Awesome5/9/2016 7:29:47 AM

Pros: Free with purchase of MSI GPU.

Cons: Does't remotely control teenage behavior.

Overall Review: This mouse fits my hand well, has red lights, changeable weights and, DPI switch.

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A New MSI Fan4/20/2016 7:58:22 AM

Pros: Easy to install Great specs for my needs and budget Runs smooth Play most games on ultra and high settings with stable framerates

Cons: AMD drivers seem to get in the way of the performance of this card

Overall Review: Overall, I'm happy I bought this.

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Raidmax5/25/2014 9:14:28 AM

Pros: Love this case. Lots of room for upgrades, good cable management and plenty of bays for HDD or SDD. With the four spaces for case fans I am able to keep my PC running cool. The included fans run very quiet and do a good job at keeping the unit cool, also I put in 2x Sickleflow 120mm fans for extra cooling.

Cons: The rubber buffers for the fan installations are not very good. If you're not careful the screws will go through the holes and your fan will fall into the case. This case has a blue led scheme going on and the activity light on front is bright red. For me personally this is very tacky.

Overall Review: Over all I love this case. I plan on upgrading my PC as my budget allows and I will not have to replace the case. I got this for $55 plus a $15 mail-in rebate, so for $40 this case is great for the price.

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Gigabyte Boards4/24/2014 7:58:49 AM

Pros: Haven't plugged it in yet, excited to try Gigabyte for the first time. I'll update if all goes well.

Cons: N/A

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AMD4/24/2014 7:57:40 AM

Pros: Love AMD, great FM2 Socket processor for the money.

Cons: FM2 is a limited form factor

Overall Review: If your on a tight budget than this is a good choice.

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My BenQ4/24/2014 7:55:28 AM

Pros: Beautiful screen and colors. Large size makes for incredible onscreen work area and fabulous gaming experience.

Cons: With such a large screen, the desktop must be fit to size through display properties.

Overall Review: Love it

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