least 128MB these days if not more. Come on! Also, a hybrid NAND drive would be nice. Where is that product?

Overall Review: HGST makes solid drives and have good warranties and were previously very price competitive (no longer on some of their large capacity products). HGST 3.5" drives are actually owned by Toshiba now since Western Digital was trying to fully own them and were not allowed to but instead own the 2.5" and SSD Hitachi IP. Hitachi IP was obviously worth $4.3 billion to Western Digital so obviously they have great drive technology and I've been a very loyal Hitachi Drive owner for many years so I'm not surprised. They have outlasted most other drive brands overall in my experience.

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Eggcellent Drive!9/3/2013 12:10:22 PM

Pros: LG makes the best optical storage drives! All of my optical drives are LG now and all have been rock solid for years. They support basically every format and combination of media you could possibly imagine. At $60 after rebate, this is a great deal. I remember spending a great deal more previously on less powerful drives including $450 once on a 2X CD writer when they first came out! Wow, have we come a long way or what?

Cons: BDXL discs are a way TOO expensive still need to come down in price...

Overall Review: NOT HOLOGRAPHIC 3D STORAGE! :) I would personally like to see a few TB on a single disc. 128GB is nice, but what about 4TB on a single disc? I can feel the TB barrier being destroyed! Come on already! There's still a lot of work to be done with density here!

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GOOD DRIVE but could be better...9/3/2013 11:54:54 AM

Pros: Does speed things up a little bit but not enough to replace the need for an SSD drive. Over time, the drive gets faster because it has a built in algorithm to move files that are more commonly accessed over to the NAND but there simply isn't enough NAND here.

Cons: 8G of NAND is simply not enough space to make a big enough difference in my opinion. This needs to be at a minimum 32 - 64GB of NAND maybe not for Linux use but for speeding up Windows, definitely. If you only have 8G of NAND, then put 128MB of cache on the drive not 64MB...

Overall Review: This is better and faster than your standalone hard drive with cache alone and it looks like a standard drive to your system as the algorithm runs in the background which is great but 8G of NAND is simply not enough for current versions of Windows use unless you're running a compact version of linux or you're still stuck on XP. Until the NAND portion increases to like 16G/32G/64G, you won't see enough of an improvement to justify the added spend here.

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Tomato All the Way!9/3/2013 11:39:36 AM

Pros: This is one of the very best, if not the best consumer router out right now. Dual Band and a bunch of great features and has better range but not incredible. In order to seriously get better range, you need bigger antennas (like 9dbi) and a way to pump up the transmission power in firmware or with an amplifier (bigger antennas alone do nothing and/or make it worse). Or you can also use a repeater/wireless bridge mode with this.

Cons: This router only gets 4 stars from me because: 1) It should be ACTIVELY cooled! BIG MISTAKE ASUS! Put an easily replaceable internal fan in this and make it breathe! It is running too hot. If you buy this, you need to actively cool it with an external fan or don't expect it to last and/or need to reboot it. 2) USB 3.0 would be nice on the ports instead of USB 2.0 esp. when using an external drive for NAS. Why not even consider eSata? 3) Could not get wireless ethernet bridge mode working properly with the stock ASUS firmware. Not sure why...

Overall Review: I blow a LASKO 6" personal fan (about $17) across this unit at all times and it keeps it nice and cool to the touch and have no issues with it hanging or needing to be rebooted. I recommend you do the same. Also put your cable modem inline with the fan as well. My motorola surfboard also gets very hot and should be actively cooled. Use TFTP on a Windows XP machine and flash the latest Shibby Tomato (based off of Linksys's source) on this. This is the most feature rich, simplest, and best router firmware I've ever used (imo better than DD-WRT). It is rock solid and is much better than Asus's firmware. Don't use ASUS's firmware flashing tools either! They almost bricked my router! Only 30-30-30 rule with TFTP and Shibby's Tomato and you'll have the best software running on this!

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BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!9/3/2013 11:02:10 AM

Pros: Wow! I've had many external enclosures but this one is impressive! Definitely spend the extra dollars on this one. It is WELL worth it! You can tell the engineers/designers behind this really did their homework and made good decisions! Drive slides in smooth and easy with no screws needed! Large fan with fan controller keeps it cool! Sexy blue leds with brightness adjustment! USB 3.0, SATA I/II/III, eSata! Nice feet, small and silent! Looks great!

Cons: That is isn't a full blown NAS like a Synology? Great for a backup drive, simple NAS setup controlled via a simple NAS capable router, or even external system drive!

Overall Review: Keep up the great engineering ICY DOCK! Beautiful and worth the money! 3 year warranty! If you are on the fence vs. a typical $30 enclosure but you have the money to spend, spend the extra $30 for this because you won't regret it. There is a big difference in quality and ease of use and your drive should last longer with the cooling design of this. This is one of the very best single drive enclosures I have ever seen.

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Pros: Basically this is a Platinum Plus supply but underrated as a Platinum Gold with a Seasonic build inside (see Johnny Guru's thorough review). It is fully modular and comes with 8 PCI-E connections for quad sli although at only 1KW, you need to do some math before you connect 4 cards to this to ensure you aren't pulling too much juice (and account for your other components). These V series and PCPower and Cooling's Silencer Series supplies are my favorite thus far and I think this is a great bang for your buck for a quality supply with a good 5 year warranty! 93% efficient at 50% load is amazing performance for current PSU tech! Run this at 50% load and save some dough on your electric bill! Did I also mention this runs with large, high quality 135mm fan to suck cool air into the supply?

Cons: That I don't have more of them! This is one of the very best supplies I've seen so far and while some people seem to have had a few issues in the reviews here, you should seriously consider this supply. Did I mention that it is really easy to hook up?

Overall Review: 1KW may seem like overkill, but 93% efficiency at 50% load isn't! The #1 most important component in any computer system is the Power Supply. Without a quality power source, why put an expensive mainboard, graphics card, memory, ssd, etc at risk? This runs silent and comes with tons of connectors (they didn't skimp) but make sure you have the right kind of case (a bottom mounted supply with breathing holes is ideal so the supply can suck in cool air and not suck in hot air from your CPU and graphics card on top which will just lower the lifetime of your supply.)

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OUTSTANDING CARD! Good Deal!9/3/2013 10:16:57 AM

Pros: Solidly Built Card (More Metal than I've ever seen on a card and less plastic!)! Looks Awesome in your machine and runs cool! Runs games smooth as silk with the highest of settings! If you register your card right away with XFX, you get a Lifetime warranty! I love companies who stand behind their products -- now I see why it is built so solid (to last a lifetime)! Rebate is easy to submit and makes the card an excellent value! You cannot go wrong with this card! If you are at all worried about AMD/ATI's drivers, since this is a single GPU, I haven't had any issues with their current drivers which I've heard is a problem with SLI and/or the 7990 card.

Cons: The price is about $10 lower than I paid and you also get 3 Free Games with it! Now this is a crazy good deal! Buy it Now before you miss it! XFX doesn't lifetime warranty their dual gpu 7990 card and also the AMD drivers currently stutter with SLI it seems. XFX shouldn't send that kind of message with their 7990 card because it screams that "this 7990 card won't last" and also that the manufacturer doesn't trust consumers who purchase it to have a quality psu and cooling solution which is ridiculous in that price range. AMD needs to fix their SLI drivers.

Overall Review: You go with this card over the other brands because it is a single GPU with a better build and with a lifetime warranty which matters A LOT with the 7970 which has had a typically high failure rate across vendors! Not to mention, what a great deal! Make sure you have a quality power supply (like PCPower&C Silencer or Cooler Master V series) and a very well cooled case (AZZA/Cooler Master/Antec)... Thank you AMD and XFX for an awesome card. You are spoiling us! This is much faster than my C64 graphics!

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Awesome Power Supply8/10/2013 8:24:12 PM

Pros: Super quiet (stealth), modular, 92% efficient at 50% load (amazing) = save you $$ on your electric bill during the year, 7 year warranty, well engineered connections! What's not to like? PC Power and Cooling is one of the best and their brand name has not been diluted by the OCZ brand taking over. Still good engineering.

Cons: The only CON I found, however this is surprising, is that they only give you ONE modular connector with four regular style 4 pin connectors (the rest are SATA). I realize SATA is more popular but if you have older drives and or lots of 4 pin fans, then this is an issue and they don't offer to sell you any of these on their website either in the accessories section! I guess I'll have to contact them directly for these? For what this supply costs, they should throw in another one and not leave you with only 1.

Overall Review: Other than the 1 con, this is the best power supply I've ever owned so far and while 1200W is overkill for most people, 92% efficiency at 50% load isn't and is well worth the investment. If only everyone was running this efficiently on every PC in America! 80 Plus Platinum baby! Plunk down the change on this supply (it will last you and pay for itself in the long run)!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear PP&C fan, Thank you for sharing your positive and thoughtful feedback. We would be happy to provide you with an additional connector. Please contact us at 1-866-925-3027 M-F 9-4PM Pacific time. You may also contact us using the ticket system linked below. Please mention this Newegg review, your PSU model number, and your request for the spare connector. Thank you very much for your purchase! Sincerely, OCZ/PC Power & Cooling Support
External Link(s):
PC Power Support
Way too tight. Cannot recommend.4/23/2007 2:01:51 AM

Pros: Okay sound for the $$ but nothing spectacular. To be fair, I've worn much more expensive pairs of Sennheiser's so maybe it is because you can't really compare a ferrari to a pinto. The headphone cable alone cost me as much on my more expensive pairs. Good throwaway pair here if that's what you need I guess?

Cons: Way too tight and earmuffs are too small for me. Painful to wear for very long so despite any good things to say about the sound, they are unwearable for me personally. Don't know maybe I'm a Gnome and have big ears?

Overall Review: Well you get what you pay for so don't expect too much here. If you really want a quality pair of Sennheiser's, spend more money and get a better quality model. Your ears will thank you for it.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Works Great + Comfy.4/23/2007 1:39:37 AM

Pros: Very light and comfortable over the ear headset. Nice detachable mic. Very thoughtful volume control knob. Barely feels like you're wearing anything. Headphones sound surprisingly good and the mic is clear! A great product at a ridiculously low price. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that you should buy one of these!

Cons: Cords should be slightly longer esp. if you are connecting these to the back of your computer. I have front connections so its fine for me since I don't get cord clutter but it might be a little short for some people.

Overall Review: I've spent a lot more $$ for more expensive headphones/headsets and I wasn't expecting much but these are really great and comfy. Thanks Genius + NewEgg.

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SUPER -- Westinghouse 37" 1080p11/5/2006 1:52:11 PM

Pros: Super 1080p, good response time and great wide viewing angle Doubles as TV and computer monitor ... good size! 1:1 Pixel Mapping HDMI with HDCP connection 2 DVI with HDCP Colorstream, PIP, SVIDEO, etc. Received with no dead pixels Barely any backlight leakage

Cons: Non-Native resolutions and less than 720p looks blocky...use with high definition upconversion or high quality source only Noticeable ghosting in some games and fast moving video and page tearing/blurriness when moving windows around... Contrast ratio could be improved Colors not as rich or vibrant as CRT or Plasma but still decent for 16.7 mil.

Overall Review: Don't forget to purchase a DVI cable if you're using this as a monitor because it doesn't come with one since it is being sold as a "TV" despite the lack of a tuner which makes it a Monitor really but no big deal. Buy a cheap cable here at NewEgg.

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