Great so Far3/15/2021 9:14:22 AM

Pros: +Sustaining heavy power load +Quiet +Extra heatsinks inside

Cons: -Sort of expensive for a 1000W PSU

Overall Review: I just recently purchased this PSU in a build that I use for rendering. I've been pushing this PSU to it's limits for over two weeks now and it's been solid. The extra heatsinks that Asus has in the PSU is doing wonders as I don't hear the fan activating (but it' running, I had to check!). So far, so good.

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Stable, Reliable power12/9/2013 8:01:39 AM

Pros: Stable, Reliable, modular, and the form factor is smaller/shorter than most other PSU's at this wattage.

Cons: Cables are ugly. What's worse is that you can't use other modular cables besides Thermaltakes. The inside of my computer isn't as clean as I'd like, mainly because of the cables that come with this PSU. I'm actually really upset about that.

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