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Nice12/19/2012 8:13:00 PM

Pros: It makes a nice mancave beater sub!

Cons: 0

Overall Review: I bought this for use in the garage, (the cave).. Cant beat $69, works nice! Sorry I have nothing else to say about it, I'm used to my 3 HTU 15's in the house :-)....

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Amazing little sub!3/6/2012 5:26:55 PM

Pros: I bought this on sale with the 40% off deal new egg was running. Even without the 40% off, you can't get this sub any less then the $699 they have it on here for. I run all Klipsch speakers with Klipsch, HSU, Velodyne and believe it or not Bic America subs. I'll just tell you like this, take your hand and try to push this sub speaker and it feels like a wall, not like any other ported sub where you can move it in and out while lightly pushing on it. It takes LOTS of force to move this speaker in this super sealed 11x11x11 box! It hits so precise and tight, nothing like a ported sub what so ever! I have this little BEAST on the side of my couch, the thing bangs me out of it.. Do not get me wrong, any good ported 12'' sub will beat you out of the room but this thing will fit in tight spaces, out of sight. I like to feel and hear things, not see them but some things you cant hide. Bottom line, this little sub rocks! do not hesitate to get one!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have this behind my couch like I mentioned, it replaced a Velodyne minivee 8'' 1200 watt sub. This klipsch hits harder! I should mention I run a HSU VTF-15H up front, all my talk about this Klipsch is without that HSU on.

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Seems accurate.2/18/2012 7:36:12 AM

Pros: Seems to be built well and very sturdy, it will get the ultimate usage and test as soon as outdoor R/C season starts back up. It's within 1-2 degrees of a $300 gauge.

Cons: I gave it 4 eggs because the lazer is not really dead on and will use use up battery if left on.

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