1.5yrs as media server1/14/2015 6:51:32 AM

Pros: - form factor (sits next to bed in bedroom) - quiet (never notice it, but it does sit next to a bigger pc so maybe it just blends its noise in :) - hdd storage for its size (fits 4!)

Cons: - CPU could be beefier, but suits my purpose

Overall Review: After stuffing 4hdds in this this when it arrived, I installed ubuntu server and plex, and I haven't had to physically touch it for as long as I can remember. CPU could be a bit beefier for transcoding multiple video streams, but in my case Plex usually does direct play and there's no transcoding going on. Overall satisfied with this purchase, especially for the use I've gotten out of it.

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Good Stuff!6/4/2008 7:47:54 AM

Pros: Good packaging, easy install. Bought 2 of these and configured them in a Raid 0 setup. Part of my first ever PC build so if you're looking for the increased performance of 2 drives in a Raid 0, these seem a good bang for the buck. Benchmarked at 120-130MB/s (going off memory).

Cons: No cons yet!

Overall Review: part of my first custom PC build. comparing these to the 8 year old hdds I'm used to is an astounding difference. My Build: Abit IP-35 Pro, NVidia Geforce 8800gt, Intel Wolfdale, 4GB GSkill ddr2.

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Very pleased.6/4/2008 7:42:48 AM

Pros: Install was a breeze. Blows my previous, old Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 440 out of the water, bigtime! This was the video card in my first custom PC build, so you can take it from me that it's no complicated install.

Cons: Sure is bulky. Wish I would have waited till last to put it in my case, because subsequent hook ups were awkward and scary due to lack of space to a first-time builder... didn't want to break anything! Probably not an issue if you have a bigger case than my spacious Antec 900 ATX Mid Tower.

Overall Review: Part of my first ever custom PC Build (me = n00b) : Abit IP-35 Pro mobo, 4gb GSkill DDR2, 2x400gb western digital satas configured in Raid0.

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No Hitches, But LOUD6/4/2008 7:30:36 AM

Pros: Easy install. Just plug and go. A part of my first custom pc build (me = n00b). Transfer rates seemed improved over my old hardware.

Cons: LOUD. Easily doubles the noise my system makes when it starts whirring up a disk. When this thing first started up, it scared me because I thought there was something wrong with my hardware (sounded like a fan vibrating against something). But I wasn't looking for super quiet - just cheap. So it gets the job done.

Overall Review: My first custom pc build: Abit IP-35 Pro MB, 2x400GB Western Dig Satas, Nvidia Geforce 8800gt, 4GB GSkill DDR2.

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