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Plug-and-Play, Phenomenal Performance, Proportional Price, Perilously Portly.7/6/2016 8:24:54 PM

Pros: -Amazingly fast. I may not be quite fit to judge, coming from a 560, but I've not been able to challenge it at 1080p. All of the games I own can be supersampled. I'm just waiting for there to be official Blender kernels pushed so I can really use it at its full potential. -Runs very cool. I've barely seen it hit 60*C even running very recent games at maximum settings and supersampled to 150% of 1080p. -Very quiet unless under heavy load, even then still not egregious. The Windforce design, while not as revolutionary as Gigabyte would lead you to believe, works very well. -Overclocking. I've yet to adjust the card, manually or with software, but I've measured it and it throttles itself to very high frequencies under load. Out-of-the-box, mine goes to 1873 MHz at moments of peak load. -Lots of outputs. There are three DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2.0b, and one DVI-D. It is capable of 8k output with two of its DP's. -Relatively low TDP. The Pascal architecture has allowed for a huge increase in power efficiency. At only 150W, the TDP of this card is safe, stable, manageable, and stresses very few power supplies or motherboards. -Only one 6+2 pin power connector. This allows for most of the power it needs to be direct from the power supply, and makes it a very stable card. -Does not overstate itself (too much). -I have had absolutely no issues with software, drivers, crashes, instability, overheating, anything. This is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use card.

Cons: -If you like things like RGB lighting, backplates, etc, then this card may disappoint you. It has none of that type of thing. Personally, I view these features as superfluous or even pretentious, and have chosen this card because of their non-presence. -The price is high. If you want a better price for 1070's you should wait longer. The MSRP is $380, this (at the moment, the most basic, bare-bones, low-price, high-performance-to-cost ratio ) card is priced $20 above that. In a few months there will likely be even more plain-looking ones that are just as good for the $380 I'd have liked to pay. -This card is very, very large. Just for scale, it is longer (even just the PCB!) than a standard ATX motherboard is wide. It is relatively thick, taking up two PCIe slot width, though you ought to expect that from a GTX card. I have a very large case, and it's cramped for this card.

Overall Review: I am very pleased that I managed to get to this card before it sold out. It was completely out-of-stock about 18 hours after it was made available at a one-per-customer limit. It's a phenomenal card whose strong points are competitive and whose flaws are easy to accommodate, and I plan to be using it for years to come. I imagine you can find a place for one if Newegg can find one to sell you. - Henry Wilson

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