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Quiet2/23/2006 6:35:07 AM

Pros: I couldn't find any "professional" reviews of this fan, so i took a chance. It's specs are great with a good ratio of noise to CFM. It comes with a great adapter that still allows MB monitoring while powering straight from your PSU. I bought two and couldn't be happier.

Cons: Non that i can point out.

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Range = Poor2/21/2006 4:07:22 AM

Pros: Comfortable Programmable keys I like the keyboard. The wrist pad is real comfy. Software was easy to use and worth installing, if only for the programmability of the special keys.

Cons: Range is horrible ... What other reason would you buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, other than to move AWAY from your computer? The range maxed at 3'. Using the new batteries it came with, I tried repositioning(higher, lower, different surfaces) and re-orienting (on it's side, vertical) the receiver, but could not get any more than 3', which in my opinion, makes this a worthless product. Why you all are complaining about it's gaming performance is beyond me, it's common knowledge that wireless is NOT good for gaming.

Overall Review: The horrible range negates it's use a media PC Keyboard and Mouse.

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:: Caution ::10/13/2005 6:56:10 AM

Comments: Read through DFI's support forums first. There are a LOT of power and memory incompatability problems with their boards. I bought this board and never got it working after hours and hours of troubleshooting(i'm a system builder by trade). I read all those great reviews from big sites and thought this was a diamnond in the rough, unfortunately that was not true.

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