Lenovo can't currently replace screen if there is a problem.12/18/2014 7:27:37 AM

Pros: Price is low for the specs.

Cons: Purchased laptop in the summer. My screen developed white spots (not dead pixels) about an inch wide and smudgy looking after 3 months. I called tech support and they think it's related to pressure on the screen, despite the fact it happened overnight while the laptop was simply sitting on a shelf (the may be correct, I don't know). An IT person at works thinks it's oil damage or something to the upper layer of the screen. There is also a decent amount of light bleed around the edges. Tech support told me as it is physical damage, it is not covered by the warranty. They also informed they do not sell the 4k screen as a separate part. The tech support person tried to play this as a cautionary tale to buy the extra warranty, but, told me they do not have the screen in stock at all, and, even if I sent it in for repair, they don't know when they will get it, thus, how long it would take to repair the computer. This is a problem I've never had on far cheaper laptops that I've taken when traveling around the world Basically, they can't offer proper support/repair on this laptop, so, consider this when purchasing.

Overall Review: I know 4k screens are relatively new, but, you should really have support available for such a pricey laptop. I paid extra to get a 4k display, and, now its kind of useless. Also, the video card isn't powerful enough to actually play games in 4k and the scaling of Windows 8 actually makes 4K kind of useless.

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huge improvement + amazing shipping time4/14/2011 7:19:59 PM

Pros: Very fast compared to my old drive. My transfer rates were 30-70 and are now usually around 150. Previous OS drive was a 2 year old 7200rpm drive, but, was pretty slow compared to this beast

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've bought quite a few drives over the past few years, but, up to now, have avoided the caviar blacks because they were not as cost efficient. So. wrong. So worth the few extra dollars for the performance increase. And, I know it's not about the drive, but, I ordered this thing around 2 in the afternoon with the free shipping and it was at my apartment by 10 am the next morning. I usually hate ordering stuff online because I want instant gratification, but, really, less than 24 hours, that's insane. Newegg rules. Also, some people complain about the packing. I have bought 4 hard drives from newegg in the past year and have had no issues. This drive came bubble wrapped inside a box which was inside a larger box. Maybe the secret is to buy at least 2 HDDs at a time.

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