Decent2/5/2017 6:17:27 PM

Pros: Good input lag and response time

Cons: I've had the monitor for about two months and it has a dead pixel already, and it has had some weird discoloration along the bottom right edge since I got it as well.

Overall Review: Overall, with the dead pixel and discoloration, if I could do it again I would rethink this purchase. But for a 1440p, 75hz monitor with good input lag and response time they don't get a lot cheaper than this one, atleast not that I have ever seen.

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Great little board12/11/2016 9:03:47 PM

Pros: Seems pretty durable under reasonable amounts of abuse. (always a bit selling point on a mobo imo) I like the layout of everything, so many mini-itx motherboards I see you have to run your SATA data cables across your RAM slots and atleast with two of them on this board you don't have to do that. If your going for a red and black theme then the motherboard looks great. I didn't have any incompatibility issues. Decent UEFI

Cons: On-board audio left a bit to be desired, that's really my only gripe with this board, I will update the review if I run into anything else.

Overall Review: All around a good board, I would recommend it if your looking for a mid-tier, red and black, mini-itx motherboard.

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Pretty good card, little noisy though.11/27/2016 9:31:28 PM

Pros: Good temps Higher stable clocks than air cooled cards Little fan noise Good overclocker Decent stock radiator fan

Cons: Some pump buzz No pwm control for stock radiator fan

Overall Review: It's a good card my only complaint is it has some pump buzz. It's not very noticeable in a closed case but you can hear it if you listen for it, nothing close to as loud as the fan on a founders edition though. (it is the same fan but since it only cools the vrm and memory it never needs to run faster than %40 speed or so)

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