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Pros: After installing the provided 3132 eSATA card and connecting the enclosure, everything recognized, no problems, running 3Gb/s. It helped to have a vague idea about what I was doing. Note that my research on the enclosure indicated that you should download the appropriate drivers for the card from the manufacturer's site (and/or Silicon Image) before installing the Silicon Image 3132 eSATA/SATA PCI card provided. Silicon Image cards are the only ones that work with the enclosure, apparently. The comment made about insufficient air-flow by another reviewer puzzles me, as mine has enough air flow to use it as a personal cooling fan! Quite a change from the previous product I got from them, a Venus T4U USB four drive enclosure.

Cons: As noted, the fan is VERY loud! The software provided was for Windows 98! Fortunately, XP warned that these were not XP suitable. As noted, I got my drivers right from the manufacturer's site (and/or Silicon Images). The drive mounting hardware was loose in my enclosure, not in its bag (which was ripped open). I'm glad this didn't cause a short-circuit or damage when shifted around, as may have happened to one reviewer here. Note that there seems to be different drivers for the RAID levels (available from the manufacturer's site), and it appears you need the management software if you set up RAID.

Overall Review: Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was the loud fan, the wrong software, and an apparently persistent packaging problem with the hardware provided.

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2 out of 312/24/2007 11:06:57 AM

Pros: Two of the three I bought appeared to work well.

Cons: One of the three was dead out of the box, could be initialized and formatted, but no data could be saved. Standard "Click Of Death" Now we'll see how long it takes to get a replacement. I go to NewEgg because they have a good reputation in cases like this.

Overall Review: Seems like the larger hard drives are having quality control issues. Until the last year, I've never had one fail. Now I have had a 750 gig Seagate (lasted less than a year), a 500 gig Maxtor (~2 years), and a 500 gig WD (DOA) fail on me within a year of purchase. All by click of death. All boot drives. And I checked the temperature in the box and the drives, it wasn't excessive.

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