Stays silent and cool, overclocks well7/30/2021 4:42:54 PM

Pros: - Stayed inaudible and <60c on stock settings (custom fan curve) - Overclocked to play at 1440p, stayed super quiet even then. - Memory is cooled properly with thermal pads

Overall Review: I loved this card while I had it, upgraded to a 1080 Ti. I had it overclocked for basically the entire time I owned it, but it still stayed cool and quiet. I've used gigabyte cards in the past and they never disappoint. The gray and black minimalist design looks great.

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Nice case, but no ARGB hub7/30/2021 4:36:37 PM

Pros: - Like other DIYPC cases, it's compact for while still supporting ATX - Very easy to build in - Nice lighting options

Cons: - Doesn't include fans, but other cases at this price point do. Something to consider - Unlike another DIYPC case I've used, there's no stock ability to connect more ARGB devices / hub.

Overall Review: It's a little bit of a hassle to connect other ARGB devices, but with a soldering iron and spare length of wire, you can. See video for end result

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Great case, easy to build in... broken LED strip.6/29/2021 5:02:32 PM

Pros: Very spacious, it fit two front 120mm fans, a wide ATX motherboard, and a top 280mm radiator with no issues. Cable management was easy and had lots of spots to add zip ties in the back. Hard drive cage was shock-mounted, so my (usually) very noisy HGST server drive was silent in this case.

Cons: PSU can only be mounted upside-down, though this is a personal thing, it doesn't really matter. More importantly, the front LED strip was DOA. Using a multimeter, I found that the cable connecting the front strip to the ARGB controller was not continuous, so the 5V line was cut somewhere. I added a new connector to see if that would fix the problem, but coincidentally both connectors were broken. I ended up just soldering the 3 ARGB wires directly to the controller, and it works great now. A little bit of a hassle for me, but not everyone has the equipment to diagnose and resolder this part.

Overall Review: Poor QA, but everything else about the case was great.

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Quiet, Powerful, Tiny3/15/2020 2:32:14 PM

Pros: -Can't even hear it under load -Modular cables are great quality and all black -Side stickers are easily removable for a cleaner look -Good price w/ rebate -Long warranty

Overall Review: If I was building another SFFPC, I would most likely use this psu (if it's on sale) :). It's super efficient, silent, and has always worked perfectly for me.

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