Great Card12/18/2013 5:24:02 PM

Pros: Very cheap and great bang for the buck.

Cons: I think that the people who verified this refurbished card should be placed in a different position. The heatsink was loose and not mounted well against the GPU. I had to clean off the thermal paste and reset the heatsink. This wouldn't have happened if the heatsink was properly mounted onto the card. However, it's running well and is operating at normal temperatures.

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It's a powersupply5/6/2012 1:20:49 PM

Pros: It works great. No complaints. Running Ivy Bridge with dual HD 6970 cards. CPU, RAM and GPU overclocked. Never a power blip.

Cons: None

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Overclocked and Works5/6/2012 1:19:34 PM

Pros: Installed with Coolermaster Hyper N520 Heatsink. It works great and is stable with overclocking up to 4.9GHz. This is auto clocked by the mainboard. Haven't gotten into custom over clocking yet.

Cons: None so far

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Good Motherboard5/4/2012 9:24:57 PM

Pros: As most motherboards, it was easy to install and get working. ASUS did a lot of little things that made the installation of this motherboard a joy. The front panel jumper piece was nice. It's always hard to read the little letters on the motherboard to figure out where they should be plugged in. Also, installing/removing PCIE Video Cards is nice since you have a bit more room to get your hands down there to remove. They made the release clip a bit wider than normal.

Cons: Nothing really. The PCIE3.0 in Crossfire mode is a bit misleading when using PCIE2.0 cards. I thought that crossfiring the video cards would put the motherboard in a x8/x8 PCIE3 setup which it does. However, even though PCIE3 x8 = PCIE2 x16 bandwidth, it will still put the PCIE2 cards in x8 mode.

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Solid Product3/6/2012 8:14:53 AM

Pros: Solid motherboard with everything needed to get the job done.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I'm using this motherboard as a home server. I'm running a private cloud that allows me to host a few internal servers. This is an upgrade from a Core i3 540. Night and day difference. I did my research and the Xeon E3-1270 plus this motherboard is the biggest bang for the buck.

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Great Product1/25/2012 1:47:07 PM

Pros: I'm running a home server that hosts multiple VMs for various reasons. I had 8GB DDR3 memory in there before and it got the job done, but things did seem sluggish at times since I was around 95% memory used. Adding this memory not only was easy, but very successful. Immediately upon reboot, the server's memory usage went to 75% memory used and SWAP space at 0% used. Everything runs more stable and faster.

Cons: none

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Excellent Addition12/9/2011 7:30:40 AM

Pros: You're able to watch encrypted ClearQAM 256 channels! Unlike many adapters, you can watch the premium channels with your cable provider. You will not be able to watch channels that you do not pay for, but all of the high def sports channels and movies are so clear. Between this, Antec Fusion Case and Logitech Harmony remote I was able to make the ultimate Media Center. They have recently updated their software so extending your tuners to other computers is easy!

Cons: If you assign 1/4 tuners to another computer, you're unable to use that tuner even if the other computer is not on. Would be nice if you could use whichever tuner you want if available. Would be nice if the software allowed priorities to computers based on user discretion. The 'network tuner' software is a hit or miss sometimes. I have to reconfigure the turner on other computers when necessary. All in all, it works good.

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Not too bad, could be better5/17/2011 2:11:49 PM

Pros: Nice specs. Great screen and bang for the buck.

Cons: Preinstalled system is horrible. Wifi works, but not recognized. BIOS doesn't allow boot from USB. Initial system slow and unresponsive. Not for the tech illiterate. Right side USBs are 'upside down' which is okay, but annoying. No eject button on optical drive.

Overall Review: A bit of care and testing by the developers could prevent a lot of issues with new systems. I was thinking of making a dual boot with Win7 and Linux, but formatted immediately after 10 minutes of annoyance and owning.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued MSI Customer, We would like to apologize for the issue you have experienced with this particular notebook. Please email me directly via your notebook's serial number and your complete contact information, subject heading "EAHFX720-001US". I would like to help you get this resolved. Best Regards, User Support MSI Product Support
Broke after 2 Weeks1/24/2011 7:03:29 AM

Pros: Nice design. Good on battery life (assuming with auto shutoff feature)

Cons: Optical broke after 2 weeks. It started acting funny, but then would not work at all. The keyboard in whole, felt very fragile.

Overall Review: They misspelled words on the back of the keyboard. Instead of typing HOME, they typed FOME... For FOME and OFFICE use only?!... I should have returned it when I saw that.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Power Adapter10/11/2010 5:45:18 AM

Pros: Product is as described

Cons: Price kind of high. Competitive, but similar to normal size laptop power adapters in terms of price.

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Laptops of Laptops2/25/2009 11:31:53 AM

Pros: It would be hard (at the time of writing) to find a laptop with better specs than this one. The only thing I would upgrade in the future would be the hard drive to solid state. I think that the processor, memory, and the video card are at and beyond most laptops today. Moderately priced for what you are actually getting.

Cons: The screen is a little overkill. I mean 18.4" screams that you're trying to make up for something else. 17" would have been sufficient, but I'm assuming that ASUS had a hard time fitting everything in the case. Like most geeks, putting certain parts in certain holes hasn't always been easy.

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