A Real Smooth Talker!!!6/8/2016 11:22:31 AM

Pros: -Doesn't make a peep at low rpm, even at speed still quiet. Motor noise is soo minimal -Everything's black, Fractal didnt mess around and leave those ugly red and yellow cables anywhere to be found. -Move an impressive amount of air, can't vouch for the advertised airflow but they move way more air than my corsair 140s. -Super premium, heavy, sturdy feel -Low noise adapter, some inline resistors in a little rubber tube! NICE. -Premium feeling silicone or rubber noise dampening corner with a bonus 120mm adapter. Hopefully they don't dry out and crack over time. -Longer rated lifespan than I would ever want a fan for. -Shes a fine looker as well. I would kiss her but I think shed burn my lips.

Cons: -They don't offer a cool white blade version, like their other fans -They aren't buy one get one free -Buying one will force you to burn more cash on more fans. If thats a problem for you don't get these. -They are almost too nice, suspiciously nice. :)

Overall Review: I wanted a strong and silent rear exhaust. I needed one exhaust that moved tons of air because I also wanted four intake spinning very slow. Two on my radiator and two others. I achieved both good temps and low noise with this setup!!! So happy with my purchase.

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