Does not work in a RAID Array under Windows 7 x641/13/2015 2:40:08 PM

Pros: They're SSD and they're cheap.

Cons: I had the same issue as Peter M. I bought two of these with the intention of forming a RAID1 array and installing Windows 7 x64. A firmware issue (on the most recent firmware version as of the date of this review) prevented Windows setup from detecting the drives as a RAID array or as standalone AHCI disks, and would only allow them to be detected in legacy IDE mode. This made them useless for the purpose for which they were purchased. I returned them and bought 840 PRO drives instead and everything worked right away, proving it was the drives and not drivers or controller firmware.

Overall Review: I suppose they would be fine drives if you have no need for redundancy or the advanced features AHCI offers.

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Fantastic little box4/26/2013 7:16:46 AM

Pros: My setup is a bit complicated - one HTPC directly connected to a TV and an xBox360 extender connected to another, two laptops, and one PC all running Windows 7 with WMC and all sharing the same HDHomeRun PRIME flawlessly. Setup was very easy once I got my CableCARD from Comcast. I get every channel I had with my provider supplied DVR without paying the $18 a month rental fee.

Cons: I wish it had more than 3 tuners. The obvious solution is to just buy 2 HDHomeRun PRIME boxes, but with my cable provider, the first CableCARD is free (with subscription) and extra cards are $10/month each.

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Works as advertised10/4/2011 4:03:49 PM

Pros: I extended an HDMI signal from my splitter in the basement 105 feet (according to my toner) to my TV upstairs. 1080p from the xbox360 comes through perfectly. No pixelation or artifacting of any kind

Cons: The punchdowns for the cables are reversed on the receiving panel. The cable on the left side of the sending jack gets punched into the right side of the receiving jack, and vice versa. The punchdowns are labeled, so it's not that big of a deal - just something to be aware of.

Overall Review: The manufacturer recommends Cat6 24AWG for best performance at maximum distance. I used Cat6 23AWG because that's what I had laying around, so I can't say if 24AWG would have worked at the maximum distance or not.

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6/3/2011 10:21:57 AM

Pros: Installation of the bracket itself is very quick and simple. My installation was more complicated than it needed to be, but that was because of my wall and not the bracket. See cons. Low profile was a must for me, as I installed in an area where the sides of the TV would be highly visible, and this bracket did not disappoint. The TV looks fantastic and is very stable on the wall. I mounted a 46-inch LCD weighing (according to the manual) 65lbs.

Cons: This is more of something to keep in mind, rather than a con, but be sure to plan ahead before you buy and install this. I used 3/4" plywood to reinforce the wall mount as my stud configuration would not allow me to install the bracket into two studs and remain center on the wall. I ran electrical and coax/network outlets behind the TV, underneath the bracket, and with the additional 3/4" standoff the plywood provided, the electrical plug barely fit, and I had to buy right-angle coax connectors. If you're installing straight onto your wall with no standoff and want to have outlets behind the TV, you MUST use recessed outlets.

Overall Review: This bracket is inexpensive, small, and gets the job done. If you're mounting a 32" TV (the smallest recommended) you will end up seeing the edges of the bracket poking out from the sides. 165lbs capacity is HUGE compared to much more expensive swing-arm models. I won't hesitate to buy this bracket again if I ever need to wall mount another TV.

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No WDS with >3 units8/26/2006 5:42:57 AM

Pros: Great reliability when using 3 or less. Very fast speeds and long range. Helpful tech support. I rated it a 2 and not 1 because the units do work in small amounts (see below)

Cons: Do not count on these for WDS with more than 3 units. It simply does not work. TRENDnet has a lot of "known issues" with their firmware, and they need to stop releasing versions that don't function properly.

Overall Review: I purchased 6 of these to be installed in a very large house. I set them up in my apartment to test, and WDS would not work with encryption enabled. I called tech support and they said it is a known issue and emailed me a firmware update not yet published (now available for download on the website). Fine. Took them to the client's mansion, installed the first 3 and everything is perfect - the range was better than I had hoped. Installed the fourth one and...nothing. It wouldn't connect to the network. OK - maybe one broke on the ride over, so I swapped it for one of the two remaining and nothing. Unplugged one of the already installed ones and BINGO - instant connection. Took all 6 to the same room and plugged them in...only 3 would connect at any given time. TRENDnet has a lot of work to do with their firmware. If you're buying these for a large WDS installation, forget it. If you need only 1 or 2 or 3, these are PERFECT.

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