5/23/2014 9:15:22 AM

Pros: Low power draw, very low temp, idles at 28C as opposed to the AMD I had which needed the fan on 100% at ALL times just to stay at 60C in the winter. Also because of the utter mess I've experienced with the last two AMD cards I've owned I do not notice the fan noise at all. This is running in a living room build which is used primarily for Video/Audio with some gaming which has yet to disappoint in titles like Skyrim and earlier.

Cons: No SLI.

Overall Review: Did anyone actually buy this card for the three games it advertised? If so, I'm so sorry. If I'd known about the Watch Dogs deal that was a week away, I'd have shelled out for a higher tiered GTX card with SLI.

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It's OEM, stupid!11/24/2012 4:25:59 AM

Pros: So very, very tired of seeing low level reviews stating problems like no software or cables when the product in question is labeled OEM, and in the case of this drive doesn't indicate anywhere that software is included. OEM implies what you get is what you see, in this case a BluRay drive. Cables, screws, software should not be expected in the box. If you need your hand held when buying computer tech, make sure to buy equipment marked RETAIL!!

Cons: None, this drive worked fine and I was watching a BluRay TNG marathon with the software I BOUGHT with the drive.

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BOOOOO7/11/2010 3:48:13 AM

Pros: It came in a very affordable bundle

Cons: DOA - Should have checked the reviews for this product. I would have had an Antec PSU standing by if I'd known there was a high likelihood of the unit being DOA.

Overall Review: At least it is the PSU that failed and not the MB or CPU.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchase the RV2-600. We have found that there was a issue with the power switch on the back of the unit on our first shipment. We have gone ahead and fixed this problem and the new power supply will not have an issue. Please kindly contact Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at rma@rosewill.com so we may assist you with a replacement at our cost. We are eager to assist you in any possible way. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
8/25/2009 1:24:56 PM

Pros: Installed in seconds to my Asrock Ion 330. Outstanding reception from bedroom to the living room. Also caught it on sale so it was possibly the best Linux friendly deal on the site. Sale still ongoing as of 8-25-2009

Cons: It doesn't end world hunger or fight crime.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Outstanding8/25/2009 1:17:42 PM

Pros: I am fairly certain that the wood my Ion is sitting on is louder than this thing. Pulled out of the box, installed Win7 RC along with openoffice and vlc, and was watching a DVD on my 40" LCD in less than 30 min.

Cons: No included wireless, but I realized this before purchase and bought the BELKIN F5D9050 USB 2.0 wireless adapter which is on sale as of 8/25/2009 and works like a charm.

Overall Review: To the person that claimed there is no expandability with this system, I'm not sure what box he was looking at, but I was able to beef up the ram to 4gb (i know, overkill for a nettop) and install a faster 500gb HDD easily. Also this puppy has NO shortage of USB ports so again, not gonna run out of things to add on to it soon.

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3/23/2009 12:33:55 PM

Pros: Excellent card...idles higher than expected at 66C but so far haven't been able to raise it above 68C...frame rates have tripled from 30fps in COD4 to just below 90 with all eye candy enabled...

Cons: The price of all the main components needed to build my computer were $20 more expensive than this card...Almost took a star off due to order processing: I ordered this product on the 18th choosing next day shipping and rush processing. I didn't get the card until today, the 23rd. In less than five minutes after contacting customer service, my fees were refunded. That is class!

Overall Review: Noise on this thing surprised me since I'd been using a fanless card for the past two years, but after two hours it didn't bother me anymore.

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Not too shabby10/22/2007 11:28:06 AM

Pros: This is an outstanding piece of equipment for an AGP based system: fast GPU and more VRAM than I need right now. Looks hot and runs cool. WoW, COD2, HL2 Orange all play great in my rig.

Cons: For some strange reason, no matter what drivers I use, I can't seem to get AGP Read enabled. System is running fine in 1600x1200 apps but I can't help but think it could do more. Wish I could get ATI Media Center with it.

Overall Review: Read on a couple tech forums that the AGP Read situation could be due to underpowered PSU...thought mine was to spec till I noticed that while mine is 550W the 12V rail is only able to use 420. This card REQUIRES 450.

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DOA10/3/2007 9:31:20 PM

Pros: Card looks cool, fan was very quiet.

Cons: The card never worked correctly out of the box after testing it on two systems each with sufficient power supplies. I kept getting visual distortion whenever I'd POST that continued throughout the boot of Windows and never went away. At first thought my pwr supply had gone bad so tested in another system and with multiple DVI cables and got the same issue. The only reason I gave this a 2 star instead of one is because Visiontek Customer Support was EXTREMELY helpful and understanding. After only 10 minutes of troubleshooting they acknowledged that the card was indeed faulty and should be returned.

Overall Review: While I won't be purchasing from Visiontek again, (1st impressions being the most important) I must admit that they have a decent support line: very intelligent and most importantly, American.

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