Rock Solid4/21/2014 6:28:10 AM

Pros: This is a great router. The 2.4ghz range in house is almost double that of old router (dual channel n TP Link). The supplemental Merlin firmware project makes this router almost the best of the best out there.

Cons: None with the router, but I am a little frustrated at the different ac standards, I guess my media pc has ac 833 from broadcom and just a little finicky. Not the routers fault as far as I can tell.

Overall Review: The ability to split 2.4 and 5 Ghz radios is nice to clean up crowded neighborhood spectrum.

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Solid TV for the $$$4/11/2014 7:18:20 AM

Pros: Cheap. This was on sale for $375 and I would say that it is a great bargain currently at that price. The sound from internal speakers is about average for lcd's. The picture is pretty good with HD sources (720 and 1080). Light weight so easy to mount.

Cons: No optical (spdif out) port so basically no multichannel out to a soundbar. Its not in the description so not really a con. Also sd content scaling is not the best. So picture a bit blurry when up-scaling. Finally the default color profile is way off, so you will need to calibrate, but again to be expected with a bargain tv.

Overall Review: Overall pretty happy. Looks good mounted on wall in the bedroom.

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Junk Product4/11/2014 7:12:03 AM

Pros: Cheap and gigabit ports.

Cons: junk wireless chipset or firmware as mentioned in many posts below. I am waiting for ddwrt or something to flash to get usability.

Overall Review: Oh well worth the gamble at $10, but basically only useful to me as a gigabit switch.

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Wear Protection10/24/2013 1:59:09 PM

Pros: 8 cores / 16 threads, makes rendering a breeze. $$$ is high but you don't get what you don't pay for. Really lets crossfire cards breathe.

Cons: Needed a towel to clean up after the dirty tasks required to pay for this.

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Pretty Sweet10/13/2011 2:48:52 PM

Pros: This thing has an i7 processor, two hdd bays, 4 ram slots and a gtx460 graphics processor which is better than a 540 or 555 and some butchered 560's for those of you not paying attention. Couple that with a 1080p screen and this is a great laptop for the $8XX price-tag.

Cons: Well in response to previous posts there are a few issues, hdd partitioning is weird, why a 120gb os partition and a 330 gb data partition is beyond me. Easily fixable guys: Win7 has a nifty feature in the disk management were you can delete that 330 gb partition and then expand that to a 460gb one (your not getting the 20gb for the recovery partition back. As far as the keyboard back light not working, this is caused by a Win7 update. Easy fix is just clicking the led off button twice to get the lights back. Driver updates on the graphics card. Well you can get them off the asus website but they are behind the release. Luckily you can get a "hacked ini" out there to allow you to install the Nvidia oem drivers. Currently running the 285 version no major issues.

Overall Review: The size on this is pretty bulky, but come on not that bad and fits in my Swisgear bag just fine. The right angle power connector that you can buy would be a nice inclusion too. This is a pretty stellar deal, especially if you spend a little more and add more memory (1600mhz ddr3) and a second 500gb disk and raid 0, or a ssd boot drive.

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Great Little Box8/18/2011 1:54:12 PM

Pros: Tiny, and works perfectly for media pc hooked to tv. Plays HBO go and bluray rips at perfect quality. Put in 1tb 2.5" drive and a 4gb gskill ram chip and this thing is fast. Super easy to assemble, (4 screws). New adobe flash and AMD video drivers fix most of the issues from older reviews. Runs Win 7 Ult x64 great. Netflix (you probably need the Sliverlight 5 update to come out with gpu off loading to do perfect 1080p, but doesn't bother me, the beta is great)

Cons: The only con I can think of is that it makes my 600$ + "htpc" virtually obsolete (well minus the Nvidia 560 ti in it for gaming) But seriously but this for everything computer minus A+ title gaming and you should be golden. Bu know your device if you want gaming then you want the A8 3850 or the upcomming bulldozer platform.

Overall Review: This replaces my Silverstone sugo 05 mini itx, asus p8h67-i, i3 2100t, nvidia 560 ti, box... can't be happier for it's media functionality, and the lower power bill to watch movies :)

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Come On Guys8/27/2010 8:44:19 AM

Pros: Its Office, and its a great upgrade to 2007, please see other comments

Cons: None, besides a closed format

Overall Review: Come on guys don't complain about older versions of office not being able to read 2010 or 2007 docx ... documents. There are addons out there that microsoft has created that will read these documents and convert them properly for office 2002 and 2003 maybe even more.... Please do research before complaining.

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Wow makes a great Game PC5/4/2010 1:17:05 PM

Pros: Small and great layout. Lots of connectors for usb, sata and all the HD hookups if using an i3 processor. Very stable installed all components and booted to Win7 install on first go. Performance with i3-540, 4gb ddr3, ATI 5770 and Intel 40gb ssd is amazing.

Cons: Not many. The cpu socket is in a weird spot and makes it tough to get an aftermarket cooler in there. I tried a Coolit ECO closed loop water cooler, but you have to be careful as there are some circuits close to the mounting holes on the bottom of the board, you can fix this easily with a hacksaw or Dremel on the mounting bracket. I would guess you are pretty limited on air coolers.

Overall Review: Stuffed this and the parts from the pro's in a shuttle SU-g05 and works like a charm, cleared up tons of desktop space from old rig. I would recommend this board over the others like ecs, dfi, or even the zotec as they appear to have stability or bios issues. Great value as well, only $120 for this versus 85 - 120 for a comparable matx board. Way to go Intel. I would guess the only reason for me to upgrade this box would be if the new AMD Fuzion with its integrated graphics can touch the performance of the 5770 :)

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Great Server9/30/2009 7:51:06 AM

Pros: This server combines 2 dual 1366 socket motherboards into one 1u rack mount chassis. I have loaded each one of the 2 up with dual xeon 5320's, 4 500gb wd 2.5" blue's, and 6x 4gb Kingston ddr3 sticks, for a total of 24gb of ram, 2tb hdd, and 8 physical and 8 virtual cores. Setup with Xenserver 5.5 on each to convert my company to a completely virtual environment. Install was quick and easy from a usb dvd external drive. Install of the componets in the server is a snap. Compared to equally equiped dell or hp server this was way more cost effective.

Cons: The first server I received had one of the two motherboards fail (doa). But luckily Newegg has a great return policy and got the second server within a week. Not really a con but the on-board raid is a software raid and Xenserver 5.5 will not recognize the LSI or the Intel raid controllers, luckily the software can span discs. I would suggest if you need hardware raid use the internal pci-express slot for a good raid card, as the sata cables will reach the slot.

Overall Review: I like the fact that you can squeeze 2 independent servers into a 1 u space. This also comes with a copy ca etrust server antivirus 8.1, which is a nice bonus.

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Cool Case5/9/2009 4:12:15 PM

Pros: I did not buy this from newegg, actually tiger (wont buy from them again) This is a great chassis, however I did find the motherboard lacking (i mean come on a intel 950?) But the good news is that this puppy fits a m-itx mother board, so I got a zotac 9300 nvidia one. The power supply works great with it. Get the adapter kit for a notebook bluray and you have a nice small and quiet media center that rocks hddvd.

Cons: intel 950 chipset, I could deal with the 3100 or 4500 series because at least they technically can decode encrypted hd medias. But not really a con because if you are not doing this the onboard is great even with hd (1080p) content that is not encrypted.

Overall Review: Great case, its small and affordable. Try finding a media center this cool, case and psu wise let alone with a full functional mother board for this price.

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AMD Strikes back5/9/2009 7:52:56 AM

Pros: Great processor cant be beat by a intel chip for the price paid $135 on special. This thing paired with a AMD 790fx mother board is just lights out. I would venture to say this whips the crud out of the q6600 sitting in my other box.

Cons: not 6 cores ;)

Overall Review: This is not an i7 killer, but for its target market this thing dominates

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Cool kit5/9/2009 7:46:22 AM

Pros: Easy to install, just remove 4 hex bolts on your K-45 and remove metal shield that covers cd bay, blot this back on and your in business. The 50pin laptop cd to ide adapter is a nice addition. Works great for bluray drive :)

Cons: It would be nice if this came with a 50 laptop connector to sata adapter as well. Oh Well :) Cd rom mounting screws would have been nice too (in case you loose the original ones like me)

Overall Review: The adapter works with pretty much with any notebook / laptop cd, dvd, or even bluray drive. For the most part the all have a 50 pin connector. I personally used a panasonic bluray one and it works great.

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Nice Mobo and Size= :)5/9/2009 7:40:13 AM

Pros: This is a great motherboard, I used it to upgrade my Shuttle K-45. Low power usage, geforce 9300 video, HDMI is great. This thing decodes bluray great even with a celeron 1200 and 2gb of ddr2. I have not tried the pci express, but its there if needed. Installed Windows 7rc1 works great.

Cons: This thing only has 2 internal SATA ports, I know its small but come on, and no ide (not really a big deal, but when using the Shuttle K-45 and the laptop cd/ bluray faceplate kit, needs a eide (well eide to usb works fine).

Overall Review: This thing works great with a 100 watt 20 pin powersupply, I don't have a power reader, but Im sure it is well below 80watts at full load. Great mother board. You need to set the sata mode to acpi to get Windows 7 to install and there is still an unknown coprocessor detected but all is fine.

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