Impressed so far9/25/2019 11:08:15 PM

Pros: The review that claims there is only a 30 day warranty is incorrect. There is a 1 year normal warranty that is being extended to 18 months as part of the re-launch of ZTE in the U.S.

Overall Review: I bought this because of the specs, especially the 12GB RAM and the Snapdragon 855. Wireless charging is also important to me, and this ZTE phone has it whereas OnePlus and some other contenders do not have it. So far I've been really impressed with the speed and responsiveness of the phone, the quality of the screen, the battery life and even the sound quality out of the built-in speakers. I upgraded from a Galaxy S8 and it's nice to have stock Android (or close to it) instead of a lot of bloatware. It's a huge upgrade. Also, ZTE is offering an 18-month extended warranty automatically (check their website), so I saved money on having to buy phone insurance.

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