cheap firewire solution12/18/2008 8:40:54 AM

Pros: Easy hardware installation, easy software installation that uses Windows drivers. It plain works!

Cons: This is not a con but just a lesson that you have to read thoroughly before buying. I completely glossed over the fact that this was 'lower profile'. I purchased this for my tower, so I had to take off the bracket and install the card without a bracket. Duh. Don't be silly like me!

Overall Review: Used for transferring video from my DV camera

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Nice case for the price11/13/2008 10:44:30 AM

Pros: Cheap, well built. Didn't encounter many sharp edges. The blue light sheme in the front is neat. Plenty of 3.5" slots for hard drives. Decent air flow, with vents on side and a cone to focus air out from the processor (if you have a reverse fan on your processor). Front USB is convenient and works. The included 120mm fan works and is not that noisy.

Cons: No plastic retainers for easy HD installation/removal as previous reviewer stated. I have not gotten my front headphone working. The front cover sucks for installing optical drives, fans, etc... you have to remove the entire thing.

Overall Review: I have 3 hard drives and 1 optical in my Gigabyte case. I have room to have 4 HD's with a space in between each drive. Since I am using a mATX board, I have plenty of space--to manuever and for air flow. This case meets my needs and the minor flaws disappear after initial setup/installation of hardware.

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It works - good quality burner11/13/2008 10:32:05 AM

Pros: Good quality, bare bones drive. Tray is not flimsy.

Cons: Bit noisy, but when it is in my fully closed case on the ground, I don't notice it as much. Only when my case is opened up when I am tinkering with it... Also, the lag time when accessing the drive (i.e. through My Computer) is a few more seconds than I am used to.

Overall Review: I chose IDE b/c I only have 2 SATA on my old P4 board which I used for Hard Drives. Works great for my needs. I tried it using OPENSUSE 11.0 as well as Win XP w/ SP3 and it works fine.

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It's memory, it works! Cheaper than Sony5/11/2008 8:42:36 PM

Pros: I like the fact that the reader was included with this sandisk bundle. Because although, my laptop has a memory card reader, it cannot read memory stick pro DUO only the pro version. I got this for my Sony 810i mobile phone and now I can store 100+ mp3's and lots of ringtones on it that I couldn't do before.

Cons: I don't have any complaints.

Overall Review: Sony products are high quality but their prices are somewhat high, so I'm glad that SanDisk is there to offer similar quality at reasonable prices.

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Quality and Convenience6/3/2006 2:00:12 PM

Pros: Dye-Sub printers rock! First time using one and it is absolutely wonderful. Print quality is superb. Red's, Green's and Blue's print out vividly. Black's need some work. Small and portable unit. Ability to print panoramic prints is great. Included Canon software is great for easily printing out your pictures.

Cons: Photos come out a bit too much on the soft side. Detail is lost in the big picture. If you crop a picture or change the size to a non-standard size, then the printer will not be able to print it out--to my knowledge. LCD screen is small and without a swivel...but I hardly use it. Wish a USB cable was included.

Overall Review: Thank goodness, I have been weened off of ink-jet printers. Although professional ink-jet printers have superior quality, you cannot go wrong with the price-point of this Canon Dye-sub. The convenience of being able to print out a picture that you took a minute before is fantastic. You have to make sure that you keep this unit from getting dusty...those pictures depend on it. I keep mine packaged when I am not using it.

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Excellent G router purchase so far6/3/2006 1:48:27 PM

Pros: Excellent coverage throughout my single story ranch-style home. Average setup utility, that is fairly easy to use. WPA works gr8, haven't tried WPA2. As long as you remember to shutdown Windows Zero Config Service you shoudln't have dropped connections. Wired connections are also very stable. I haven't noticed any overheating. D-LINK has been good to me so far and this Hardware version D is no exception. I also had a DI-524 Version C which was kind of spotty and had more dropped connections.

Cons: I wish Pre-N was standardized already! My laptop uses Expresscards which I have to wait on for access (up to and greater) than 108Mbps. I haven't been able to test all the other filters b/c I don't want to mess with a good thing! :)

Overall Review: Make sure you don't change too many settings at once. Do them 1 at a time, apply, and continue. I have another DLINK router as my main gateway so I don't use the WAN port on this DI-524. DSL modem line goes to WAN on 1st DLINK gateway, then another cat5e goes from LAN to LAN on DI-524. Hooked up LAPTOP directly to 524 and set it up, and made sure to change LAN IP to something else and shutoff DHCP. It works great and I am able to pick up excellent coverage through multiple thin walls. I will uprade to the 634M when matching high-speed Expresscards start coming out the end of this year or early 2007.

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First TV Tuner purchase6/3/2006 1:32:41 PM

Pros: Excellent quality for OTA broadcasts. Integrates perfectly with Windows Media Center and includes cables and connection equipment with a good quality remote control. Hardware encoder on-board saves my laptop from churning too much--even though my Dual Core can handle it. Doesn't need a separate power supply.

Cons: OTA broadcasts need an excellent antenna, haven't tried to hook up to cable or other means. The TV software needs a subscription to view Programming for channels which is silly. I want to be able to pull free television info free from the internet and Windows MCE does that for me.

Overall Review: First TV tuner purchase was a good one. I was comparing these to the other well known brands out there such as Hppge. The FM tuner was a good value and good quality. I haven't hooked up a vcr to it yet so I can't vouch for the quality of dubbing. Overall good purchase.

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Excellent first-time LCD purchase8/4/2005 5:59:31 PM

Comments: First-time LCD monitor purchase, upgraded from a 17" flat CRT. Comparison shopped a lot! I like my monitors glossy and in your face. I liked the Sony HS LCD's the best and then the upper end NEC and Sharp/Fujitsu models. Not willing to spend so much money for a 19 inch Sony when there were about 8 brands with 19" LCD's for much cheaper. Read reviews for this Sceptre GAMER and couldn't pass it up. Got it quick thanks to and UPS 3 day. First impression was this is big! Next was this is bright! Nice screen (although still not as nice as Sony HS in my mind). Very little backlight leakage across top & bottom--only annoying in very dark scenes in movies. Had about 4 dead pixels that don't bother me cause they are out of the way. Overall: Easy installation, Good job providing DVI cables, Excellent color, clarity, and setup. Haven't tried games yet but good response time 12ms. Tip-use ClearType in XP or Web to make fonts a bit more solid looking. Only gripes are that native resolution could be a bit higher (1400) and the frame is pretty plain looking...other than that Excellent purchase!!

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