For you Gamers out there that likes to use Server Class hardware...11/7/2018 12:03:11 PM

Pros: Heres the thing. I bought this guy for gaming, despite the negative feedback this card received from other Newegg customers. I want to address the cooling issue head on, because if i were to have listened to those bias reviews, i would have missed out on this card. For gaming, the Radeon Pro Duo does not seem to over heat at all or at least anymore than any other video card designed for gaming. It's quite and it doesn't take a 1K power supply to power it. Second, AMD's latest Professional Drivers, as of today November 7, 2018 the day after election day, now allows the user to manually set the fan speed on the card or leave it on auto. It does not seem to get any hotter than any other gaming video card that I have ever owned specifically while gaming. I cannot say the same for professional video software or programs because I don't own any to test. It seems that maybe Professional video software pushes video cards harder. However, for your average home desktop gaming box, this card is awesome. Drivers are rock solid, and this card destroys every game I throw at it. To me, it seems like the other reviewers are grossly over exaggerating the heat and performance issues they are reporting, which is sad to me because not only is this card rock solid, its quiet and will probably last me along time. The last thing i'm going to address is the size. Yes this card is long but I have a standard mid-tower Corsair case and it fits fine with room to spare. For your reference, I own this case:

Cons: One thing that would be great is if this card can switch between professional drivers and gaming drivers. When I tried installing AMD's Adrenaline Video drivers, it doesnt detect the card and you cannot install those drivers. Only the Professional drivers which is completely fine. I have zero issues with this card and the professional drivers.

Overall Review: If you like buying server/workstation class hardware for everyday home use, get this card. I think its great and I feel a sense of security when I use server class hardware. For me, I like these x2 cards in one slot. Single GPU cards just isn't my thing. I am running this video card with an AM3+ Opteron. Now if only AMD released the Ryzen Pro cpu's to the general public, everything would be good.

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YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SH*TTING ME10/6/2011 11:00:21 AM

Pros: For a card that runs everything you throw @ it with everything cranked up, for 399.99, this is an absolute steal. No longer being sold anywhere and on par with todays video tech.

Cons: Doesn't come in a retail box

Overall Review: I had a 4850 x2 that I purchased in 08', considering that was a budget X2 video card which performed phenomenal , this card will probably last me double the time I had the 4850

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iPod Destroyer9/16/2009 8:04:31 PM

Pros: OLED Screen, Sound Clarity, Internet, HD Radio, HD Support, Size, Presentation, and the most important part, the Desktop software for the Zune is 10,000x better then iTunes. Desktop software is organized, up to date, and very user friendly with nice aesthetics. For a 3rd generation Mp3 player, Microsoft has made some pretty good advancements with the Zune. Battery life is better then average.

Cons: Zune IE doesn't support flash, or Java. Not many accessories for Zune HD at launch.

Overall Review: Overall a great product and a significant refreshment from the aging second generation Zune 80gb

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Great Chip2/17/2009 12:49:41 PM

Pros: i think this is a great chip for what you pay for. its a lot cheaper the the Xeon equivalent. it runs great for what i am using it for, gaming and encoding video. runs a lot cooler then the Phenom chip. easily overclockable.

Cons: 65nm die. the stock heat sink that it comes with is a joke. huge price difference between 2.2ghz and 2.3ghz.

Overall Review: i should have waited for the AM3 version, but other then that this is a fine chip. i would rather have this chip then the Phenom.

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Not Bad.2/17/2009 12:36:37 PM

Pros: Very fast performance for $300.00, almost as good as 4870 x2 when compared with cost.

Cons: Fan is way to loud. GDDR3 is outdated and GDDR4 would have made this card a steal. 4850x2 has its own drivers, so you cannot use the regular ATi drivers that are released for all the other cards.

Overall Review: Fan was too loud, but with the lastest drivers you can actually lower the speed of the fan making it a little quieter. i wish the 4850x2 used the same driver suite at all the other cards.

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3/2/2006 5:11:46 PM

Pros: The motherboard runs fine for me, im running Opteron 165 OC to 2.10

Cons: for Raid 5 you have to have same exact brand and size.

Overall Review: Some people just doesnt know how to work with computers and parts, thats why some people can get there boards/comps working. Newbs.

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