Flawless4/29/2020 6:28:52 PM

Pros: In a case will good ventilation this can cool the hardest running CPU's under heavy loads. Noise volume and quality are excellent and can easily be tuned for silent running. It came with two low voltage noise adapters that seem to reduce the speed by 25%? Not needed on a modern motherboard but a nice bonus for older systems.

Cons: None, but be aware this is a very well built and heavy CPU cooler. Do not transport a computer with it installed.

Overall Review: Don't even question it.. Just click buy I just replaced a 5 year old build using a water cooled Caselabs SMA8 case with 3 radiators and 11 Noctua iPPC fans running 900rpm and you can't tell the fans were ever used. I didn't hesitate to purchase this product and it doesn't disappoint.. I have a well ventilated Silverstone SM01 case and I've been pounding a Ryzen 9 3900x (12 core CPU) for hours using Cinebench, handbrake, games.. I can't get the CPU to crack 70c with the fans only running 75%.. This product can easily out perform cheap to mid tier AIO's in hardcore situations and also be tuned for silent builds..

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