If you're only so blessed...1/18/2013 6:44:50 PM

Pros: HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, WiFi & Mini-ITX - What else can you ask for?

Cons: As Mentioned Live Update sucks, but Live Customer Service immediately to tell you that the email you just received has the most recent bios update, copy to flash drive and use the easy click M-Flash Bios Update tool made up for it 10 fold. Also the WiFi Adapter doesn't allow the MB to fit in my 3.3L Ultra-SFF PC Case, but if you're handy the adapter can be disassembled, taken off, MB installed, and put back together.

Overall Review: If you're blessed enough to get your hands on one of these MB (backlogged on orders so bad its not funny) and your using an A8 or A10 Trinity processor you truly will have your hands on gold. I'm using this for a Commercial Video Slot Gaming Platform, and it does so well I'm now building new HTPCs and am going to replace every one of my desktop PCs will this compact super computer. For those I'm using the In-Win BQ656 PC Case and a 26" LED TV. 9"x9"x3" powerhouse mounted on the back of a TV all for around $600.00. What else could be smaller and cooler for chump change?

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Forget about Intel1/16/2013 10:22:07 AM

Pros: Fast, Competent, Energy Efficient, Reliable and fiscally CHEAP!!!

Cons: It's still an APU.

Overall Review: I am using this processor to run an embedded graphically intensive video slot program. I tried to save money and use the A6 and without hitting the graphically intensive bonus games I was at 100% CPU Usage with severe lag. Popped the A8 in and this thing doesn't even sweat! If you are looking to build a micro-pc for HTPC or simple gaming use this is definitely the way to go. No comparison to the A4 or A6 and it smokes all of the i3 and i5 Intel APUs that cost a lot more money. Now if you want to compare the A8 or A10 to the high end i7 series, it'll run close but then again you'd probably be the kind of person that would compare a Ferrari to a Mustang.

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Save Your Money1/15/2013 9:00:19 PM

Pros: It's a cost-effective APU that competes with the i3 series.

Cons: With today's graphics requirements the CPU was running at 100% usage just while playing Zynga Poker of facebook.

Overall Review: I ran the same test with the $50 more expensive A8 Trinity and it ran at 32% max. Save your money on the A6 and hold out for A8. The Trinity Series is smoking even the i5 and i7 in tests but its only the A10 and A8 that will give that performance.

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