Has everything I needed in a case, But-----3/18/2018 11:39:16 PM

Pros: I have had cases with Little fans and cases with 200MM fans and I never want to go back to all little fans. I bought the biggest Nvidia graphics card that Evga sold. Wow What a Huge Beast. Plenty of room for it. I have used the Thermaltake cases before and I love how easy it is to mount HDDs. no screws needed for the 3.5 inch. They slide out in a tray and have plastic pins to secure them. I wanted a case with bottom mount for the Power Supply. All these things I got with this cases.

Cons: I was a little concerned about the Tempered Glass side on the case so I opened the box and checked it when it was delivered. All good no problems. Box it came in was not damaged at all. So I expected everything to be perfect. I was wrong. Like the Review that said there were many plastic parts broken I saw this was the same for my case. The first thing was one of the mounting holes where I screw the tempered glass in the back. The frame for mounting the Tempered Glass is really poor quality plastic and on of the holes has broken out. I might be able to fix it so the entire side does not fall off in the near future. I checked all of the outside good and half of the tab on one of the bottom removable filters was broken off. it did not cut my finger so I can deal with this. So I opened the case and notice that the plastic tab on the top 3.5 inch HDD tray was broken off! I was still able to depress it with my thumb and open the tray so it does not take away from the all of the things I mentioned in the Pros. All of these defects are from the factory. There is NO WAY that these have happened in transit and surely not after it arrived. It is poor quality control. The person at the factory assemble the case with Broken pieces. I am very disappointed!!! If I did not find all of the things I was looking for that I mentioned in the pros I would send this low quality case back to NewEgg. Since I will probably finish my build and set it on the floor next to my desk and not move it for the next few years I will just leave things as they are.

Overall Review: I will never buy a case from Thermaltake that has as much plastic in it as this one does. They need to have better Quality Control at the Factory and require that the names of the assemblers be attached to each unit assembled. So if you want a case that will keep cool and handle all you can put in it you might like me find this one to be good for you. if you are looking for a case that was assembled with pride from top quality materials you might want to keep looking. It is not worth my time and effort to return this. if Newegg or Thermaltake gives a hoot I will gladly provide high resolution pictures of all the defects in this case. Who knows maybe they will request replacement parts for it. I kinda doubt it though. I hate to rate this case high because of all the defects. I hate to give it one egg too because of all the pros. I guess 3 eggs is fair.

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