Amazing Buy, No Regrets2/5/2017 3:10:31 PM

Pros: At first my board would not boot properly, but after clearing the CMOS, everything is seemingly just fine. The RGB utility is simple enough and overclocking takes seconds. The aesthetics and build quality are very impressive. -Simple, Fast BIOS -Neutral Color Scheme -RGB Lighting Can Be Made Static To Fit Any Color Scheme If Disco Isn't Your Thing -Compatible With Almost Any Modern Hardware -Smart Fan 5 And Integrated Temperature Sensors Keep Noise Levels Down When Not At Load -Thunderbolt 3 Is Amazing For Multi monitor Setups

Cons: -Ram Slots Are Too Close To The CPU To Fit Some AIO Coolers -Few USB 2 (Driverless) Ports With Rear IO

Overall Review: I am actually waiting for a mouse and keyboard to arrive so all I could find was an old PS/2 mouse. While I agree that the port may be a bit of an eyesore, no one spends much time looking at the back of their PC so it isn't a problem. Note: The manual makes it sound like Thunderbolt ready means you need an add on card to use Thunderbolt 3. The type C port will work at full Thunderbolt 3 speeds and the PCIE add on card will just add more Thunderbolt connectivity (a worthy purchase for $50-90 if you can find one). I highly suggest putting the two included thermal probes on any GPU(s) that you install.

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