Awesome Laptop6/6/2021 2:28:08 AM

Pros: I have only used it a few days so here is my preliminary review: Nice, powerful laptop! RGB keyboard is nice, however, I didn't buy it at all for that reason, but it is a little nicer to look at than a plain white lit up keyboard. Easy to upgrade/open, (and it IS upgrade-able, unlike some of the "soldered ram" laptops.) I already put in a second SSD for storage. Apparently, you could gain a almost 20% performance increase by switching the ram... according to a you tube video, however I have yet to verify that. Newegg's delivery was prompt, as usual, although you pay for it, unlike other places that ship for free.

Cons: All the Asus software running on it. At least 15 new services running, and am not a fan of software that has to have a "web browser" component when all you want is to change your fan speed or monitor your system's vitals. You could NOT install some of the software, but windows will do it anyways when it updates. Ironically, the bios is so basic, you can barely control anything. I guess I am use to building my own computers and having more control in how the system is used.

Overall Review: Would I recommend it, absolutely and already have, although biggest drawback is they are almost impossible to buy. (Like a lot of other computer hardware right now) (Picture shown with the laptop sitting on a laptop cooler that I always use, because I often have it sitting on a bed which blocks the bottom "air in" grill.)

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