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2/16/2015 6:29:33 AM

Pros: Beautiful. Airflow to noise ratio is good.

Cons: Was unable to lower fan speeds to my liking. At lower voltages, the fan would not start.

Overall Review: I wish this fan were 500 RPM.

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2/16/2015 6:22:26 AM

Pros: So far they have been rock solid in RAID 0. R/W are about 10 Gb/s.

Cons: There are slightly faster drives available for a similar price.

Overall Review: Wish I had a few more of these to add to my array.

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1/24/2015 7:51:04 AM

Pros: This thing is extremely effective at cpu cooling. About 10C (sometimes more) cooler than my previous 240mm AIO, and that's with lower fan speeds as well. My 12 thread CPU hardly ever makes it past 50C. Very nice. The tubes are also long and easy bend to your installation needs.

Cons: This thing carries quite a premium over 240mm units, but only offers more rad space and another cheap fan. Speaking of the fans, if you're going for silent operation like myself, the stock fans are best left in the box. The pump itself is quite noisy. Turning the speed down mostly solved problem with no negative effects on performance. Finally, the unit is very plain. It comes with no software, and the block itself is just a boring circle, with no led's or anything.

Overall Review: This unit greatly surpassed my expectations as far as cooling goes. Reviews only put this thing on par with other AIO's that feature shorter rad's, but I found it to be far better. However, I'd be more satisfied if it weren't so expensive.

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1/15/2015 8:03:22 PM

Pros: Has a very attractive black / silver color scheme. Comes with MSI military class components, which are very solid in my experience. So far it has been very stable. I like the included software, especially intel extreme tuning utility. It's great for monitoring cpu temps and speed, and comes with some very useful stress tests.

Cons: No onboard debug LED is probably the biggest thing that sticks out. The BIOS lacks the ability to save profiles. Would also have liked an onboard creative sound chip, but that would understandably drive the price up.

Overall Review: It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but a lot of higher end motherboards are just marketing unnecessary features that I'll likely never use anyways.

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1/15/2015 7:46:26 PM

Pros: It's a relative bargain for 3000 mhz ddr4. So far xmp seems stable and has passed all stress tests, as in my opinion it should. It looks pretty cool. Also, memory this fast + samsung ssd rapid mode = some insanely fast speeds.

Cons: Price. Also, I wish more color options were available at this speed and price. White or silver would be interesting.

Overall Review: G.Skill seems to have taken over the enthusiast memory sector.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you got a bargain on this high performance memory kit. With 16GB of DDR4-3000, your computer will be capable of anything you put it to. Currently red, blue, and black are the main color schemes for the RipJaws line of RAM, but we will consider others in the future. For all high end RAM, there is no where else to look than G.Skill, especially for the price and speed. If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will be glad to help. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
1/15/2015 7:34:47 PM

Pros: Low voltage, making it easy to cool, despite having 12 threads. I like that piece of mind, but in my experience, intel processors are extremely durable anyways, which is another huge plus. I'm also glad intel has offered a reasonably priced six core as part of their extreme series chipsets.

Cons: Additional PCI lanes will run you another $200 for the next processor up. DDR4 doesn't come cheap.

Overall Review: Probably more processor than I need, but I like it anyways.

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12/28/2014 1:17:58 PM

Pros: Plenty fast. Rapid mode makes for some scorching speeds (28x faster than my previous drive), though is mostly a benchmarking trick.

Cons: Flimsy.

Overall Review: This made for a good upgrade.

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exceeds expectations12/27/2014 8:19:00 AM

Pros: The sound quality is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, except better. This is a powerful headset with great bass and no real distortion at any volume. They excel at rock and rap, as well as gamingl. A great all around headset for computer use. I tried three other $200-$400 headsets before these, and am most satisfied with the sound of these. Depending on color choice, these can be found for an incredible price as well.

Cons: They are 50% over ear, 50% on ear, and 100% uncomfortable. Unless your ears are the size of a quarter, the earpads will press against the top and bottom of your ear, causing discomfort. Also, the cord is not detacheable. Worn connecting wires is the number one cause of death for headphones, and could be avoided if the cord could be removed and replaced if needed.

Overall Review: I hope the earpads are easily replaceable because this is one awesome headset.

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12/24/2014 8:03:33 AM

Pros: My favorite part about this card is the pro studio software. If you enjoy tweaking things like myself, you should enjoy this very much. I'm really liking the surround effect. It works surprisingly well and is fun to use in games. Another great feature is the preset profiles and equalizer settings. You can choose from options such as 'first person shooter' or 'real time strategy' and it will load accompanying settings. There's even an option to set and save your own profiles.

Cons: Not much of an improvement over x-fi, but I'm happy because I got a good deal and very much like the software. The led's are poorly implemented. I made a "cap" and placed it over the rear led, solving the problem without having to alter any hardware.

Overall Review: Aside from arguably only being a side-step from an x-fi, this is still a great card, with some great features, at a reasonable price.

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good deal12/21/2014 7:01:07 PM

Pros: Perhaps most importantly, they look great. They are also comfortable and dampen a good amount of outside noise without having to resort to active noise cancelling. Like a lot of similar headphones, they sound good but not amazing. They won't sound like a $5,000 home theater, and their bass isn't comparable to a car subwoofer, but they are plenty enjoyable when listening to music. The bass is better than most headphones, the high's are not harsh, and the sound is clear. Yes, they are 5.1 surround headphones as well, but you can't expect miracles. They are better than stereo headphones at this effect, but are not perfect.

Cons: I wish there were more colors to choose from, such as blue. Also, I had hoped to use these for gaming, but found them somewhat fatiguing for this purpose, especially with the bass turned up. In my opinion these are better for music.

Overall Review: These handily beat the competition for $300 less.

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12/12/2014 11:33:15 AM

Pros: Awesome Price, PWM, Hydro Dynamic Bearing, Sturdy Construction, Fancy Blades, Braided Cable, and Good Airflow to Sound Ratio

Cons: Faint PWM click, but can be made basically inaudible at low RPM's.

Overall Review: Have two of these on an H100i. They are not as capable as the stock fans, but fit in very well with a nearly silent PC while still providing ample cooling.

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12/11/2014 1:42:49 PM

Pros: This controller makes it fairly easy to control fans and monitor their speed all while looking sleek. The touchscreen itself works well and responds quickly. I also saw no real problems viewing this from any angle. The included sticker was a nice surprise.

Cons: I could do without the locking feature. It stays locked when not using. You have to unlock it every time you want to use it and it only stays unlocked for a limited time and can be a pain. Maybe there's some way to disable this but I haven't found it. This controller also does not allow fan speeds to be lowered to my liking. For example, my 140mm fan (~1200 RPM) can only be lowered to 850-900 RPM on lowest setting. That makes this controller excellent for finetuning RPMs but perhaps not the best if you have a high, or even moderate, rpm fan and wish to make it completely silent. Sure, a cable that lowers the fan's speed could be used, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a fan controller. I don't much care for the included temperature sensors. What would be more useful is if this controller could be connected to the motherboard, so that CPU / GPU temperatures could be displayed and used.

Overall Review: This is a fairly plain, but good-looking, fan controller. No flashing lights, etc. Some people will appreciate this. Personally, I at least wish you could change the screen colors.

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king of the 970s11/23/2014 7:40:27 AM

Pros: The cooler and backplate look spectacular and have a quality feel. It looks like a piece of futuristic alien technology with the pulsating green light and carbon fiber. Very cool. The beefed up components, 8 pin connectors, and substantial factory overclock are all huge pluses as well.

Cons: No blue LED. That would have been awesome. Also, there's not many settings for the lights, just on and off that I know of. I'd like to be able to change pulsation on and off as well as have the option to choose one color without it changing. What would really be cool is if you could set it to turn red at a certain temperature. This cooler keeps temperatures well in check (60-62 at load) and is fairly quiet, though I was expecting better for such a seemingly overpowered heatsink. The OC seems to be mostly gimmick to me. Sure I'd rather have it than not, but it only shows things like vrm efficiency and card current, which I'm not particularly interested in monitoring. And finally, the price. A lot of the 970's value is lost at this higher price point.

Overall Review: I found this to be the most appealing overall based on combined cooler, components, and factory speed. It did not disappoint. This is one amazing card. I would not let something as trivial as firestorm (it needs some work) or voltage levels deter you from buying this product.

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11/23/2014 7:19:39 AM

Pros: It looks great with its sharp angles and tri zone lighting. The ability to change the lighting color and pulsation effects is what sets this mouse apart from others. Six included weights allow for plenty of customization. The software allows for even more tweaking, with a large amount of options as well. My favorite, aside from the colors, is the ability to set your own dpi levels, making it easier to find the right level.

Cons: I found that this mouse takes some time to get used to. With so many buttons, it's possibly to accidentally push one, especially the side button, though this not a major problem. The software is great in that it provides many options, though I wish these options were better explained in the help section. I still find some options confusing, like the fact that there are about five different ways to alter the sensitivity.

Overall Review: My main concern was that this mouse would over-promise then turn out to be cheap junk, but it turned out to be quite impressive.

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11/3/2014 2:39:48 PM

Pros: Colossal drivers capable of thunderous bass. The ear cushions are comfortable fabric and the braided cable is appreciated.

Cons: The mids and highs aren't bad, but they aren't as awesome as the bass and can distort at higher volumes.

Overall Review: Got these on sale. I'm satisfied with the purchase, but would think twice about paying full price.

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10/17/2014 11:16:39 AM

Pros: Looks great. Perfect side window. High quality feel. Velcro cable ties behind motherboard proved very useful. Lots of cooling options.

Cons: Somewhat cramped with a bottom 240 radiator installed. Wish another fan was included.

Overall Review: Awesome case, especially for the price.

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1/17/2014 1:06:29 PM

Pros: Excellent value. It's not totl part, but I was pleasantly surprised with it's attractive design, reasonable quality, and perceived durability. Lights up a cool ice blue color as well.

Cons: I wish the mouse had a light to indicate the dpi setting, and smoother edges.

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5/12/2013 12:49:49 AM

Pros: stylish, can get loud, adjustable cord length, volume control, interchangeable earpieces (rubber "hook" can be removed, which i did), cool carrying case

Cons: sound wasnt much better than apple headphones for ipod

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Verified Owner
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3/31/2013 6:18:41 AM

Pros: Inexpensive and stylish.

Cons: They fit awkwardly and must be adjusted frequently as they keep falling out of the ear. I thought xtreme explosives were known for bass but these are completely lacking. Sound quality in general is poor and hurts the ears at higher volumes.

Overall Review: Maybe I was expecting too much from $15 headphones.

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3/30/2013 1:15:36 AM

Pros: Sounds quality is good. Probably the clearest sounding headphones I've yet owned.

Cons: These headphones feel very cheap, especially the plastic.

Overall Review: Overall pretty good headphones, but probably wouldnt pay 99 for them.

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3/1/2013 7:37:53 AM

Pros: Great chair IMO. Very comfortable and supportive. The back doesn't lean back much which I like a lot.

Cons: Installing the back seatrest was more difficult than I would have liked.

Overall Review: Got this on sale and I think it's awesome. Can't speak for the durability concerns others are having but my last Rosewill chair lasted about a year and a half and I was fine with that.

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1/25/2013 6:17:49 AM

Pros: The motherboard lights were cool I guess.

Cons: Too many to list.

Overall Review: I would actually wish this board upon my worst enemy.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Please contact us at 888-881-3842 so we can get some information as to what the problem is, and see if we can help assist you with it. Thank you, Brandon B
impressed1/17/2013 4:07:14 AM

Pros: First reference style cooler and I'm likin' it. Much quieter than I expected, and exhausting air out the back of the case is a huge plus. It has a solid feel to it that a card this price should have, and looks cool as well.

Cons: The GEFORCE GTX logo on the side doesn't glow.

Overall Review: As far as I know, all of the reference cards are the same across different manufacturers. So I figured I would save a few bucks and go with Zotac. So far I'm not disappointed.

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Long1/17/2013 4:01:31 AM

Pros: Three fans keep the card cool. Comes with ultra durable components. Looks good.

Cons: Three fans are somewhat loud at idle.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
1/12/2013 8:36:47 PM

Pros: Impressive amount of tools. Perfect for replacing a power supply fan, among other things. Wish I got one of these sooner.

Cons: Some of the tools are rather cheap.

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