Does as it says2/21/2020 11:24:52 AM

Pros: Ability to display 4 screens without any annoying issues most operating systems would give trying to mimic that. The specs on the ports are good enough to support the tasks expected of a monitor like this. I have only used the Display port and HDMi ports, and it's just a matter of knowing what to expect out of the display on that port. For instance, 2 of the HDMI are older variants that can only do 4k at 30hz, so obviously those handle 1080p at 60hz, which is more than enough for the third and fourth screens. There also does not appear to be a color accuracy hit in these vs the 4k@60hz variants. For productivity space, it works extremely well and does do alot to make things easy to use. I did have to use my graphics card's multi-monitor set up tools instead of window's settings as windows had a hard time lining up the screens correctly to where sides didnt have random offsets (windows has a hard time making a box out of 4 monitors without leaving gaps between them that vary in pixel length.) For gaming, it's not intended to do high fps anything, so it won't, but again that's not the intention of this monitor. For games that your computer can't handle at 4k, the downscaling to 1080p doesn't affect the imaging on this monitor in a major way (mainly because of how 1080p and 4k are on the same numerical factor) [This is from me setting Windows to display on the whole screen are 1080p, not from telling the game to display at 1080p]. For multi-monitor gaming, it does extremely well. I play 4 Eve Online accounts simultaneously and the ability to give them each a screen and not have to worry about windows messing up how the windows sit on each other when using a dual monitor setup, and the ease of setup (and lack of bezels) easily outweighs setting up 4 individual monitors for this purpose. Inclusion of a remote is awesome. Tilt on the included stand works well and I don't have any need for it to improve in any meaningful way.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I'm very happy with this monitor and would gladly invest in another one after this one has aged appropriately. One other thing is that if the monitor is too bright for you, try using dark mode or dark themes for your applications. It won't help when working on things that are bright white, like in art applications or other similar programs, but it does help if you are browsing YouTube or doing other general tasks. Finally, choose your graphics card wisely to make sure you dont have to use a bunch of converters, if you end using them, I would bet your experience wouldn't be on the same level as converters aren't always 1:1. I picked a 2080 from Gigabyte that had the ability to use 1 display port and 3 HDMI, this has worked very well for me so far.

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Pretty Awesome for 3D Modeling and Gaming9/30/2018 5:30:42 AM

Pros: Got to clock to 4.15Ghz across all cores at 1.2875V which is awesome for temperatures and productivity. Scoring an 1874 on cinebench was a good sight. It does anything and everything you could want without too much of a hiccup once you get it tuned in.

Cons: The Voltages at stock are a little crazy if your board automatically applies an all core clock speed. I saw it fluctuate from .9~ish volts @2.8Ghz to 1.55v at 4.3Ghz, just from the stock settings with the board auto-applying the All Core Boost. This made my processor sit at roughly 80-85 Degrees C Tdie (90-95 C Tctl). That temperature was a tad uncomfortable for me and it climbed easily when the GPU was also pushing heavy loads. The only thing I wish is that in the future AMD makes sure that features which can cause an auto-overclock are disabled by default as some people may never check for this sort of thing.

Overall Review: I'd still recommend this over Intel if you want your computer to perform well in a variety of different tasks, such as: Gaming, Recording, 3D Modeling, Game Development, Video Editing, etc. With the Vega 64 Listed below, I've been getting 100-120fps (Locked at 120fps) on Fortnite at 1080p@Max, 65-75 FPS in Doom at 4k@Max, and am getting great performance in blender for modeling. System: Ryzen 2700x Cooler: MA610P x470 Taichi G. Skill Mem Model F4-2400C16D-32GFT Sapphire Nitro SR Vega 64 2x 1Tb WD Blue SSD RM850x Power Supply Silent Base 800 Case

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Works as expected9/30/2018 5:05:27 AM

Pros: Voltages respond as needed, does changes well in bios, color changing software works with CPU cooler as it should, no abnormalities. Solid Construction, Good Packaging, and everything was present in the package as stated.

Cons: One pin was slightly bent on the USB 3.0 front connector, however tweezers with a thin rubber topper made for a quick fix on that. (This can happen and was not worth removing a star as there was no performance loss from this).

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this for a 2700x system as the 2700x at stock really makes some big changes on the voltages to obtain it's speeds. The highest I've seen my 2700x at stock pull was 1.55v, which was a little too crazy for me. With this board I got my 2700x to run at 4.15Ghz across all cores at 1.2875v and be stable. I couldn't ask for better performance from a motherboard. Also, audio output from the board is louder than my old Crosshair V Formula Z by 20% for some reason... System: Ryzen 2700x Cooler: MA610P x470 Taichi G. Skill Mem Model F4-2400C16D-32GFT Sapphire Nitro SR Vega 64 2x 1Tb WD Blue SSD RM850x Power Supply Silent Base 800 Case

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Solid Model9/30/2018 4:56:25 AM

Pros: Worked with the 2700x on an x470 Taichi board Got it to run at 2666Mhz without changing the voltage which was nice as no extra heat is really added while running slightly faster. Haven't bother to run it faster because the gain of going 2400 to 2666 wasn't much to begin with, except in 3D modeling, which it already does well enough.

Cons: None, does what it says on the tin

Overall Review: It's overall a nice kit and you aren't paying for a heat spreader that really doesn't affect performance. I picked it because gains from faster RAM on Ryzen wasn't worth paying the extra cost for Ram at the time. The modules for the QVL for my motherboard placed a 3200Mhz kit at $410 and this was $269, $140 isn't worth a possible 5%-7% boost in performance in some applications. System: Ryzen 2700x Cooler: MA610P x470 Taichi G. Skill Mem Model F4-2400C16D-32GFT Sapphire Nitro SR Vega 64 2x 1Tb WD Blue SSD RM850x Power Supply Silent Base 800 Case

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Works As Expected9/30/2018 4:47:23 AM

Pros: They are fast and do sustained writes quite well (Which was more surprising than anything else).

Cons: None, they do what they say they should.

Overall Review: This was on the approved Storage QVL for my Asrock x470 Taichi, which was why I went with it over a Samsung. Overall, I upgraded to these in this newer tower from an 250Gb 850 evo and these keep in pace for me in terms of being an upgrade. I ordered two of these 1Tb models because they were on sale cheaper than one 2Tb Model. System: Ryzen 2700x Cooler: MA610P x470 Taichi G. Skill Mem Model F4-2400C16D-32GFT Sapphire Nitro SR Vega 64 2x 1Tb WD Blue SSD RM850x Power Supply Silent Base 800 Case

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Very Solid Card8/11/2018 7:20:00 PM

Pros: -Came at 1630 Clock speed instead of the 1580. Which was odd, but not unwelcome. I did not bother to install Sapphire's Suite, I only have the Radeon Driver installed. -Ran Far Cry 5 at 4k on High preset with textures changed to Ultra at Playable speeds (Between 40 and 60fps, locked at 60) -Card Temps are solid, didn't check numbers (Although I should probably have), Fans shut off at 55c and after shutting down a game or intensive program, they were off in 1 minute or less -Fans are nice and quiet and don't seem to be stressing too much at stock -Includes bracket which helps with traditional installation -LEDs are at standard light level, not blinding or dull -Does exceptionally well with blender, rendering things, etc. Which is the main reason I chose this over the 1080 (Besides the preference of the Sapphire Brand) - Good Packaging (Socket Protectors, Bubble Wrap Style Static Guard, Foam Surround)

Cons: -Huge, not necessarily a Con, but it is quite large in both length and width. 2.5 Slot and is longer than a Sapphire Trixx 290x by a small margin. Cable Management is a must with this card. I use a Cooler Master Storm Series Trooper (Original without Glass Side Window) and it left only a little space between it and the Hard Drive Cages (Less than 3in, but Greater than 1in) -Some bends in the Heat sink fins (None Touching), which is expected and this wasn't more than any other graphics card that I've opened -No Cons for performance, cooling, or aesthetics.

Overall Review: There is a on open socket in the graphics card which looks like it needs something to plug in to. Would Like to know what that is if possible. It would be something that it connects to itself, it is not an external connector such as a fan, power, or video connector. This doesn't seem to cause a decrease in performance either. Maybe it is just there because this is another version of the LE and that's where the extra light system would connect in? The card had a lot of thought put into the design and aesthetics and it seemed to have payed off well. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it.

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It's Free8/11/2018 4:36:20 AM

Pros: It's Free

Cons: Not sure that I really care about getting these games, but I figure no one else would write much of a review either and I feel like I should just put one anyways.

Overall Review: Tried activating the code sent to me before I received my card and was sent that it could not be activated without a qualifying card in my system for this. So kind of a neat little security thing, not sure how effective that would be if someone stole it with an AMD card that qualified, but was bought before the deal... In any case, this is a thing.

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