3/11/2015 6:31:12 AM

Pros: It came quickly

Cons: The computer came with Windows 7 Pro installed and a disk with Labeled Windows 8.1 RECOVERY there were absolutely no instructions on how to UPGRADE to Windows 8.1. Dell tech support was worthless. After two failed attempts at installing Windows 8.1 I bought a windows 8.0 disk at $70.00 and upgraded that way. It seems that the disk that came with it aborted each time because the Bluetooth software already installed is not compatible with 8.1. The system never said why exactly it aborted the install. It was not until I installed from a full 8.0 did it tell me to remove the Bluetooth program. I did and it went on to install 8.0. I still have to go through all the updates for 8.0 before I can install 8.1. The average computer person would not be able to figure this out. I am very disappointed in both Newegg and Dell. Dells tech support is absolutely worthless. No instructions other than quick start My Brother in law bought the EXACT same model and it came loaded with Windows 8.1 I feel someone should reinbursed me for the cost of the upgrade and for my time and trouble. It is definately not what was advertised.

Overall Review: Perhaps Dell tech support could be useful if the actually listend to what the customer says instead of multi-tasking with five other callers. they don't even carry on a coversation everything they say is scripted. If I called 911 to report that my house was on fire I would expect them to ask appropriate questions not something like "when was your house built" or "do you have insurance" Muti-task things NOT people!

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