Great Product7/3/2017 5:00:59 AM

Pros: -Great for overclocking -2 x m.2 slot -Great Board integrity. -a plentiful amount of inputs. -high quality PCIE slots

Cons: No wifi

Overall Review: The software that came with are not that good

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Highly recommended1/7/2017 10:59:42 PM

Pros: I have been building computers for more than 15 years for my company. I have seen all kind of liquid cooler you can imagine and trust me when I say this is the best I have ever seen it is really amazing and cool. The building quality is perfect even the accessories that came with it are more than needed I rarely wright a review but this one deserve it. I bought deepcool case and I was surprised with that too despite I have one comment on it " one fan only??? I know most people change the case fan but let me be the one who decide" still it will take 5 too


Overall Review: Highly recommended

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Didn`t make any difference only droped the temp by 3 degrees and so much noisy the computer freezes after a while4/29/2016 2:27:26 PM

Pros: Nothing it didn`t make any difference with Hyper 612 Ver.2 and so much noise form the pump

Cons: The computer freezes when I install link software, I left all sittings by defaults and changed nothing The noise coming from the pump is too loud you can hear it all over the room

Overall Review: Satay away too much bugs with system still needs too much work

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