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Promising console, but needs a lot of work10/16/2009 1:15:45 PM

Pros: The Wii remote is a great idea. The family gameplay idea without hardcore violence is a big plus. Shipping Wii sports with the console gets a thumbs up! Nintendo is definitely on the right track toward fully interactive gameplay.

Cons: The Wii remote should have gone through a few more iterations for ergonomic comfort. The remote's performance leaves a lot to be desired. It is horrible with Wii Sports Golf, Bowling and especially Tennis. it is monumentally frustrating when you swing at the ball while it is right next to you and you miss. Putting in golf is a disaster, which most likely prompted the Wii motion plus and the recreation of Golf and (table) Tennis in Wii Sports Resort. Although this is an improvement it still fails to deliver a truly interactive simulation.

Overall Review: While the concept of the Wii is a great idea, Nintendo needs to work on the Wii Remote and getting 3rd party game makers to make anything other than bad games. Three Eggs. Good luck fixing the issues I mentioned Nintendo. I look forward to seeing them resolved.

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Very Mediocre9/22/2009 11:36:02 PM

Pros: Outstanding cinematic cutscenes that surpass those found in the Halo Trilogy. Decent price for the only Halo RTS.

Cons: The gameplay is repetitive even with the skulls that make it easier or harder to win. I found the campaign maps to be rather boring. While the voice acting was not terrible, it left much to be desired. It would have been nice if you could make customizable characters instead of having to pick between Cutter, Forge or Anders.

Overall Review: While Ensemble Studio's efforts yield some interesting moments, the gameplay left me bored after a few days of play. I wonder if this game is the reason that Microsoft disbanded Ensemble Studio's. The game looked nothing the Demo I saw a year or two ago.

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Solid Board3/23/2008 4:39:52 AM

Pros: Excellent board with a lot of good features, excellent overclocking potential. Azalia HD audio, up to 8 gigs of RAM and three PCIe SLI slots. EVGA support was outstanding, the Zerotherm fan/heatsink bent some of the LGA 775 pins and EVGA still replaced it.

Cons: My first board was DOA (thus the four eggs instead of five), a common complaint. One person on the EVGA forums received five DOA boards in a row. I understand in the computer industry things go wrong but five in a row is crazy.

Overall Review: My second board had an 7F post code but adjusting the RAM timings fixed it. If you are going to purchase this board make sure you check the EVGA RAM compatibility list. Overall I am happy with the board I wish I didn't have to deal with the RMA process but it went smoothly.

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Did not work with my Motherboard3/11/2008 3:16:42 AM

Pros: I am not going to give it one egg for incompatibility but it did not work with my 780i mobo. Too bad, I hear this RAM is really fast. As usual Newegg got it to me very quickly. I am waiting on the RMA to return my $$$ so I can purchase some Corsair dominator RAM.

Cons: Incompatible with EVGA 780i motherboard.

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Bent the pins on my $250 Motherboard2/21/2008 6:34:40 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Ruined a $260 LGA 775 motherboard.

Overall Review: I have built several computers. The instructions were followed to the letter and the fan bent several pins on my EVGA motherboard rendering it useless (would not post) and non returnable. I am absolutely outraged that a company would release a product that would damage an expensive component like this. Newegg'ers YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THIS FAN/HEATSINK WILL DAMAGE YOUR MOTHERBOARD RENDERING IT USELESS. AVOID THIS PRODUCT LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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DANGEROUS PRODUCT2/19/2008 11:44:38 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Fried my CPU, Optical Drive and LCD Fan controller

Overall Review: I've built plenty of computers in my day. This is the first and last time I will ever purchase a Seasonic product. Their wonderful little PSU fried my $50 LCD fan controller, my Lightscribe DVD burner and most importantly my brand new Q6600 Quad Core CPU! I contacted their tech support and got a reply from a Korean Gentleman who wrote in broken english asking me if my SLI socket was dangling. I am considering pursuing legal action against the company to recover my losses. If you want to burn up your CPU by all means buy this power supply. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

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Pros: With the two additional 120mm fans, this case dropped my CPU temperatures by 10c and my video card by 15c. It looks nice and performs exceptionally well. I literally could not be any happier. This is the perfect PC case for you if noise is not an issue.

Cons: The motherboard tray is not removable and there is no tooless design, but I didn't care. The power supply mounts on the bottom which wasn't a problem since my cables were long. Also there is no fan filters, my only complaint.

Overall Review: If noise is not an issue, the Antec Nine Hundred is hands down the best PC case on the market. Just be sure to add those two optional 120mm fans, they make a huge difference. There are also pre-drilled holes with grommets for liquid cooling.

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"Phenomenal LCD HDTV, Halo 3 looks AWESOME on it!"12/22/2007 2:08:42 AM

Pros: I waited several years for the prices on HDTV's to drop, when they did, I began doing research on them. I had settled on a Vizio but after reading an article about how often they break down and how lousy their customer service is, I decided to go with a first tier name brand. It came down to the Philips 42PFL7422D and a Sony Bravia. Both had an equal rating but the Philips was cheaper and the screen was two inches larger. The TV was delivered a week ago, and the box has latches on it so you can lift the upper part of the box up and bottom portion of the box and the TV are accessible right away. I was able to install the stand and lift the TV into place myself. The perfect pixel engine is an excellent feature, there is a demo you can turn on during a movie and half the screen uses the perfect pixel engine and the other half does not. The difference is noticeable.

Cons: The remote control, speakers, but since I have a 5.1 home theater system and a universal remote it doesn't matter.

Overall Review: When you first start the TV it runs you through several installation programs, two of the best features are the picture adjustment, where you view seven different pictures that are divided in half and choose which side looks better to you and the audio adjustment where you listen to two or three music clips on two different settings and pick the one you like the best. These features help to render a picture more pleasing to the eye as well tailoring the sound coming out of the speakers to your liking. The unit comes with three HDMI ports, two composite and several other normal or s-video ports. The moment I turned on my XBOX 360 and viewed Halo 3 in HD, I knew I had made the right decision, it looked absolutely amazing. I knew right then and there that 1080p was the way to go. If you are looking for a 1080p TV and you don't want to spend extra money for a Sony or a Sharp, the Philips 42PFL7422D is definitely an LCD HDTV worthy of your consideration. Great job Philips! 5 out

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As worthless as a Democrat10/26/2007 6:10:57 PM

Pros: Got it free with the c204 battery charger.

Cons: It's a great product if you want to take a picture of your shoes, other than that it is worthless. Why would one need a tripod that is three inches tall? A good tripod is at least as tall as your waist or higher.

Overall Review: Cheap, shoddy construction. It can't even hold my camera without falling over.

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San Disk Stole My Memories10/9/2007 9:15:05 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: I took dozens of photos and fifteen minutes of video of my daughter's engagement party and it WILL NOT DOWNLOAD. I tried the software the camera came with, I tried accessing it through Windows, I have contacted the camera manufacturer who recommended the card for their camera and I contacted San Disk. I even tried a card reader and nothing works. The photos and video were PRICELESS to me and now the only way I can view it is on my digital camera and the two and a half inch screen is not my idea of a high def viewing experience.

Overall Review: Avoid this card like the plague if you are planning on using it to record important events.

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Indoor photography and video are horrible on this camera10/7/2007 11:49:27 AM

Pros: Outdoor photographs are clear and crisp, battery life is excellent and it is pretty easy to use.

Cons: Grainy indoor photography. I took some pictures of my niece's birthday party and the grain was horrible. The video feature is USELESS. I cannot believe that a company would release a camera with such grainy video. I understand that this is not a camcorder but the video feature on my five year old digital camera is 500% better in terms of video and indoor photo quality.

Overall Review: This is my second Fujifilm digital camera and it will be my last. I am going to sell this at an online auction site and invest more $$$ to get a better camera. I read the manual, tried all of the different settings and I still can't get rid of the grain on indoor shots.

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A very average game9/25/2007 3:49:57 PM

Pros: The graphics, some parts of the story. Forge, Replay and the final cut scene after the credits. The legendary edition Helmet is SWEET! It sits on the case that holds Halo 1, 2 and 3 and it comes with a dust cover.

Cons: The story was not that great. I finished the game in under 8 hours so its pretty short. Very little original music, most of it is recycled from Halo 1 and 2. I loved Halo 1 and 2 but this game did not live up to the hype.

Overall Review: I loved the Halo franchise. I own Halo, Halo 2, Halo PC, Halo 2 PC and Halo 3. This episode was the worst out of all three. I am reviewing only the solo campaign, not the multi player aspect which I hope is better.

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Bungie Creates their Masterpiece9/24/2007 2:44:14 PM

Pros: Bungie does it again! The final installment of the Halo Trilogy does not disappoint. The graphics are amazing, the story thus far is excellent and multi-player is the best yet. The Forge map editing system is intuitive yet limited to the maps already created. You can place weapons, vehicles, crates, trees, rocks and other items anywhere you see fit on a map. The save film feature lets you save and view your battles from every angle. The assortment of weapons used in campaign mode and multi-player mode are insane. Once again, Bungie and Microsoft do not disappoint!

Cons: I wish The Forge would let you create new maps.

Overall Review: Bungie has created one of the greatest games in the history of consoles. While this is not the end of Halo per se, it is the end of this story arc. Who knows what Bungie has in store for us in the future, time will tell.

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Worthless11/2/2006 11:06:13 PM

Pros: Fast charge times.

Cons: Battery won't work for more than 2 hours. The "use up to 25 hours" claim is an outright lie by Nyko. These batteries are a waste of money and Newegg would serve its customers well to remove this product.

Overall Review: I left a review of this product a couple months ago. I am changing my rating from 2 eggs to one. Avoid this product like the plague! Use the Microsoft brand or buy two NimH AA batteries and a recharger.

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Excellent cooling at a great price!8/20/2006 11:41:43 PM

Pros: Completely solves the Xbox 360's cooling issues. Provides outstanding cooling at an affordable price.

Cons: Sometimes the male power unit becomes detached from the 360's power outlet creating difficulty in firing the 360 up. So far it had not failed when started so no lost checkpoints in games.

Overall Review: The Nyko Intercooler 360 does exactly what it claims it does, puts an end to the overheating issues associated with the Xbox 360. It uses three fans to suck the hot air out of the console and draw cool air inside it. A very ingenious solution at a low low price. The only problem I have with it is seating the module into the power outlet. Sometimes it gets disconnected and you get an orange light from the 360 or nothing happens at all. Other than that a job well done by Nyko!

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Pure Garbage8/20/2006 11:33:13 PM

Pros: It does allow you to use rechargeable NiMH batteries for your Xbox 360 wireless controller. The charge time is actually quicker than claimed.

Cons: Claims that it lasts up to 25 hours are wildly exaggerated. You are lucky if it lasts up to 3 hours.

Overall Review: NiMH batteries take several charges to unleash their full capacity. So I figured the first time I used them that they would last about 10 hours. After 25 charges nothing has changed the max I get is 2 hours of use. The only way you are going to get 25 hours of use is by turning the controller on and letting it sit for a day. This product should be avoided. I strongly advise you to Buy NiMH AA batteries instead, because they are cheaper and they work for 20 hours easily.

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Overclocked my x850 XT to x1800 speeds and above12/14/2005 12:15:17 PM

Pros: Believe the hype, this fan offers incredible cooling when combined with Arctic Silver 5. I have my x850XT core running at 600 and my memory running at 650. In fact the ATI tool find max core and max memory features ran for a half hour each with no errors, I finally had to shut it down myself. I could overclock the core and memory further but why risk it when all my games run at 100fps and above. I went from 80c under load to 50c, that is 30°c difference! Idle went from 55c to 38c! Make sure you get rid of the thermal pad and use artic silver 5!

Cons: A bit big but who cares when your load temp drops by 86 degrees fahrenheit!

Overall Review: This cooler is perfect for x800 and x850 owners who want to dramatically reduce temperatures and increase performance!

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Phenomenal Video Card when used with Omega Drivers12/6/2005 9:19:53 PM

Pros: When Omega Drivers are used with the card, it screams. I get 100fps with Half Life 2 and Counter Strike, 130fps with UT2004 and it runs older games like Halo PC at insane FPS Rates

Cons: Card runs very hot. Included drivers do not give you optimal performance.

Overall Review: I had been using VooDoo or Nvidia cards all my life. I wasn't a fanboy by any means so when several people strongly urged me to go with ATI I did so after researching the matter. The card runs well under the stock drivers and the Catalyst Control Center but if you try using the Omega Drivers (Google it) you can run the latest games at insanely high frame rates. This card does run hot, 70c while playing HL2 so I had to adjust the fan settings to kick in to 100% earlier than normal. While 70c sounds high, ATI engineers have been quoted as saying 100c is the meltdown point. Whether this is true or not, I am not sure, but make sure you have a well ventilated case if you are going to buy this card. I have to say I am completely satisfied with my purchase, this card has not once stuttered or frozen on me. I would highly recommend it.

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Make sure you plug it in correctly12/6/2005 9:03:23 PM

Pros: Solid floppy drive.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This was my first time building a rig, I chose this drive because this model number is one of the most used in the world. If you open up a store bought computer, there is a decent chance that a MPF920 is inside it. 3 of my 4 older computers had this model. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CLAIM THE ITEM WAS DOA, remember that floppy IDE plugs are not idiot proof, they can be plugged in both ways so before you return it flip the plug over. The major complaint that the light is always on is a valid one, but how often do you stare at your floppy drive? If you want a good drive for under $10 then the MPF920 is the answer.

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Good Solid Case11/20/2005 11:14:23 PM

Comments: This was the first time I ever attempted to build a computer. I spent several hours trying to pick a case and after consulting with people who have built hundreds of rigs, I chose this one because it was one of the top rated on Newegg and it does a fantastic job keeping my hardware cool. First of all the complaints that this case is flimsy are not valid. This case is as strong if not stronger than the cases for my store bought computers. There is more than enough space to work with but as stated, the power supply sucks, so get a new one. The cooling is phenomenal, there are three 120mm fans (including the one on my power supply) and an 80mm fan on the side of the case. The lighting in the case is nice and the included hardware was more than was actually needed. Newegg shipped this case OVERNIGHT despite the fact that I used ground shipping. Specs: AMD 4400+ 2.2GHz Toledo Dual Core Processor 2 Gigabytes Geil RAM 250 GB SATA HDD 200 GB IDE HDD Sapphire Radeon x850 XT HP 16x DVD Burner w/Lightscribe

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